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  1. I have been a nra member for over 40 years. Many years I made a deal with them. No more begging for money and I will stay a member. If I get calls or junk mail I will quit. So far we both have stuck with it. I used to send them extra occasionally but no longer. I joined saf and now send them the extra. Guess I wii join G O A also. We need the help.
  2. Today was one of the worst games ever. Not heading in the right direction.
  3. That’s some bs right there. Obvious toy in his own room.
  4. Our house has a 8’x40’ porch. When it was being built I noticed the footings for the porch were at least 6’ deep. I asked the builder what are the plans for the porch. Normally the walls are built and filled with gravel and a slab poured on top. I told him to pour the porch footings at the same level as the house footings and build up block walls. We end up with a 8x40’ room With a concrete floor, poured and reinforced block and a poured in place 6” top. 8’ of the 10’ wall is under ground. I just need to add a 4’ door into the basement and we should have a pretty good storm shelter.
  5. I have a Ring spotlight and can't recommend it. Our's gives so many false alarms it is about worthless. Bugs set it off, rain sometimes sets it off, absolutely nothing sets it off. I used to get 20-30 false alarms each nite. Ring has a forum and when I posted there were hundred of the same complaints. Then overnight the complaints disappeared and there are no more negative posts. However I have a ring doorbell that works good. ???
  6. Here's another one with some great licks starting about 1:08. I'll stop now. I could do this all day
  7. Still love me some Johnny Winter. Just listen to the guitar in this
  8. I tried it once also. Took half a roll of tp to plug the leaks.
  9. The only gold in the “golden years” is the golden shower you get from life
  10. It's been a while but if my memory serves it is a German Variant Maxim. Like shooting a piece of history.
  11. Not an old photo but a old gun
  12. Still are some. A number are great technicians but don’t have the soul.
  13. Buddy Guy.............Just pick any one
  14. Stevie was incredible. If he had lived I think music might have taken a different track. Very few call themselves blues players anymore.
  15. I live in south Knoxville just outside the city limits. I can throw a rock into the city. I can't remember a day when I haven't heard shooting. Someone was shooting full auto yesterday.
  16. My wife of 31 years and I are now retired. We have done well with investing. And some blessings too. We have had several investment guys. The first one talked me out of Apple at $7. I never got over that, but another guy talked me out of selling at near bottom in 2008 so I guess it evens out. I hope this economy recovers cause I ain’t going back to a job
  17. If you have never seen a 12 pounder shooting grape shot it is an impressive sight.
  18. Take care of yourself. I worked hard and played harder. Now I am 66 and broken down.
  19. It's a common affliction of old men. noassatall
  20. I've managed to find a few boxes at gun shows..quite mild compared to what I used to hand load but did give me some brass.
  21. apparently you are correct. Years ago I went there and was told "we only sell to LEO"so I haven't been back. their website says open to the public.
  22. craigs is still there but is LEO only.
  23. This guys dad was a German guard and his mother was a Jewish nurse. I would like to know the details of that but it's way too personal to ask


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