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  1. You got me curious. Apparently the berries are edible. High in fat calories, carbohydrates, and protein...
  2. A standard 1911+target sights holster won't work for your Bul?
  3. Don't forget about the people who will return to doing business with them when their prices return to something more like normal. I'm generally not inclined to return to a place that tried to bend me (or others) over when they had the opportunity...
  4. @timcar86, thanks for this! My sister used to work at a vet, she said they used a bucket of water to separate fighting dogs. Not always practical for the rest of us, but it works.
  5. If handling your guns doesn't make you sweat a little, you might have bigger problems than being a pussy...
  6. The M1 carbine has the advantage pretty much across the board, except maybe for the cartridge (I don't know). But, the SKS might be a more appealing option for OP in this specific situation.
  7. I agree. But if cost is an issue and steel and wood in a fairly traditional semi auto rifle are requirements, an SKS is handy enough, can be made to feed from AK mags, and leave a healthy budget for ammo in a powerful enough cartridge. While it's definitely not as refined as an M1 carbine, an SKS certainly has character and a soul. IMNSHO, that's more than can be said for an AR. (And I like ARs.)
  8. I'd you want the M1, go with that. Buy once, cry once. If you opt to go a different route, what about an SKS?
  9. This is awesome. I keep thinking of Serpico.
  10. Armslist is worth looking at, but not the end all. If you don't have a gunbroker account, set one up and look for *completed* auctions to get a sense of value. You can also sell there without an FFL if you're so inclined. If you really feel the scope is a hindrance and you could use it, maybe it's worth just buying that part of the package yourself?
  11. @Lumber_Jack are there any local (to them) gun shops that would sell it on one of the auction sites for a fee? They might still come out ahead by paying that fee and having it in front of a large audience than by taking the hit to move it locally. It's a very nice setup, especially for shooting in the western US.
  12. @Moped, ten years ago? So you got it back before the quality went down hill, eh? Nice!
  13. That's not terrible for jhp. I mean, it's no steal, but there are much worse buys being bought right now...
  14. Kinda late to the party, and I'm not sure it qualifies as truly in-ear, but it seems like I can't hear anything since I got married...
  15. @hlb14, if everything but the go and stop parts are still serviceable you might find it more economical to upgrade those than spring for a new truck if you're able to during for the out of pocket cost. Could do higher gears and bigger brakes along with a stouter transmission. I don't know what yours is worth (and so what kind of money you'd be out in the buying and selling), but I've been adjacent to a lot of folks buying newer used trucks over the last couple-few years and I don't think prices on those will be much less stupid in the spring...
  16. Bring engaged in the business is an important part of that license. Beyond that, I'm not positive on details. Doesn't the same license cover manufacture of MGs, SBRs, and suppressors? If so, you wouldn't necessarily have to have a going business in MGs on Day 1. Also, keep in mind that R&D is a legitimate business function. (Just be sure you're eventually going to proceed from there!)
  17. 357 gives a 20% capacity increase, it's sufficient for anything you're likely to encounter and might well be a smaller, lighter package. (Of course, if they're different chamberings in the same gun, the 357 might actually be heavier...)
  18. TomInMN


    Well, I mean, to the extent that same-sex couples tend to not have kids at a higher rate than heterosexual couples, it's probably easier for them to retire comfortably...
  19. Couple scenarios: 1. Some bad folks are breaking into your house, obviously you don't get to shoot the clueless wonders passing by on the sidewalk. They're not culpable for the crime. 2. Couple guys are driving around and pull into a gas station so one can go in and buy cigarettes. He comes out having just robbed and killed the clerk, he gets in the car and they drive away. The other had no knowledge that happened and yet is still legally culpable. So, back to our escaping a violent crowd scenario, can you run over people who were more or less minding their own business, since they're (purposely or not) contributing to someone breaching your car?
  20. So, breaching the passenger compartment constitutes carjacking. (I don't know if that's the case, but it seems plausible.) How does joint venture come into play here? If two or three people are breaking windows and standing on the side of the car, are you considered justified in running over a half dozen people in your (and your vehicle's) path as you escape?


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