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  1. On a still day, 500 yard shots are possible with a 22 rifle. I've done it myself with a Savage B22 FVSR and an optic setup for ELR (40 MOA EGW rail, Burris XTR mounts to bottom out the scope, and the rest of the 105 MOA required in holdover in an Athlon Helios scope). Even after figuring out exactly where I needed to hold, hitting the target wasn't a sure thing. But it's a thrill to hear the faint "dink" of steel about 4 seconds after you shoot.
  2. Search for "CZ 12004" and you might find a better price. But you can buy direct from CZ: https://shop.cz-usa.com/mag-cz-452-453-455-513-512-22-lr-mach-2-10-rd-poly12004.html
  3. The stages are usually 2 minutes each and you fire 10 rounds. While that sounds like a lot of time, you often have to change positions (i.e. moving between different sizes of buckets or different rungs of the ladder) while on the clock. A 5 round mag would be a big disadvantage. And if you are in a time crunch, a semi auto can be an advantage for it's speed. The trade-off is bolt guns are said to be a more consistent. I use a custom built 10/22, but a larger percentage of the local shooters use a bolt action rifle.
  4. Rather than mess with a good barrel and possibly have someone screw it up, if your receiver is something other than Kidd or is a Kidd Classic receiver (not a supergrade), I'd just buy a new threaded barrel from FJF Feddersen. Fred and his people build excellent 10/22 barrels at a relatively low cost. He also stands behind his barrels with a 30-day money back guarantee (less the cost of shipping): https://fjfeddersen.com/warranty-return-policy/ The company is based right here in TN and all the barrels are made locally. I currently own 4 Feddersen barrels and the best 2 of the bunch are as good as or better than the Proof Research 10/22 barrel I bought at well over double the cost. If however you do have a supergrade, I'd just spend the money to get another supergrade barrel. One of the great things about the Kidd supergrade system is how quick and easy it is to swap out the barrels.
  5. My advise would be to attend a NRL22 match. The guys at the match will usually let you use their rifles to shoot the match if you so choose. At the very least you'll get a lot of information on what they chose to use and why along with get to handle/shoot different rifles. I have several rifles setup for NRL22 including a few loaners for both open class (no price limit) and base class ($1050 combined limit). While most competitors use a bolt action (I started off with a Savage FV-SR in base class), I'm now the "10/22 guy" of the group. If you want to drive down to Eagle Eye Range in Mt Pleasant there's a match the second Tuesday of every month.
  6. Try calling and seeing if this company has it in stock: https://opticsandammo.com/product/leupold-3-9x40-vx-2-riflescope-duplex-silver-mfr-110802/ They're only place I saw that didn't list it out of stock or discontinued. If they don't, I'd bet you are stuck with either buying used (i.e. eBay), picking another brand of scope, or accepting a black scope.
  7. These work? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=What+Part+of+Shall+Not+Be+Infringed+Don't+You+Understand
  8. Eagle Eye range in Mt Pleasant TN has classes pretty regularly. I was there shooting NRL22 this weekend and they were having a class down at the pistol bays. Give them a call (you will likely talk to Mike) at (931) 379-7977 to see what classes are scheduled.
  9. You can easily put a picatinny rail on a 10/22. You can buy a cheap one on Amazon, but I'll never do that again as the screws provided stripped when using a Lyman digital torque wrench to tighten them. I now only use EGW rails (or Kidd rails for Kidd receivers) for my 10/22s if they don't have a built in rail. As the others have said, it depends on how you want to use the rifle and what you're willing to spend for a scope. Last week I bought two more Athlon Midas TAC 6-24×50 APRS3 FFP MIL (Xmas tree reticle) scopes for a couple of 10/22 rifles along with Burris XTR Signature rings so I can bottom out the scope to shoot up to 500 yards. First focal plane scopes insure that you point of impact doesn't change when you change magnification on the scope. However the reticle gets smaller the lower the power on a FFP scope where the reticle on a second focal plane scope stay the same at any power. If you are interested in target shooting or competing (i.e. NRL22), then you definitely want a FFP scope. For plinking or hunting, a SFP scope would be fine. The two scopes with optional sunshades were over $600 each and the MSRP is $803.99 for the scope alone. Some people may think it's crazy to spend that much for a rimfire scope, but I've seen $3000+ scopes sitting on 22LR rifles. It all depends on your usage and expectations. https://athlonoptics.com/product/midas-tac-6-24x50-aprs3-ffp-mil-scope/
  10. I certainly enjoy shooting my TX22. Just be sure to lube it before taking it to the range. Mine initially wasn't extracting standard velocity rounds consistently. Cleaning and lubing fixed the issue for me.
  11. If you include companies they invest in, the list gets much longer. Look at the companies of Bain Capital: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bain_Capital (scroll down to the pictures at the bottom for a quick view)
  12. Things that are closer require more diopter (power). Reading glasses for books/cell phones/watch/etc. (for me) require .25 more diopter than ones for the computer monitor.
  13. Dave, When Walmart made the announcement that they were stopping selling certain ammo and pistols. I thought, “Big deal. I don’t care.” They have the right to choose what they sell. Then I read about them asking customer’s not to open carry. While that doesn’t mean anything in Tennessee because you need a handgun carry permit to carry open or concealed, there are a lot of states where they have constitutional carry. So it does directly affect legal carry in other states. Furthermore, Walmart is working on distributing new signage so in TN, it’ll likely be a legal requirement to restrict open carry in their stores. What really pushed me over the line is finding out that, “Walmart is a charter member of the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership, organized by Walmart and Everytown for Gun Safety.” References: https://corporate.walmart.com/policies https://www.grnewsletters.com/archive/tfa/TFA-Walmart-announces-partnership-with-Evertown-for-Gun-Safety-and-Michael-Bloomberg-675227801.html 'Everytown for Gun Safety' was founded by Michael Bloomberg and has a subsidiary ‘Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’. Do you really want any of your money going to them? If everyone takes the attitudes: It won’t matter. It’d cost too much to shop elsewhere. It’s too convenient. Then you are right, it won’t matter. But if enough firearms owners make a stand and vote with their wallet, then it will make a difference in Walmart’s bottom line. I choose not to support businesses that by their actions (or support of other groups) that are anti-second amendment.
  14. When I had my eyes checked several years ago, the doctor said I had presbyopia (aka "old man eyes") and just needed reading glasses. For reading a book, I needed 1.5 diopter (at that time) and 1.25 diopter for working on the computer which is my job. She directed me down the street to the "Dollar Tree" to pickup a few pair in the prescriptions required. They work fine, I have multiple pairs laying around in various locations so they are readily available, and they are inexpensive enough the I keep a few spares handy for when I eventually break them. The half-height are the ones I prefer as they are lighter and more comfortable for longer periods of use. They also fit my melon-sized head. I wear an 8 or larger in hats or a XXXL to 4X in motorcycle helmets. Just be sure to check that the lenses aren't damaged before you buy them. As you get older, your eyes will progressively get worse and will require higher diopter reading glasses. This is the way I test: Open up a word processor on your computer, type a line of text, and copy the text on multiple lines resizing one point smaller each time until you get down to tiny print. I checked mine with a magnifying glass and found that Calibri font will go down to 3 and still be clear from my laser printer. I carry this sheet with me when picking up new glasses. I test powers of glasses by holding it as if reading a book and then for the computer at just beyond arms reach which is the distance from my sitting position in the chair to my computer monitor.
  15. I have the M&P 22 Compact. It's reliable and if you keep it moderately clean, cycles every ammo I've tried. The accuracy is pretty good. My Victory, on the other hand, is a lot more finicky but is a lot more accurate... epecially after I put fistfuls of dollars upgrading it. But the pistol I currently enjoy shooting most? The Taurus TX22. To me it feels a lot more like shooting an M&P than the M&P 22 Compact. Being striker fired is a lot of that (only 22LR striker pistol that I know of), but the grip feel is very familiar too.

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