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  1. Here's a couple of pics of my current Waist or Fanny pack. I had my little SCCY in it on my recent range trip.
  2. I know a few Paramedics and others that carry in Belly Bands and Smart carry holsters in certain NPE environments. I've used a Belly Band for such a role (niche) for many years...sometimes we don't have much choice. I also have used fanny packs for certain circumstances for over 25 years. When I first started using fanny packs in the early 90's there were an everyday seen and worn type item in the general populace...then for a decade or so they were decried by the Tacticool crowd as a "shoot me first...get you kelled on 'da streets" piece of kit...but they are becoming more ubiquitous yet again. I never stopped having one with loaded with a Glock 26 sized gun, 2 spare mags, small OC spray, a TQ, a Surefire flashlight and a BOK. I drag it in and out of my vehicle, but primarily use it for long drives or as a "grab and go" bag/tool...but I will still have my normal EDC guns & gear on as well. Like above, I find it a convenient niche tool. I also find it a necessity to learn how to run the fanny pack one handed, with either hand, as situations will dictate. I have a small carabiner attached to the pull and that makes it markedly easier to open with either hand. Many years back, Andy Stanford of Options for Personal Security (OPS) had a good video out demonstrating use of the fanny pack in the counter-carjacking role. I couldn't locate that particular vid, but can hopefully post one below from my old training partner Paul Gomez (RIP Brother). Paul was one of the most analytical thinkers to ever grace the self defense industry and he is missed.
  3. Anytime Good Sir. It's still out there, but the availability is sporadic and the prices henceforth have risen to meet the diminished supply vs demand. I personally like having several spam cans of ammo set aside for the long haul. I keep my shooting rotation ammo in loose in 50 cal cans. If you can catch it in stock, places like SG Ammo usually have 7.62x54r surplus and makes like Red Army and Brown Bear for $0.40-$0.60 round which is a competitive price (imho) these days.
  4. Ronald, I have used a screwdriver and hammer before. There's a good bit of space surrounding the ammo. A Kbar works great too! I have an extra opener I'll gladly mail you & you can mail it back at your convenience. Just shoot me a PM if interested. Unfortunately Spam cans of surplus 7.62x54 R aren't nearly as plentiful as they were.
  5. Powder and Primers were the main reason I did business with Wideners. And their customer service during those times was excellent. That's a shame. But such is life in this day and time. Regulated to death...
  6. You can definitely use the slide release Dave. That sucker is tiny and crammed into a small gun to start with...but it's "doable". Mine has the manual safety fwiw. I default to an overhand slingshot method as that was how I initially trained. After 10 of thousands of reps it's just ingrained in me. But I did intentionally use the slide release several times when running my Sccy the other day. I always carry a second magazine. Not so much because I fantasize about taking on the Isis hoards ...but as a malfunction clearance tool... and simply because magazines are usually the failure component culprit in a semiauto...low probability issue...but I train to keep the gun running and the extra mag is a link in that chain.
  7. I went to the range this morning and ran 150 rounds through my G17 (new sights), about 50 rounds through my 9mm Shield (pocket carry) and about 150-160 rounds through my 9mm Sccy. Dave is right on the weight difference of course. The Sccy weighs in at 15 oz, my 9mm Shield around 20 oz. Those are unloaded weights. The Sccy has a double stack 10 round magazine and therefore a significantly thicker grip.The Sccy's grip is more akin to a Glock 26 vs the thinness of the Shield. I find the transition from the Shield's trigger (mine is smooth and easy with a positive reset right out of the box) to the Sccy's is like the difference between shooting a striker fired semiauto and revolver. I even use the same rolling trigger technique I would use on my J Frame Smith. You can even “stage” the Sccy trigger like you can a DAO revolver. I don’t know the dimensions because I haven’t measured it…but the Sccy has a short enough grip that I pinched the crap out of my right palm a couple of times doing mags changes while running a few drills. It’s no big deal as I’ve done similar with my Shield a time or two. The Sccy, (possibly?) seems to be settling in or breaking in somewhat. I’ve only put about 400 rounds through it so far…but the feeding of SD ammo seems to be markedly improving. I ran one 10 mags of Pow’R Ball through it (already knew that it feed reliably) but I also ran a mag of each of the following with no issues: Black Hills 124 gr +P Gold Dot Winchester Ranger 147 gr +P HP Remington 147 gr Golden Saber HP Winchester (White Box) 147 gr HP Speer Gold Dot 124 gr HP standard velocity ( I have some 147 gr HST coming today I plan to try on my next range session) The rest of the rounds were handloaded PC 130 & 155 gr RN I normally practice with. If you replicate this please have extra Bandaids with you… It’s a very light pistol with a few sharp edges that are noticeable when running the +P loads… As a Rule of Thumb, I don’t carry any handgun for defensive purposes until I have between 750-1000 through them to “prove” their reliability to me. I don’t plan to forego my Shield nor my Glocks… but I am pleasantly surprised with my $200.00 investment thus far.
  8. I wish them the best and I'm glad to hear they are relocating as well. I actually picked up a SCCY from a friend last year. It's really a pretty solid little gun for a "budget" end of the spectrum, subjectively it's very shootable. The sights are solid on mine and offer a good sight picture. The trigger is, of course, markedly different from the Glocks I've been shooting for years (decades)...much akin to a revolver trigger, long full release to reset, but smooth and not heavy at all. Best of all the SCCY has a decent handfilling ergonomic grip. Worst of all mine is a picky eater! It runs fmj fine, loves 147 gr 9mm, but has had FTF with several defensive carry loads. I'm got it loaded with Pow'R Ball by Corbon...it likes that load. I wouldn't particularly want one for an EDC...but at it's price point it's not bad.
  9. Beautiful coins and a great price! Alas I don't have the funds to invest at this time. But definitely wish you GLWS!
  10. Thanks for the pics and Nice work...both the holster and speed strip carrier. I'm a "visual learner", so that helps. I hope you'll keep us posted on the evolution and development.
  11. Would you be so kind as to post a pic of the speed strip pouch once you make it? My 640 is a second gun and carried non-dominate side the majority of the time (occasionally I carry it as a primary in the appendix position), so I carry my speed strip in the "watch pocket" of my jeans. But I've considered a dedicated belt mounted strip pouch. btw...How do you carry your moon clips? Any issues with fragility of the moon clips? I obviously don't own a moon clip fed revolver but one is on my wish list.
  12. Very nice pair you got there! and "gooder" is a fine word, and very appropriate! I do love me some wheelguns! I happen to have a 686 I picked up in 1986 and a 640 (my daily pocket pistol) I've carried since 1992. They are both great shooting guns and should allow you to handle most any situation you'd run across. I have Barami Hip grips with a Tyler T-piece on my 640. This setup gives me variable carry options. How do you carry reloads? Speed strips? Speed loaders? Belt slide? Combination?
  13. sold

    SOLD and to some very nice folks!
  14. Bump for a price drop. Asking $30.00 for the grinder. Local sale only please.

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