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  1. I don't trust social media, but I also have no faith in the reliability or honesty of network news or print outlets. They are either producing click bait or have a political agenda.
  2. I'm a big fan of the Athlon Midas TAC scopes. I have several of the Midas TAC 6-24x50 MIL and 1 of the Midas TAC 5-25×56 MIL scopes. I use them primarily for NRL22 and ELR 22LR (out to 500 yards).
  3. It' a "shake awake" system. Are you laying the firearm down and not touching when checking to see if it's on? If you move the reddot at all it'll wake up. When trying to adjust the settings, make you "lock mode" is not engaged. Here's a link to the manual if you need it: https://holosun.com/uploads/20200331/b955f5eb2a425d7edde2ef5c83da4c47.pdf
  4. If you're not in a huge hurry (as they aren't available yet), this is an option for Glocks (and S&W M&P) without milling the slide or buying a MOS version:
  5. As much as I carry in the cargo pockets of my pants, it's been suggested that I just use a daypack instead. In the summer they really get loaded down as I don't wear a jacket to use for pocket space. Not sure if a lighter weight shorts would work for me.
  6. I've replaced TDS DSL at a couple of locations with Verizon hotspots and the LTE is a lot faster... even with a marginal signal.
  7. Unfortunately, not made in the USA. But I wear Duluth Trading Firehose pants and shorts almost exclusively. While up in Franklin right up from the Galleria Mall, I stopped at the local store and picked up another pair of pants and another pair of shorts last week. Not cheap, but I think they are worth the price. Watch for sales and you can sometimes find a decent deal. https://www.duluthtrading.com/mens-duluthflex-fire-hose-11-cargo-shorts-36333.html?dwvar_36333_color=BRN&dwvar_36333_waist=040
  8. In very rural southern middle TN and just switched today from Spectrum (aka Charter) cablemodem rated for 200Mb/s (nomally see about 125 down and 11 up) to JTM fiber and am currently getting 885.91 down and 818.96 up with a ping of 1ms.
  9. With a crime index of 1 (100 being the safest), not sure what's being done right.
  10. You could be right, but it looked to me as if one of poles was bent inward at the point of impact. Either way, lousy driving on their part. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive on public streets.
  11. Doubling up on your waterproofing might be a good idea. If you are going to use something to enclose the contents (i.e. PVC) , you can use a vacuum packer and roll of vacuum plastic (allowing long lengths) to create an airtight seal. Just be sure to put 2 or 3 seals per end and check that no sharp point has (or can) ruptured the plastic.
  12. You should have reported that to the RO (range officer).
  13. The new cable type of guard rails are a lot less expensive and easier to install, If you look at the video, the cable system did initially stop them from getting into the median when they sideswiped the rail. Only when they over-reacted and drove head-on into the guard rail did it give. It appears that the car hit one of the poles directly which snapped from the force. i just bought a new 2020 Hyundai Tuscon (SUV) this month that has Lane Keep Assist. It works surprisingly well and likely would have kept this accident from happening.
  14. If you want a taste of "home" BBQ, drive down to Shaffer's Farm Meat and Texas BBQ in Summertown. While down here you might visit Eagle Eye Range which is where I go to shoot.
  15. Welcome... from just up the road in Summertown.


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