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  1. TN/GA/AL TRAINING GROUP On Saturday October 2 we will hold our next meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group! Instructor: Randy Harris (Randy's Bio) Location: Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL 35765 Time: 9AM CENTRAL time - 3PM CENTRAL time Price: $80 - pay at class cash or check . If you need to pay with CC I can handle that too. What you need to bring: Pistol, pistol magazines, carry gear and at least 200 rounds of ammo. Revolvers are always welcome if you like to party like it is 1899. We will shoot "Randy's Redneck Rogers Course" where you will shoot some of the same type drills as the Rogers Shooting School , just without the moving target system. We will then do some shooting on the move and then finish up with some deviously designed Man on Man Duels as we test our skills with the weapon we carry most...our pistol.
  2. That is exactly how some other states define it. The same as the BAC to carry gun as to drive. Pennsylvania is one of those and we don't read about drunken gunfights in bars in PA.
  3. The incident in the cafeteria apparently was due to the officer fiddling with the gun while it was in the holster doing "partial draws" . At least that's the latest I have heard on that one. And another incident of one firing in the holster was with an officer using a 320 with a light with a holster NOT designed specifically for the 320 with a light on it. Apparently he was using a holster for some other gun and light combo ( you mean ALL guns with lights are not the same?) and the gun was able to move around in the holster. It's kind of important for guns and holsters to be made for each other....just sayin". The word on the Sig 320 is this... The gun was initially designed without a mechanical disconnector to make the trigger as "shootable" as possible. When the military did their drop testing they drop them on the muzzle and on the side . They did not drop them on the back plate and because of that the issue was not discovered in the military testing. Later when it became apparent that 320s could possibly fire when dropped on the back end Sig announced a "voluntary upgrade program" and would retro fit them with a lighter weight trigger (less likely to keep moving to the rear if the gun gets dropped on the back end) and a disconnector to make them less likely to fire accidentally. There are essentially 5 types of 320 at this point. Guns made before 4/18 Guns made before 4/18 but retrofitted after 4/18 Guns made after 4/18 Guns made for LE after 4/18 Military M17/M18 The ones made before 4/18 and not retrofitted are unsafe to carry. Period. And Sig does maintain different SKU #s for civilian vs Military and LE . Some people find it a bit disturbing the LE/Mil guns come with mags made in Italy by Mec Gar and the commercial civilian guns come with mags made in the US by Check Mate and another unnamed company. It is almost as if Sig puts more care into the LE/Mil guns and not as much into the commercial guns for civilians. Having said that, Glock maintains Blue label (LE) and Red label (commercial) lines but they all come with mags made by GLOCK. The other 320s made or retrofitted after 4/18 are all mechanically safe to carry but if the trigger is pulled they will fire. Just the way they were designed to. So if you cannot keep your finger off the trigger (or if you put it in your purse and something gets in the trigger guard) it will fire.
  4. I was there when it happened and will post something later. Ronnie was a good friend and a mentor over the years. It is hard to imagine this happening. You just never know from one moment to the next what may take place. We always plan for medical emergencies like heat injuries, slip and falls or accidental shootings in shooting classes but we rarely think about something like an ATV rollover happening at the range. I'm sad beyond words. RIP Brother Dodd.
  5. But the way the case law seems to have played out is that you may have to actually SHOOT someone for that to apply. There was the guy that was threatened at a high school baseball game by a guy with a bat. So he got into his car and pulled a pistol to warn off the bat wielder but still got arrested and convicted for the gun possession (because it occurred at a school function) essentially because he didn't shoot. The judge said something to the effect that since you didn't actually shoot you weren't really using it to defend yourself..... Hopefully someone here remembers this case. I think it was in Clarksville maybe? (Or Crossville...or Cross Plains..or ????) We talked about it here after it happened but I cannot remember where it was or what the defendant's name was.
  6. The August meeting of the TN/GA/AL training group will be Sunday August 15th at The Ridge in Dayton TN ! "Close or Far Rifles Are the Best " Subject: Close or Far Rifles are the Best Instructor: Randy Harris Randy's Bio Location: The Ridge 11534 Rhea County HWY , HWY 27 Dayton TN 37321 Time: 9AM EASTERN time - 3:30PM EASTERN time Price: $80 - pay at class by cash or check or Electronic payment by paypal or venmo. Paypal - cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com Venmo - www.venmo.com/Randy-Harris-47 What you need to bring: A Rifle and 150 rounds of rifle ammo. At least 2 rifle mags and a way to carry them. Pistol and at least 25 rounds of pistol ammo. We will be working on both close range get off the X type shooting and longer range (100 +) shooting. And just a final reminder EVERYONE is welcome ! The TN/GA/AL Training Group started as a way for alumni of classes taught by Randy Harris to get together and stay current on skills and get some coaching in a one day format at a discounted price from what a normal class would cost. As it continued to grow we opened it up to ANYONE who is interested in coming out and learning some skills and just seeing what it is that we do and meet some new people with the same interests. So even if you are not an alum of one of my classes you are welcome to come join us!
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/us/would-be-robbers-los-angeles-gun-defend Would-be robbers shot by armed shoppers in Los Angeles Victim was standing on a parking lot holding a shopping bag when the would-be robbers rolled in A man armed with a handgun defended himself during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles, and left two suspects with bullet wounds to the legs, police say. "Words were apparently exchanged, and the victim ultimately produces a handgun, apparently to defend himself and others in his group from the would-be robbery suspects. The victim fired his weapon towards the suspects and then all parties immediately fled the location," the Los Angeles Police Department recounted in a press release Tuesday. The attempted robbery unfolded Monday on Melrose Ave. when two men exited an idling Dodge Avenger, with one of the men producing a handgun. Video footage shows the men confronting a man with a shopping bag and two women who were standing on the parking lot. The male victim, who was reportedly the target of the robbery, produced his own handgun and sent the two suspects running as he opened fire. Police arrested and identified the two suspects as Nicholas Brown and Markeil Hayes, both of Los Angeles, and said they were both booked on attempted robbery and are currently on parole. PHILADELPHIA RECORDS MORE THAN 300 HOMICIDES SO FAR THIS YEAR, BREAKING DECADE RECORD Brown sustained a gunshot to the upper left thigh while Hayes was shot in the right calf. Police are still searching for the third suspect and asking the public for help tracking him down. "The Los Angeles Police Department is aggressively addressing a rise in violent crime in the Melrose area over the past year and is pursuing all leads involved in this and other crimes," police added in the press release. Police did not immediately return Fox News's request for additional comment on the crime. VENICE BEACH VIOLENCE REACHES BOILING POINT IN L.A. AS NEW VIRAL VIDEO EMERGES Homicides in Los Angeles are up 25% this year, with South Los Angeles seeing a 50% increase in killings. Violent crimes have also been increasing in cities across the nation, including in Philadelphia where gun crimes have ticked up significantly.
  8. And then I used an MDT ACC Chassis with Bighorn Origin action in 6.5 Creedmoor to hit a buffalo target at 1 mile . Yes 1 MILE. I'm as surprised as you guys are..... I've been trying to get video to load but it is just apparently not working yet so if you want to see the MDT ACC gun it is one being fired on the table to the left of me in the pics above.
  9. Its a BIGFOOT...not a Yeti... That is the view you have at the bench on the tablet from the Longshot Camera. It is pretty cool. You don't have to repaint targets or hang up new paper targets. You just shoot and it keeps track of groups. This pic was taken right before I hit the Yeti in the heart. The green dots are previous shooters' hits.
  10. The downrange view.... From this station I fired 5 shots. I hit a Mountain Lion in the vital zone at 725 yards, a Bigfoot / Yeti in the heart at 865 yards (there are no Yetis in middle TN...it is too hot) and all 3 rounds on a buffalo at 1000 yards. Five shots 5 first round hits...did I mention that was a NICE setup?
  11. Proof Conviction Carbon Fiber Barrel in 6.5 Creedmor with Nightforce ATACR scope . This is a NICE rifle.
  12. On Thursday 7/15/21 I attended an industry event at the Buffalo Ridge Wildlife Reserve in Waverly TN put on by Weatherby, Nightforce, Proof Rifles, and Longshot cameras.
  13. And the old Federal Air Marshal Qualification ..... 150 / 150 Score and all the total times well under the par times allowed.
  14. The Rangemaster Core Skills Test Target points 187 / 200 total time 22.52 seconds for a total Final Score of 166
  15. 5x5 Drill 5 rounds at 5 yards in 5 seconds or less on the playing card. We shot the left card from low ready and the right card from the holster from concealment. I had a bad trigger press on the one from ready but I was solid on the one from the holster.
  16. From the TN/GA/AL Training Group meeting Saturday 7/17/21 Rastoff's Challenge . The course of fire is ... 4 rounds at 3 yards 6 rounds at 5 yards 6 rounds at 7 yards 4 rounds at 10 yards All rounds must be inside the X ring for a perfect score. The X is about 2" by 3" . Breaking the line does NOT go to the higher score. No time limit. Pure accuracy test. This was the first pistol drill we shot.
  17. So if you wouldn't bring a rifle into the hotel then you'd leave it in the vehicle unattended in the parking lot? It's coming into the hotel with me (and everything else I don't want stolen) and getting taken with me when I leave the room. I don't even like leaving my clothes in a hotel room unattended.... Now the biggest problem here is that it was in Chicago with their draconian gun laws. If this were Jackson MS, or Memphis Tn, or Savannah GA, or Fort Walton FL, or Harrisburg PA, or Shepherdsville KY, or Little Rock AR or Prescott AZ, or Ann Arbor MI, or any number of other cities I have traveled to either taking or teaching classes or just simply vacationing (with a long gun and loaded mags each time) then this would not be an issue. But the fact that it was A in Illinois and B in Chicago is where this becomes a problem and C if you are going to have to leave it in the room you are going to need to put the do not disturb sign up and hide it somewhere like behind the fridge or somewhere that the casual observer does not see without having to put forth some effort.
  18. We get calls everyday from people that got "just the leads" or "bullet heads" when they were expecting AMMO when they ordered something listed as BULLETS .
  19. Here is an article about NYPD and their shooting prowess.... https://citylimits.org/2016/11/29/nypd-gets-pressure-from-the-right-on-guns/ Pay attention to this passage.... According to the NYPD’s annual firearms discharge report, individual officers fired fewer than 15 rounds in 89 percent of the combat incidents in which the NYPD was involved last year. Sixty-five percent of officers involved in what the PD calls “adversarial” shootings in 2015 fired five or fewer bullets. What that just said is that in 35% of the incidents they fired more than 5 and in 11% they fired 15 or MORE .
  20. The problem is that the less it will penetrate drywall the less it will penetrate the bad guys.... There are no legit "bumper sticker sized" answers to this. Things are complex. If you want a round that will not penetrate things you need either a light weight thing (ping pong balls are notoriously bad at penetrating things) or something designed to break apart that is moving extremely fast. Some people recommend birdshot for shotguns. In my opinion that's a suboptimal idea. The tiny little pellets make penetration through multiple layers of drywall less likely but at the same time they also make penetration deep enough to hit vital organs less likely on the guy or guys you are trying to stop. Birdshot wounds tend to be nasty looking surface wounds with little penetration unless you shoot them from 3 feet away (or closer) . I'm frankly more concerned with making that guy who is trying to kill me stop what he is doing immediately when I hit him than I am about what happens in an uninhabited room IF I miss him. And in fact my HD shotgun is loaded with full power 000 buck because semi autos run more reliably with full power shells and 000 patterns tighter than full power 00 loads due to the way the pellets are stacked (8 vs 9 ) in the shell. Tighter pattern is less likely to have a "flier" that misses. If you run a pump I'd roll with the Federal Low Recoil Flight Control 00 or Flight control #1 buck. Flight control delivers extremely tight patterns ...especially at across the room distance. Bird shot is for birds...not people , some of whom are the size of black bears. On .223 things are complicated by barrel twist. If you want the least penetration and a round that will still probably perform well enough to stop someone reliably then the 40 grain Blitzking or Hornady V-Max round at about 3600 - 3700fps will break up when it hits something but still ruin the bad guy's day when he gets hit with it. IIRC Phoenix PD had good results with it out of their Steyr Augs in the 1990s. The down side is that a 1/7 twist barrel can spin the jackets off of 40 grain bullets in flight because of the extreme speed. But then again how far will they be flying in your house? Maybe 7 or 8 yards? If you are running a 1/7 twist I might go with a 50 or 55 gr V-max . The 55gr V-max is what I have loaded in my AUG (1/9 twist) for indoors and 55 gr gold dots for outdoor use. It seems odd that we never seem to really devote much time to worrying about our Gold Dots or HST or DPX rounds in our CCW pistols penetrating too much on a miss in the streets where there is a whole world of people out there to potentially be hit but we are terrified of what a miss will do inside a house.... This seems kind of ironic when we are shooting a shoulder fired weapon which is far easier to hit with than a pistol and the longest shot you are taking in most houses is overwhelmingly likely to be less than 10 yards and generally at someone who is closing distance with you.... I think if we just spent more time actually becoming better shooters the other stuff takes care of itself.


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