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  1. Wouldn't hit anything with it beings ARs are mostly aluminum. 'SNAP'
  2. So sorry for your loss. Prayers!
  3. Got Uberti. Very well made. Cattleman 1866 Yellowboy Sport. I Gold plated the SS 1873 Cattleman to match the brass on the rifle. Both in 45LC.
  4. Great deal. Wish you were closer.....
  5. Thats like stepping on legos with your bare feet, only worse. I got a bag of 50s around. Just don't know where.
  6. Not a matter of what 'I need', lol. Don't need them but always try to stock up. They official military? If so, prob take all of them. I'll be heading east next month for vacation in the smokies.. Thinking if you had them yet, we could meet. Otherwise, no hurry.
  7. This the same one? Says it's 4200 lumens. Seeker 3 Pro Bundle - Olight Store
  8. In the older days even the 70's and '80's, companies didn't care if you were sick. Come in or don't get paid. People needed to get paid. Today, seems most tell you to stay home which I agree with. But big companies still like to keep their thumbs on your jugular. My wife works for a very large worldwide company. She's been working from home for several years now. She just told me her company hired an outside company that would insist you send them your proof of your vaccine. I was pist because she did it before telling me. She said either that or I lose my job which is bs. Cause they want to clone her and they can't afford to lose her. I said if everyone stood up and said eff you, they would not force it. Under the contentions they'd be fired? Hah! Doubt it. They can't get people now and the training cycle is waaaay too long. This is what's causing the problem. The sheeple are afraid to say no. Why would my wife be a threat to her company where she has not seen an office for years? We are both vaccinated but they have no right to force proof. Especially when you are not a threat. Too many 'sheeple' and not enough wolves!
  9. Just bought one a month ago. GLWS..... Nice rig!
  10. You got it! Prayers sent.
  11. That works either way. But make sure Bin Laden knows lasers are bad. Opps... Can't!
  12. To each their own. Experience I've had with meth heads, druggies, etc, they would rather find the dot to chase it like a cat. For the most part, you're thinking to hard. It's not the norm. You also don't point out whether you'd leave the laser on or off. Also, you choose to carry a light in your weak hand. That's fine. But what happens if you need your weak hand to drag a family member or person to safety? Then what? Lose sight of the target? Lasers are not a bad thing. Especially if you are on your own turf. Even more so if you're getting older. (Keep the flashlight away from your body or aside. I was taught that by my T.O. back in the early '80s. lol.... they don't do that any more). Do what works for you. BTW, don't think the person, namely me, has no experience in the field. Been around the block.... Cheers....
  13. Both if your gun can handle one. Green laser is more visible in daylight due to it's wave length. Spotting you by the bad guy is movie nonsense. Not that it can't happen, (highly unlikely), but neither you or the perp will be waiting to ambush from the bushes,. Also, you get to acquire faster and if you are on target, my guess is you are going to pull the trigger. My P365 setup is rigged with just a CT green laser activated by pressure button and also has an on/off button. Yes, getting old and having bad eyes suck. Especially when you have astigmatism.
  14. My Nighthawk Agent 2 and/or Falcon
  15. Guess you don't watch a lot of old war movies....
  16. Alum case cci runs fine. It's not like steel. You just can't reload it. Been using that stuff in my guns for decades. Never an issue.
  17. When needed in a pinch, lense cloth which I believe a lil hunk comes with each one and spit.
  18. Flashlights are almost as addictive as guns to me at times. Always looking for something different. In this case, hava look at the Fenix TK30. It's powered by a focused white laser. You wouldn't know it was only 500 lumens. This bugger is awesome. I can light up things at least a couple hundred yards away. Its not a wide beam but wide enough to be very practical. You have to sign a waiver to get it for crying out loud. Love it. Not cheap. But coolness factor is a 9.9 - I very rarely give anything a 10 because nothing is perfect. Fenix TK30 White Laser Flashlight - Fenix Lighting Some of my favs: Fenix TK30, Fenix TK16, Surefire Intellibeam, Olight M2R Pro
  19. Got a bag of these and spread them all over yesterday. Last night was first night of the experiment. Camera caught a fox walking the front flower bed, he looked and ran like hell. I mainly got them for the birds and a mole. Have to see how good they do over time. Amazon.com: Outee 7 Pcs Realistic Rubber Snakes Fake Snakes Christmas Gift Black Snake Toys for Garden Props to Scare Birds, Squirrels, Scary Gag Rubber Lifelike Snakes Halloween Pranks Props: Toys & Games
  20. Maybe if you post the Variant, (V1, V3, etc) and the model number off the side of the case starting with 81....... May help with sale. There are several versions....
  21. You know that black backed white type hurts old farts eyes right?


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