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  1. Welcome aboard billt. Nice looking Hi Power clone.
  2. prag

    The ALIENS are coming!

    I think this is an interesting concept. Time will tell if this design proves out. It would certainly and probably dramatically extend the life of a RDS like an RMR. I'd love to shoot one as well.
  3. prag

    Hurricane Michael

    This is pretty significant as Raoul says. Storm surge doesn't just affect those living on the ritzy beach front property. My own personal experiences were with Hurricane Camille in '69 and Katrina in '05. I lived 77 miles inland from Camille and 50 miles inland (in Pearl River County) from Katrina. I was able to enter those areas a few days after each storm. Katrina had around a 27 foot surge that went inland until broken by I-10. I saw clothing on still standing power lines left by receding waters in the Ocean Springs area. That's pretty frigging deep for receding waters... I understand and completely agree that paying to rebuild someone's "Beach Dream House" after each and every storm is ridiculous. But the overwhelming majority of people living in the coastal areas and simply doing that, living and working... working middle class and less, 2-5 miles inland. The storm surge usually causes more damage than the winds in these things. I know folks suffer "empathy fatigue" and some solid points have been made. But it's pretty devastating for the folks just trying to make a living and raise their kids down there. Been there and done that and now live high and dry in TN. Not every one has that option. And not everyone is looking for a handout. Some of us are self sufficient. Some folks do actually need a hand, or at least a bit of understanding. My thoughts and Prayers for those that were in the path of this thing. It'll be a rough few weeks for them. Jamie
  4. Thank you gents. Yep, I'm pleased I stumbled on it Omega. I only wish I had kept the receipt as I know I paid markedly less than current market value LOL.
  5. You just never know what you'll find when you go digging around your ammo stores... I stumbled across an ammo can containing 2 unopened battle packs and 1 opened, but full, battle pack of the 5.56 ammo pictured below. iirc I've had this since the early 1990's. I've not had much success locating it on the interwebs. It's 344 A 86 5.56 Ball M1A3 in 300 round battlepacks. South African maybe? Anyone familiar with this 5.56? Thanks in advance, Jamie
  6. prag

    Prices and the gun market

    This is definitely a buyer's market. I totally agree the phenomena of the "Trump Slump" has effected all aspects of the current market. But any of us that have been a part of the gun culture for any period of time know this is just temporary. Change truly is the only constant imho. I was a shooter during the Clinton era Gun Ban ('94-2004). There was a significant dip (rightfully so) in market prices after that ban sunset. But we've all experienced the incredible panic driven swings of the past few years. It'll happen again to some extent or another... especially considering the huge cultural/political divisions in our country. This is an incredible opportunity to stock up on things we've seen become so scarce in our recent past. .22 rimfire anyone? AR mags are practically being given away with ammo purchases. And the quality control of most ammo companies seems to be straightening out since the last mass production efforts threw some glitches into certain brands. This really is a remarkable period for a shooter. I too look at the classifieds daily and am incredulous at some of the pricing I see... great bargains and occasional unrealistic pricing for the current market. TGO David "stickied" some great suggestions at the top of the classified section. There's some solid advice right there! Jamie
  7. prag

    TGO David's Gucci Glock Build - Gen 4

    That is a well executed "Roland Special" David! I appreciate the concept. Nicely done Sir.
  8. prag

    SW .38 Revolver Identification and Evaluation

    It looks like it's had a few rounds through it. But if it's tight and the timing is right on it I'd be all over it for $200.00! I had one in the past and regret selling it. The double action trigger on mine was excellent. And the "pointability", for me, was perfect. Great shooting guns. Jamie
  9. prag

    I lost my best friend

    It's tough my friend. Buckley was our last and he passed over May 29th. The photo is from our bedroom and represents nearly 30 years of joy, love, and companionship. They still look over us as we sleep. Jamie
  10. prag

    Ruger PC Carbine

    Good Lord! That must have a recoil approaching a .22 LR! It's great to know it'll function with that light of a load. That's gotta be one sweet S.C. gun. Tempting...
  11. prag

    I lost my best friend

    My condolences friend. Words can't express the pain, nor the love they give us. I am so sorry for your loss. We lost the last of our furry kids just 2 months ago and the house is very empty. But what incredible memories.
  12. If you are asking me owejia, we keep unscented liquid bleach, dry bleach tablets to reconstitute to liquid bleach, and iodine tablets on hand. I would only use these with a questionable water source and/or after running funky looking water through a sand filter first. I also have 2 rain barrels (50 gallons) and a 50 gallon water barrel in the garage and treat or replace that water annually. I also keep a few 5 gallon water containers in the basement pantry. Katrina taught me you can never have enough safe drinking water on hand... I've had iodized water before and don't particularly care for the taste...but what the heck if you need it. I've also had too much chlorinated water via Water Buffalo's as a Corpsman back in the day. Those boys never could get the ratio right! I'we keep Life Straws in our GHB (Get Home Bags) and well as a Berkey Sport Bottle with the black filter. https://shop.lifestraw.com/collections/frontpage/products/lifestraw https://www.amazon.com/Berkey-GSPRT-22-Ounce-Purification-Bottle/dp/B00BWIWX9K You can usually find the Life Straw and Berkey Sport cheaper as they tend to have specials and sales periodically.
  13. SOLD and to another great TGO'er!

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