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  1. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Thank you Martin. I'll check it out.
  2. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Thank you! I just ordered book 1 of the series.
  3. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Me as well. I just finished the last 2 A.American books (vol 8 & 9). They're decent, and I'm invested in the series so there's that. Anybody still reading P.A.W. fiction? Any recommendations?
  4. Podcasts Coming Winter 2018

    That's excellent David. And it does take a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that. Many props to you Sir! I have no doubt that this will be a success and a benefit to those who are already members of our "Gun Culture" and those entering it. Well Done David! Jamie
  5. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    I'm in as well. Great idea.
  6. Yep, they are... Gordon and several others warned this was coming. It doesn't take much to open that gate. Prayers remain for the lives lost, but Prayers also to save our God Given Rights. There are far too many intentions in the current "Unintended Consequences" for my liking.
  7. Another shooting

    LOL. I think we are talking about two completely different personality types here. I too read the murderer worked minimum wage. I guess he just managed his money well. that's a wink and a nod sarcasm, no disrespect intended to anyone
  8. Another shooting

    Makes you wonder doesn't it? My wife asked me a couple of days ago how much an AR was selling for and how could this kid afford one? He obviously had more expendable income than I do!
  9. Pachmayr Guardian Grip for Revolvers

    That's an interesting concept. I would imagine that pocket carry (in a holster) would not easily activate the device. I've carried my S&W 640 since I purchased it in '92 and shoot it on regular intervals. I have a "Hip Grip" and Tyler T-piece on it and find it pretty controllable. But I wouldn't be adverse to trying this out on another snubbie.
  10. wanted Glock 10 Round 9mm Mags

    PM to you my friend.
  11. Podcasts Coming Winter 2018

    Excellent! Love the music as well. Great sound quality too. Sound quality is something lacking on way too nay podcasts imho. I am so looking forward to this David!
  12. A spiritual win this week

    Thank you Brother. It is a struggle, but well worth the effort.
  13. Excellent recommendations. She may find some of her questions at Kathy Jackson's Blog, "The Cornered Cat". MS. Jackson is very knowledgeable well respected in the industry. https://www.corneredcat.com/article/practical-issues/concealed-carry-for-the-fashionable-woman/ When I helped friends I work with (a couple) in their indoctrination phase we provided quite a few different handguns and didn't try and influence them towards anything in particular. He and she initially choose Glock 19's but eventually gravitated towards a 9mm Shield for her and a G 43 for him.
  14. Welcome aboard Mr.Mildot and hope you can make that move to TN. I read your recent generous offer and exchange with hipower. "Gun Folks" are the best, no matter where we may find ourselves. I look forward to reading your contributions Sir.

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