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  1. Paladin Press Going out of Business Sale

    I hate to see them go. They were my go to place for books and VHS tapes back in the day. Ragnar Benson books were some of my favorites as a young guy as well. Thanks for the head's up K. I just checked the link...They still have some great choices... Bob Kasper, Kelly McCann, Rex Applegate, W.E. Fairbairn...
  2. Thank you for the offer Whisper. I appreciate it. I have that pdf, as well as a few others, like the old Tactical Response, or Andy Stanford's, "Dot Drill". I don't know if posting a pdf is allowed here or not. Or if it's possible. My "cyber-abilities" are limited... I would be more than happy to e-mail them to anyone interested.
  3. Not exactly "Firearm Related"...but it is Self Defense related and to quote Marshall Chuck Haggard (Agile Training and Consulting), it's a civilian self defense tool for use "Between a harsh word and a Gun". ASP Palm Defender OC spray. Adequate responsible training is highly recommended to understand the capabilities and limitations and appropriate use. A bit of exposure prior to using is also highly recommended. I've "caught" in an area spraying at work on well more than one occasion... Options are always a Good Thing! The Monkey Fist is simply another option.
  4. Excellent advice SGS! Great pics as well. I like the setup and photo-type targets...breaks up stereotypical thought processes imho.
  5. Yes my friend...looks easy indeed...it's the mental part of something like this that will kick me in the butt! Mechanically this should be easy. But it'll tell on me quickly if my sight alignment, trigger control, and follow through are off that day. That's why I'm continually challenged by drills like this, the 1" target dots and The Dot Drill. I hope to try this one tomorrow or Wednesday.
  6. Thank you Wisper. That looks like an interesting and challenging test/drill. I plan to give it a try. I especially like the "not breaking the line "... keeps us honest.
  7. My Best Friend

    I agree 100% HP! Thank you for posting that Sub. Bersa just know that you and Kasey have a family here that genuinely cares for you. I am Blessed and richer for "knowing" you all. Jamie
  8. My Best Friend

    You are in my thoughts and Prayers Bersa. I lost my little girl (female sibling Peke) after 13 years just a few weeks back. We have her urn with our 2 previous Pekes. I still sense her near daily...that veil is indeed thin. Kasey is indeed Blessed, as are you good Sir.
  9. Good shooting GTG! I like that Target Brother.
  10. Stupid carries on

    This is a strong probability. I pray that we can get at least one more Conservative Pro Constitution Judge on the Supreme Court. Two would be even better.
  11. Well...things don't always go as planned. Plan was to work some Dot Torture, 1" Dot Targets, and the 5x5 Drill. But the indoor range was busy...very busy... and I hadn't planned on shooting outdoors and didn't bring target stands nor stapler... so we shot handgun and SBR on the Rifle Plinking Range. No paper targets are allowed on this range, so we worked 25-50-75 yards with handgun.I assume those distances are correct, ORSA would have a cow if they found me walking down range. This is a decent option for working sight alignment, trigger control, and follow-through. 25 is fine offhand, 50 a bit more challenging for me...but I had to brace for consistent 75 yard steel. Just another thing I need to work on (on a looong list of other things I need to work on). Beautiful morning though.
  12. Good job miller_man. Those 1" and 2" circles are more challenging than most people think. TLG knew what he was doing when he set up Pistol-Training dot com. P-T target link: https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?2124-Printable-Targets
  13. Heck! A bud and I went this morning...but I didn't know photographic evidence was required! We shot the 5x5 Drill and the Dot Torture in the indoor range and after 0900 went and sighted in his suppressed 300 BLK red dot sight. Then we went and visited with Mike at Law Enforcement Sales for a bit...does that count? Disclaimer: Pics are from a previous trip.
  14. IWB for Pt111 G2

    I have no experience with the Taurus pistol you reference, but I have carried daily for the better part of 30 years. I can, without reservation, say that a quality, purpose made belt is the foundation of a carry system...and it is, imho, a system. The belt should be specifically made for handgun carry with the rigidity and shape to support the weight of the handgun and accouterments (spare magazine(s)). The holster should mate the belt... i.e. the belt slots on the holster should match the belt width. Otherwise the holster will shift around through normal daily movement and you will fidget with it, reach down and touch the darn thing, and constantly be re-positioning it. Kinda defeats the purpose of concealed carry! The same condition holds true for your magazine pouches. I personally carry AIWB (appendix) with a Dale Frike Archangel on a Milt Sparks leather gunbelt and it's an excellent system for me. (I'm carrying a Glock 17 as I type this). I also have Kramer gunbelts and have used both Milt Sparks and Kramer leather IWB holster strong side in the past. There is a plethora of quality holsters and belts being made these days. But you may well find, like most that carry for any period of time, carry systems are a very individual thing. We are all unique as to our body shapes and dress style, and our needs. I think the majority of folks that choose to responsibly go armed have had to go through several iterations to find that "system" that works best for them...hence the reason why most of us have a "holster box". The "Best" holster for "you" is akin to the "best" shoes for you...gotta try them on and see. Good luck with your search and decision.

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