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  1. prag

    Selling resources for eastern TN

    As GTG and others have mentioned. This is the slow season. Just wait until the weather cools or the mid-term election gets closer. I've found folks to be very reasonable and accommodating here on TGO.
  2. prag

    Good holster threads?

    btq is right and a bit more info would be helpful as well. I also agree with my friend GTG and Erik that Com-Tac makes some solid gear. I use their mag carriers in particular. Have you decided if you want inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or appendix carry? Do you have a purpose made belt? In my humble opinion a purpose made belt is the foundation of a quality carry system. The "best" holster made is sub-optimal if it doesn't have a mated belt. The belt must (obviously) fit the belt loops of the holster and must fit your perceived needs, manner of dress and comfort. Holsters. There is a reason most of us have a "holster box". Holsters are similar to shoes, a person generally needs to try and find whats works best for them, so I can appreciate why you are asking for suggestions on this. I carry AIWB and have for a number of years. So my bias is towards the makers I use for that carry position. I'm currently carrying a Glock 17 with RMR and I'm using a Dale Fricke Seraphim matched with a Milt Sparks leather belt. Prior to my RMR'd Glock I carried a G 19 in a Dale Fricke Archangel on a Greg Kramer belt. I also have a Dark Star Gear AIWB "Hitchhiker" for my S&W Shield. But appendix is not a position I recommend to anyone. That's a conclusion that the individual needs to come to on their own, based on their needs and experience. There are inherent risks associated with all carry positions and AIWB needs to be approached cautiously with a solid understanding of the risks, benefits, and utilizing the proper technique. I'm personally a bit risk averse as far as hybrid holsters go as I've seen the leather weaken in relation to the kydex. As the leather malforms it can potentially interfere with safe reholstering . Reholstering improperly is probably the most dangerous part of carrying. It's certainly the issue behind the majority of GSW's I've treated over the past 12 years... I still have Com-Tac paddle holsters for strong-side OWB and think they are quality and a good value. But prior to that I was a leather IWB and OWB holster users from Kramer and Sparks...that was in the 90's so would come under the heading of ancient history at this point.. TGO David speaks very highly of Squared Away Custom. They have some great looking gear on their website. I haven't purchased from them yet, but I've certainly seen a few items I'm considering. https://www.squaredawaycustoms.com/ As far as "Gold Standard" thread? Kinda doubt it. Everybody has opinions and the interwebs are full of 'em. Good luck with your search. Jamie
  3. It sounds like a solid process tercel. If you cast, you may want to consider powder coating. I/we have run many thousands of PC 9mm rounds through Glock barrels and I only wish I had known about the process and benefits when I was into 45 acp.
  4. In my case it was blatant stupidity...errr I mean Focused inattention. LOL Complacency kills, in so many aspects of life. I learned my lesson. My Glock destruction event was in the 2000's (I've been handloading since the mid 1980's) and if I must interrupt any step in my handloading process, I clear the area and began again. Meticulous adherence to what you're doing is a small price to pay for safety. Being OCD as a handloader has it's positive elements.
  5. Me too and Thanks. Good advice here. I only had it happen once out of several hundred thousand handloads...but once was more than enough.
  6. Well, I was one of those that may have posted about blowing up a Glock 21 years ago. But that was totally my own fault and in no way Glock's! I double charged a load that should have been 5.7 grs of Winchester 231 under a 230 FMJ bullet. Let me tell you, 11.4 grs of W 231 will bulge a barrel, bend the slide, crack the frame and blow the plastic parts off the trigger, and soundly eject a partially loaded magazine.... quickly and cleanly I suffered no injuries other than a numb trigger finger for a few minutes. fwiw Glock replaced the pistol at no cost to me, even shipping, knowing it was a double charge handload voiding their warranty. They wanted to examine the pistol. I told them if it had happened in my 1911 I probably would have suffered some fairly significant injuries, and I believe that's so. I mostly shot FMJ 45's in my Glock, but did run a few thousand lead bullets through it without issue. No, the lead bullets did not contribute to my blowing up that 21 (in case anyone asks). I ran many thousands of 45 fmjs using the above recipe of 5.7 grs of 231. It was my favorite handload for 45 acp as it mimicked POA/POI and felt recoil of my then carry rounds (45 acp 230 gr Hydrashoks). As to the brass, I reloaded it until it eventually split (8-10+) times or I lost it in the grass or sand. Glock chambers are generous aiding in their reliability but certainly not overly generous in my experience. There was much internet fervor regarding "Glock Kabooms" several years back, but this revolved around 40 S&W Glocks and improperly sized lead bullets iirc. Your Glock 21 and 30 will handle a steady diet of full power 45 acp loads for a long, long time. Just mind the "focused inattention" that got me... Jamie
  7. I'm with hipower on this nOrlf. Prayers to you and the missus and I wish you fair winds and smooth sailing on your journey good sir.
  8. prag

    My new puppy!

    That's great he's feeling better my friend. Roman is a beautiful pup, heck they're like our children and it makes one feel pretty helpless when they are in need. Hang in there my friend.
  9. prag

    My new puppy!

    We'll send prayers out for Roman and you guys tonight. I hope he recovers fully and quickly.
  10. prag

    Star BM 9mm at Classic Firearms, $150

    If these are anything close to the shootability and reliability of the Star PD (45 acp) then this is a steal. Thanks for the link. Funds are too tight for me, but man, great price!
  11. prag

    Army's new machine gun will blast like battle tanks

    Ah Dave, Here I am seeking idle speculation and rumors, and you give me facts! Thanks Dave. I missed that somehow when I did a quick search. Perhaps another cup of coffee would have been in order. Good info and much work still to be done.
  12. prag

    Army's new machine gun will blast like battle tanks

    That's quite interesting. They seem pretty tight lipped about the caliber. I assume that's because it's still under development. Body armor piercing capability at 600 meters...intriguing indeed. Anyone know more about the caliber/cartridge being developed?
  13. prag

    Ad Closed not being used

    I agree that it's frustrating when folks don't close their ads. Most regular users extend that courtesy. I find it frustrating as well when folks edit and erase all data pertaining to a sale for just the reason you mentioned Mac. It's nice to see what the current TGO market is running. I do appreciate TGO not expiring the ads.
  14. prag


    I can't speak to the 1400 series, but as I'm an RN and spend 12-14 busy hours each day constantly on my feet, I have worn out just about every brad I;ve ever tried within a 6 month period. About a year ago my feet got so painful I finally broke down and went to see an Orthopedic surgeon (podiatrist) that works at our facility. After several xrays and a sit-down talk, he said I could either have surgery on my feet (arthritic bone changes) or I could purchase some quality properly made shoes. Hummm... he fired up Google in his office and printed off the name and number of the shoes he recommended. I thought...shoes? Seriously? How could a new shoe make that much difference? But I know him and trust him. So I looked at Zappo's since they will let you return an item within the year for free. They worked. I mean these darn shoes actually made my life better. I just finished 2 13 hr shifts...we had 34 ambulances plus walkins just yesterday and my feet are still quite happy! The shoes are Hoka Gaviota's. They cost twice as much as I have ever paid for work shoes, but are worth every penny of the asking price imho. I even purchased a second pair for everyday use. Several of my peers have (since seeing me go from painfully hobbling to running my butt off efficiently) have now purchased them and share the same opinion. They are awesome. Nurses, like the infantry, live on their feet..so we gotta take care of 'em. These may seem like the cost is steep...but the true value is apparent, at least to me. Just my ever devaluing $0.02 worth. https://www.zappos.com/p/hoka-one-one-gaviota-black-formula-one/product/8804082/color/22027
  15. prag

    Remy Tac 14 or 20?

    These are intriguing shotguns. Something I ran across in one of the many e-mails that hit my computer is a folding brace system from Suarez Intl. I have no first hand knowledge of the quality, but the concept looks interesting. Obviously these things can get costly... https://suarezinternational.com/suarez-tac-14-folding-arm-brace-system/

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