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  1. Rip Kirk. You were the man, will always be the man. Gotta admit though, my first thought was of Cory Booker. A boy can dream...
  2. Be prepared to wait for the UPIN. Mine took a little over a year, but that was 5 years or so ago. And get a HCP also. Both that and the UPIN require fingerprints, so you'll have proven you're not "that other guy" to both the state and the feds.
  3. I moved here (I live in Jefferson City) from Massachusetts in September. Not a lark, my wife and I spent a year and a half choosing where to go, eastern Tennessee was the choice for MANY reasons. We're glad we're here, we're not going anywhere. I told her "when I die, have me cremated and sprinkled on the hill in back." Anyway... I know people personally that now live in Virginia. One of them has been going to "Lobby Day" for years. She's active politically and articulate, and when she tells me they're concerned about what will happen when the legislators come back I believe her. Libs WILL create laws and enforce them as they see fit, regardless of constitutionality. It takes YEARS to get a case to SCOTUS, even assuming they decide to hear it. In MA the federal assault weapon ban never sunsetted, MA copies and pasted it and made it state law. For years we just lived with it. Then on 7/20/16 our (theirs now!) Attorney General "reinterpreted the law and decided that "copies" or "substantially similar" firearms were not to be sold or possessed and were felonies. Those in possession were essentially "felons in waiting". Gun shops statewide stopped selling them. Private sales became expensive, a "pre 7/20 ban" AR essentially sold at a premium. There were no prosecutions, but it became increasingly difficult to buy a rifle. Many vendors won't ship ANYTHING to MA. Hats, tshirts, nada. Forget about complete or even 80% lowers. Some companies won't ship SPRINGS. So it happens, burying your head in the sand almost guarantees it will. Once the law is in place fighting it becomes harder and more expensive. This #### needs to be stopped BEFORE it happens, not "fixed" later. Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be arguing about bathrooms and wedding cakes? We are now. You think that the landscape will be recognizable 20 years from now? Lol. Go watch "Idiocracy". Virginia is the canary in the coal mine.
  4. I'm a former resident of MA also, moved down here to God's country in September to Jefferson City. I'm also a member of northeast shooters although I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting @brewer. My name and avatar there are also the same as here. I'm from all over, only lived in MA for 11 years, and NOT a northern liberal by any stretch! Anyway, as he said, it really can happen anywhere, complacency is our enemy!
  5. Well, I've been a tad busy but... Getting some stuff set up, doing handgun shooting on the side of the house, road is about 30-40 feet behind the bench. Decent amount of traffic, car every couple-three minutes, no issues, no police. Bought a clay thrower, shot a couple of boxes of 20ga a couple of times, also no issues. So Jefferson County seems reasonable so far, definitely will take the "unload and say hi" advice to heart should the situation arise:)
  6. As said, she's applied and done ALL the requisite paperwork. We're touring later today, a stop in admissions is on our list as well. My concern is that BECAUSE it's such a big place that her application may get lost or missed, and she REALLY wants to be down here in the spring. But thanks for the advice. ROFL! Lol, she inherited my singing voice. She shows up a-caroling and they'll drop her application in the shredder... My only real concern is getting lost in the paperwork shuffle. I'm not really concerned about anonymity as a student, she'll find her way, I've seen her do it through a nasty divorce and 5 elementary schools is 6 years. Which I think, to answer your last question, is one of the big reasons she's planning on some sort of social work curriculum, she really wants to help kids navigate that whole ####-show.
  7. Hey all. Relatively new here, not terribly active:( Moving, job search, renovations, unpacking... No such thing as "free time". Moved here from Massachusetts in September, bought a house in Jefferson City, got a job working at Morristown-Hamblen Hospital. My daughter is attending college (freshman) in New Hampshire at Southern New Hampshire University. Good grades, high school honor student. Not standout, but a good solid student, honors & AP classes, varsity soccer, generally a good kid. She wants to transfer to University of Tennessee Knoxville for the spring semester. All of her paperwork is in, application, SAT's, transcripts, the works. She'll be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving, we're going on a tour Tuesday. So, heres my ask... Anybody "know anybody" they'd be willing to direct me to? Not asking anybody to go out on a limb for somebody they don't know, just maybe a name of somebody to talk to that can make sure my daughter doesn't get lost in a crowd. Thanks!
  8. I just picked up a Jericho 941FS made by IMI. Not the Masada, but a damn fine weapon. All steel, frame mounted safety, SAO. 16 round double stack mag. Basically a Cz75 clone. Ran 100 flawless rounds through it straight out of the box at Bud's 5 minutes after I got it. Sights were worn and hard to see but that's an easy fix. Israeli army/police turn-in. $339 from AIM Surplus. They're out, but Palmetto had them listed a day or so ago.
  9. I already have the beginning of my backyard range picked out. Three small trees and I'll have a gently up-sloping 30-40 foot wide by 50 yard range at the edge of a pasture-like area, parallel to the property line of the adjoining undeveloped 10 acres, basically shooting longways into a gully with steep sloping sides. Once I get that cleared out I'll have at least 100+ yards. Gonna take some time, and chainsaw, and winch, and a few campfires One of my first missions will be introductions and invitations. Of course the cows that live in the 114 acre pasture across the road will probably turn me down... Everybody up here I tell is stupid jealous. I just smile and tell Lady Radtekk that I love her. And buy her another gun:) As to guns, I'm mostly a handgun guy, assorted pistols and revolvers also from 22 to 44mag, but I seem to be developing a fondness for Henry levers. I've purchased 2 (38/357 carbine and 44mag rifle) in the last few months and if we weren't planning and saving for the move I'd probably have added at least 2 more:)
  10. Well, fireworks (pathetically all the way down to sparklers) are against the law in MA, so I admit to being a tad surprised at setting them off during the day especially since they're prettier at night. But I can appreciate having them an dbeing impatient also:) Personally I'd rather shoot during the day and launch 'works at night, but I'm easy to please
  11. There have actually been several cases (no, I'm not good enough to find the cites) that I've read (newspaper reports of trial results) where folks who have been "invaded" by the cops in error and shot the "invaders" have been acquitted. But my guess is that for every one who survived such an encounter there's a José Guarena or three as well. Point being that while it MAY be fatal to shoot at intruders, it's much more likely to be fatal to NOT shoot if there's no reason for them to be there at 3am. Being the law-abiding citizen I am, I have a higher suspicion that I'll be "invaded" by someone with felonious intent (hence deserving to be shot) than by a cop who "just got the address wrong, oopsie".
  12. When we were there last month meeting contractors we heard what could only have been gunshots. Irregular, sounded like fireworks, but who shoots off fireworks at noon on Saturday? Sounded like freedom to me Since the property is outside city limits I think we'll be fine, just have to have some sweet tea waiting in case the Deputies show up
  13. Well, time passed... We made an offer during the April trip, came down in June and met with contractors, and close on July 29th. The house in Jefferson City, OUTSIDE actual city limits. So from what I've seen so far I'll be as legal as can be, property is 21 acres with an unimproved 10 acre parcel on the long Axis (1400 feet road to survey post) on the "range side". So if I shoot along that line aiming away from the road I'll have a minimum of 1000 feet of fishing land covered in untouched forest as a berm:) 1500 feet of road frontage means 10 unimproved (not even electric service) to my right, a hill in front, and minimum 1500 feet to my property line to the left. Across the road is 100+ acres of pasture, looks to hilly to build on. I think I'll be good;)
  14. I'm buying a house in Jefferson City, closing is July 29, move-in is late September after renovations and youngest daughter goes off to college. Suggestions for something in the Jefferson City area would be appreciated, gonna take me a year or so to clear out 100 yards on my property. Lady Radtekk is all for a home range, but there are a couple of other more immediate needs to attend to first.
  15. Well, I'm not a felon nor have I ever committed an act that would cause the police to have reason to enter my home. Therefore, should someone invade my home claiming to be LE it would NOT be a good life choice.

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