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  1. And where in the heck can I get one??!! LiveLeak.com - Now This Is A Rifle I jest fell in LOVE!
  2. LiveLeak.com - THE ENTABULATOR ! He makes perfect sense, don't he?
  3. Got out with the Jeep, and stopped to help an SO who was working a wreck, and he advised me to go back to the house. Sheesh, I just wanted to play a bit. Just got the word that TDOT will only work the interstates. 6-8 inches here and still falling. GA
  4. Swamprunner


    Got a food storage. baking two loaves of home made bread right now. As I write this, I'm watching the drama unfold with my grown children. My two year old grand daughter is sittin' next to me and all is right in the world. If it's snowin', I ain't goin'. Better to use my vacation time than to ruin the sheet metal on the jeep from other fools tryin' to drive in the stuff that can't.
  5. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Majored in beer, lewd women, and the evil weed. Ain't tellin' where.
  6. Folks, this is bad stuff. From what I can glean from the interwebs, the shooter was one of these weird types that believe that the gubmint was listening to his thoughts. Let's watch how this is spun in the next few days. Guns are bad, the tea party is responsible, Sara Palin or George Bush is responsible, blah blah. My prayers are for the killed and wounded, regardless of politics.
  7. What fun, even if I'm a little impaired tonight
  8. Yup they REALLY rule Take a look! LiveLeak.com - Dogs Are Awesome Too ~Swamp
  9. I need a mini-ex or a track hoe with a thumb attachment. Big trouble at the plant, and I need one fast (North Knoxville Area) Call me at 865-679-3613
  10. LiveLeak.com - North Korean Army's annual karaoke dance party One well placed nuke, and the whole place is a glass parking lot.
  11. Well, I think that Fitzpatrick is sort of a moonbat, having injected himself into a situation that was volatile to begin with. That being said, Monroe County is not the kind of place you go screwing around with the law. There are a number of unsolved shenanigans going on at the moment in this county, and I stay the hell away. I still have many close friends in the county, and what is going on now has been going on for years.
  12. .....but it ain't easy, bein' cheesy....
  13. Great fun! LiveLeak.com - Exploding Heads Montage The music is good, too.
  14. Being charged and being convicted are two different things. Go ahead and trust a felon, give him (or her) a great big hug and sing koom-bye-ya together. My money is on the DA, judge and the juries' judgment on these matters. Life ain't fair, dude. It's even less fair if you're a low-life.
  15. A felon is a felon. Period. A pimple on the rear end of society. For lack of a better term, use "low-life". There used to be a time where being a convicted felon used to bring shame upon a man (or woman), but now everybody is into this restoration of rights thing. Instead of being shunned, Martha Stewart is picked up as the home fashion consultant by Macy's. G. Gordon Liddy (another FELON) is a successful conservative radio talk show host. WHY in the world would anybody advocate allowing another person who has committed a "notorious crime" to have the same rights that those of us hold dear. There is a reason that felons can not vote, use or possess firearms or ammunition, or have the same rights that we who follow the rules have. Sheesh. Use yer noggin.
  16. Sheesh. Not unusual, I've been wanting to do that for a while. Glad to hear somebody had the stones to do it.
  17. Odd, no. Peculiar, yes.
  18. Dave, things are waaaaay different nowdays. I'm service connected, and I used to avoid getting treatment because they USED to treat me like something stuck to their shoe. Since I have been going back, I get "thanks for serving", and great treatment. Just sayin'.....
  19. I dread walking past the lame photos of Obama and Biden when I enter the clinic or the hospital. You know, I used to be proud to look upon the photos of my Commander-In-Chief. Now, I have to avert my eyes. It just ruins my morning. It's sad, I know, but it REALLY bothers me to the point where I am offended by it. Yes, OFFENDED would be the correct word. Even when Clinton was CinC, I didn't mind, because, after all, well let's just say I was tempted in a similar manner by a young lady once too, but she wasn't wearing a blue dress. In fact, she wasn't wearing....., crap, I'm getting off track. Anyhoo, It REALLY bothers me to walk past those two tools. But the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs is a GREAT guy from what I'm Hearing. Any other Vets Bothered by this??!! ~swamp
  20. Now I KNOW I'm Gonna See It. Review is kinda NSFW, so keep the kiddies away fer a bit while you read it. Harry says - THE EXPENDABLES is a testicular masterpiece of manish awesomery!!! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news. ~swamp
  21. ....But Don't Change The Constitution To Make It Fair. RealClearPolitics - Video - Rush Limbaugh: "Life Is Not Fair" There is a movement to change our sacred constitution because "it is a living, breathing document, that needs to reflect the current times". What a bunch of horse manure,

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