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  1. RWF

    Side chargers

    I love them, also ASA makes one that does not move and even folds out of the way.
  2. yes, sir awesome memories and he isn't even mine. the best was when he came running in the back door stopping at the end of the hall holding up the butter knife saying he was helping his dad work on the deer. they need our mower to finish getting the deer to there yard. thanks all for the positive feedback. just wait till u get out there with your little one's
  3. I am a fan of S.A. I wonder what took so long. but I was to get one it will be awhile way over spent this year. but who doesn't on there toys
  4. this is my little buddy,,Memphis that's a butter knife he is holding so he can help his daddy clean the deer
  5. need sale my Viper rifle scope 4 x 16.. there are no problems with the glass, the scope has some rings marks. I decided to go with 2.5 x 10. its about a year old and does have resettable turrets. the mount shown is free with the scope, because I must not be smart enough to use it, as I had the quick lever-s shoot loose no matter the scope or rifle I put it on. asking $350 or best offer
  6. I had to return one for repair and days later I got new one in the wrapper. I should have mount for the M & P some where if wanted I can try to find it. asking $175 no pay pal
  7. they both have 16" barrels with 1 x 7 twist and 15" free float tubes. the upper with the MI gen 2 tube and the NiB Fortis charging handle and has JP gas block. it has 5 rounds thru it. asking $500 for that one. the other also has a 16" barrel and a 15" tube, with a basic charging handle. it has 3 rounds thru it. $425 Both has Rainer slick side receivers. NEITHER ONE HAS A BCG. NO DUST COVERS I only fired them only to insure correct function. both prices include shipping, no paypal thanks
  8. this has up to 300 rounds thru it. I just could not get it to shoot the 160's well at all. so got barrel with a different twist rate. please notice the picture of the barrel in the pistol, its longer than a standard barrel. the OAL of the barrel is 5". so it cost more. thanks asking $210.00 shipped no paypal
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