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  1. For those that may need some, ammo seek has this available, I grabbed 500 rounds (max allowed) a few minutes ago. Still waiting for my upper, but I'll have something to shoot. The wolf runs well in my wasrs, but they're wasrs so we'll have to see... https://www.sgammo.com/product/wolf-ammo-sale/20-round-box-300-aac-blackout-145-grain-fmj-steel-case-wolf-ammo-barnaul-limi
  2. I got semi-caught with the 22lr "shortage" a few years back. I had enough but not plenty. Now, I have plenty. Last "scare" I actually gave a few bricks away, actually had enough that I was comfortable trading 22lr for a Henry. Appropriately enough it was a 22:) I've spent the last 4-5 years stocking, at this point I have a couple of years worth of all calibers I shoot at current rates of usage. There's a reason I don't have anything that big, paying $1+ a round for 30.06 makes me cringe. I don't hunt, wasn't part of my formative years, just bought the gun because I figured I should have one, so 2-300 rounds is a 2 lifetime supply for me. They've got a long way to go to get to my house, I don't think they want to (or can) travel that far.
  3. I got the "reload" reference, and one day I may. Today's not that day. Moved down here 6 months ago, bought a 58 y/o house that needs some work and some updating. If I put 200 rounds combined downrange a month I'm doing good. I have an AR I haven't assembled (and by "assembled" I mean "take the upper and lower out of their boxes and attach together") and a 12ga still in the box unfired. I don't have the time to reload, the time to learn, or the finances to buy the requisite equipment. Specific to the 300, it's going to be a truck gun. It will get assembled, tested, sighted in at 50 yards with a holo, put in a hard-side Plano or Pelican case, and go in my truck. It'll come out every couple of months for a mag to verify function, get cleaned, and go back in. Strictly, 100%, an "Oh cr@p, I need a LOT more than a handgun to get home!" kinda thing. I'll be long in the ground before reloading for it will pay off. Everything else, one day...
  4. Forgot all about ammoseek. Been making the website rounds, I'll add them to the list. I think .75/round is my limit. Not really a inker but sucks having a gun too expensive to take out and play. Probably why I don't have a .50 cal...
  5. I'll shoot whatever I can find, but $1.60/round for the match ammo they have listed is insane for plinking. This is a 10.5" pistol build truck gun, I want "minute of thug" accuracy inside 50 yards, not cloverleaf groups at 200:)
  6. 300 blackout? Seriously. Just got my pistol lower, my 10.5" upper is on the way, and I have NO 300 blackout ammo. This is my first firearm in this caliber, had NO idea it would be this hard to find food for it. I survived the Obama-scare, I have enough 22lr that my 5 y/o granddaughter will still be shooting it, and I'm all set with everything else. Blackout? Not so much. This stuff is harder to find than 22lr was 8 years ago! So if anybody knows where I can find it within an hour of Jefferson City, I'd appreciate a heads up. If I'm being picky I'm told I should be getting 147 or 150gr to use in my 10.5" un-suppressed (for now) upper. Thanks!
  7. So, anybody got a short (10" or under) 300 blackout complete upper for sale?
  8. I'm sure they've been addressed here somewhere, but I suck at searching. So here goes: First, I have more than two AR Carbines, next is an AR pistol. This question regards legal issues. I have a BRAND NEW, complete, never attached multi-cal PISTOL lower receiver. If I buy a BRAND NEW, never attached PISTOL length upper, anywhere from say 7.5" to 10", what do I need to do legally? Stamp? Form 1? Anything at all? I don't THINK this configuration is an SBR, am I correct? Second, the AR's I have are .223/5.56 only. I have WASR's, no desire for a 7.62x39 AR. I also have no 300 Blackout guns in any configuration. I may/may not buy a 300 Blackout upper (carbine length) for one of my AR's, time will tell. For THIS thought experiment, should I use this pistol length lower for a pistol length .223/5.56 or 300 Blackout gun? It WILL be a pistol length upper, the question is ONLY caliber. The other consideration here is barrel length, doest it make a significant difference from 7. 5" to 10" or so? To be clear, this will be a "Get outta Dodge" type gun slash range toy, I have no plans for anything more complicated than a decent holo/red-dot and a max range of 50 yards or so. Hopefully this all makes sense...
  9. My "range" is adjacent to my house, my bench MAY be 50ft from the road. While there's not a lot of traffic, you're going to have to have windows up, radio on, and ear pro in to not hear me shooting as you're driving by. I'm out there once a week or so, no PD visits in 6 months.
  10. Rip Kirk. You were the man, will always be the man. Gotta admit though, my first thought was of Cory Booker. A boy can dream...
  11. Be prepared to wait for the UPIN. Mine took a little over a year, but that was 5 years or so ago. And get a HCP also. Both that and the UPIN require fingerprints, so you'll have proven you're not "that other guy" to both the state and the feds.
  12. I moved here (I live in Jefferson City) from Massachusetts in September. Not a lark, my wife and I spent a year and a half choosing where to go, eastern Tennessee was the choice for MANY reasons. We're glad we're here, we're not going anywhere. I told her "when I die, have me cremated and sprinkled on the hill in back." Anyway... I know people personally that now live in Virginia. One of them has been going to "Lobby Day" for years. She's active politically and articulate, and when she tells me they're concerned about what will happen when the legislators come back I believe her. Libs WILL create laws and enforce them as they see fit, regardless of constitutionality. It takes YEARS to get a case to SCOTUS, even assuming they decide to hear it. In MA the federal assault weapon ban never sunsetted, MA copies and pasted it and made it state law. For years we just lived with it. Then on 7/20/16 our (theirs now!) Attorney General "reinterpreted the law and decided that "copies" or "substantially similar" firearms were not to be sold or possessed and were felonies. Those in possession were essentially "felons in waiting". Gun shops statewide stopped selling them. Private sales became expensive, a "pre 7/20 ban" AR essentially sold at a premium. There were no prosecutions, but it became increasingly difficult to buy a rifle. Many vendors won't ship ANYTHING to MA. Hats, tshirts, nada. Forget about complete or even 80% lowers. Some companies won't ship SPRINGS. So it happens, burying your head in the sand almost guarantees it will. Once the law is in place fighting it becomes harder and more expensive. This #### needs to be stopped BEFORE it happens, not "fixed" later. Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be arguing about bathrooms and wedding cakes? We are now. You think that the landscape will be recognizable 20 years from now? Lol. Go watch "Idiocracy". Virginia is the canary in the coal mine.
  13. I'm a former resident of MA also, moved down here to God's country in September to Jefferson City. I'm also a member of northeast shooters although I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting @brewer. My name and avatar there are also the same as here. I'm from all over, only lived in MA for 11 years, and NOT a northern liberal by any stretch! Anyway, as he said, it really can happen anywhere, complacency is our enemy!

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