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  1. Going to Vet today!!

    Prayers are there for you and Kasey Doug. She's Blessed to have you for a "Dad" Good Sir.
  2. I'm another strongly influenced by Ahern's writings Murgatroy...both in Combat Handguns magazine and of course the Survivalists series. Very innovative and original books. I still have my original series from the 80's sans one book...vol 5 iirc...but they are yellowed and would probably fall apart if I tried rereading them again LOL. I must confess Natalia Tiemerovna was a most intriguing character!

    They are all excellent and I appreciate you sharing them. Beautiful sight indeed.

    Awesome photos KahrMan!

    I waited until the darkness was maxed then shot it. I was surprised at what it saw.. I didn't look up, just tilted the phone that direction.

    LOL...nope. Still working fine. The shadow pics were after the eclipse by a minute or two. ETA....checked the phone and it still works

    and this is my phone's interpretation of what it saw...

    GT...I caught a couple of those shadow pics as well...pretty cool! The birds went a little nuts right before the 98.7% or whatever it was...
  9. The last "Firearm Related" items I purchased were a couple of books. "Handgunner's Guide: Including the art of the Quick Draw and Combat Shooting" by Chic Gaylord If you are unfamiliar with Chic Gaylord here's a pretty good article by John Taffin...if you're not familiar with John Taffin I'm not certain there's any hope for you... Because of the innovative and rare ability to generate an "original thought" process that Gaylord possessed we have the concealed carry options we do today. Bear in mind this book was originally published in 1960. Sure, the material is dated, but it's great to read and see the concepts that started moving us to where we are today. I got my used copy (excellent like-new) for $25.00 and I'm quite pleased with it. https://americanhandgunner.com/chic-gaylord/ https://www.amazon.com/Handgunners-Guide-Including-Combat-Shooting/dp/1581601085/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1503306610&sr=1-1&keywords=chic+gaylord Chic Gaylord: I also picked up and recently read Elmer Keith's 1961 edition of "Sixguns". Great historical read! https://www.amazon.com/Sixguns-1961-Elmer-Keith/dp/1477661697
  10. I'm glad you found it helpful . Sounds like you have a solid plan. Please give us an update when you've worked up some handloads. Those ACME bullets look pretty good and that a decent price on them as well. Cooler weather's just around the corner. Safe shooting!
  11. New Wheel Gun

    Very nice guns gentlemen! I'm currently reading Elmer Keith's "Sixguns" and it's really got me hankering for a Single Six...
  12. Welcome aboard. I'm a big fan of Unique and have used it for a bit over 30 years now. We, as a group, cast, Powder coat, and handload. Our bullets wind up at around 130 grs. I've found, as others have, that lead bullet load data is a good starting point. The powder coated bullets have much less drag/resistance compared to jacketed bullets. Big Question? Do you have a chronograph? I find a chrono an essential safety tool for handloading. One of my old time favorites for handloading jacketed 124 gr 9mm rounds is/was a compressed load of 5.7 grs of Unique. Those loads mimicked my then carry ammo of 124 gr Black Hills +P using Gold Dot bullets as far as perceived recoil and POA/POI. These chrono'ed at around 1150 fps. But that charge would be too much for a powder coated bullet imho. I can achieve the same velocity using 4.3 grs of Unique with a PC 130 gr 9mm bullet. A current very mild and inexpensive load we use for practice, and I've run it through a couple of classes, is 3.6 grs of Unique with our 130 gr PC bullet. This load chrono's at about 1020 fps. If competition is a concern, this load yields a 133 power factor. I personally like a bit more pep and will load 4.3 grs of Unique at times. FWIW we run these loads through at least 10 different Glocks (models 26 through 34) with no cycling or functioning issues. Just so you know the above are not recommendations and are just my observations and experience. Starting with lead bullet data from a reliable and trusted source, chrono the loads, and watch for signs of over pressure is a decent place to start. Be safe good Sir.
  13. My Glock 29

    Definitely congrats Willis, and welcome to the "Glock-side"! Trijicon HD are my favorite sights as well. Good choice imho.
  14. New forum feature: Clubs

    Didn't Groucho Marx once say: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.” ? And no secret decoder ring?! Balderdash!
  15. Do You Still Own Your First Gun?

    When I was 11 years old (1965) I had, what would now be considered a full time job...40 hours a week. A Mr. Mitchell Curry owned a Western Auto store in my small town. He had an H&R 16 g single shot for around $30.00 or so. I convinced him to let me put it on layaway, brought him a note from my mother, and paid off the gun in about 4 weeks. I only made around $15.00/wk. I had to be frugal. I had a 50cc little motorcycle, rode down, picked it up, along with a box of shells and headed for a local gravel pit. Times were different I guess as this wasn't an unusual event back then. I still have it. I've killed rabbits, squirrels, dove, predators (foxes and a couple of coyotes) and my first deer with it. Couldn't part with it for anything.

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