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  1. Not just someone living nearby. Also, if there is another mobile unit roaming around. Anyone that can render you help.
  2. My HMO is any port in a storm. When I go to the mountains or just anywhere outside civilization, I take -a- radio. Regardless of whether used or not, I can't help but wonder what would happen if I didn't take anything. Someone may not hear you, but there is at least a chance someone will. Quite a lot of areas I roam have no cell signals. As cheap as radios are today, even the knock offs, it pays. I have a Pelican case for trips. In it, set of GRMS WTs, VHF/UHF WTs, scanner, patch cables, antennas, spare batteries and chargers, CB, etc. I have my radio licenses in order as well as bear repellant and bells. I think you stand a better chance. It would suck if you had nothing and got stranded.
  3. Relax man.... It's called putting a lil humor in before it goes tits up. Sorta breaks an argument before it happens. By you saying this makes it worse.
  4. Sheesh. Thanks for your service. Young minds I think suffer the worse. They are like sponges. I have things that pop back into my head when I was 18 working for the squad. My first sight of a young couple murdered with piano wire and tossed off the side of the road. I tractor trailer driver jack knifing through the windshield and a lot of gray matter on the highway 10 yards from the body. Just to name a few. When you're young, your mind is more absorbable than as we get older. We get desensitized, probably due to Hollywood but seeing it for real makes for bad memories. There really was no quiet space or support you can go to for help. Ya sucked it up and say nothing or try to tell a friend. My boy got blown up in the sandbox by an IED. He survived with many surgeries to his lower legs. But that does not stop his story from making me cringe and not sleeping at night without crying. I don't wish any of these types of memories on anyone. Today you can talk to people. That's a good thing. Back then, talking to your buddies that served with you, if you talked at all was hard because they had their own ghosts. Stay safe. We are here.... we'll listen.
  5. Responding to title. In Jepordy format. What are 'your toes'? (j/k)
  6. Easier to just keep your records/receipts and log them. I use an app that logs everything. Its backed up to offsite server and I also paper copies of all weapon transactions in the safe. Decades of transactions..... KYA So, should be SOP in some form or another.
  7. BHunted


    Hell cant drag me back there...... 60 plus years is enough!
  8. BHunted


    Have a 7KW Generac and a 2021 Ford F150 Powerboost with 7.5KW built in Gen....... Hope never have to use them... with the truck, got a full tank what would last a loooong time past the Generac... I really want to get a whole house Genny.... This is crazy... I left this crap back in NJ over 3 years ago. lol.
  9. BHunted


    I cry every time I watch this guy. Hilarious!
  10. Maybe... But HK Parts site is always expensive. If I were to get a tb, I'd get the 1/2 x 28 so I could swap my supressors.... Rather not deal with adapters...
  11. Doubt anyone would let one go. Hard to come by. Might as well look for a whole gun. Tactical Threaded Barrel -1/2 X 28 - 9mm - German P30 - HKPARTS
  12. ####! Was out there and totally forgot about them. Ended up with a head cold in the cabin for our 25th Anniversary. Nuts... Ugh. Gasp, Crud, dammit!
  13. I'm not a fan of total electric vehicles either as someone mentioned. But they are working on 5 minute rechargers. Problem is dissipation of heat from the charger/cable and none of them are pushing that amperage because of it. One of the universities are working out a solution. I would also like to see them go further on a charge. That's not happening yet either. Then if they do, will they put 5 min charging stations all over the country. Can't see that happening. Still need coal which Biden is against. He do have nuke plants and the idiots are against them too. Anyone got $8Gs for a replacement battery when it finally fails? Yeesh. In March I bought a 2021 F150 Platinum Powerboost Hybrid. Complete with all the bells and whistles including an onboard 7.2KW Generator. The thing rides like a Cadillac, yet kicks ass and bet a Raptor in a video race review for power and speed. But other than feeling like I'm driving my couch in total comfort, it gets 24 mpg plus, (usually get at least 25+), no matter where I am. That's 24 city/highway and a 30.6 gallon tank. I'm content to stay at this level. I can care less about carbon footprints, green new deals which are bs or anything of the like. That's mother natures dept and she's fixed what us fooked up humans break......
  14. Wouldn't hit anything with it beings ARs are mostly aluminum. 'SNAP'
  15. So sorry for your loss. Prayers!
  16. Got Uberti. Very well made. Cattleman 1866 Yellowboy Sport. I Gold plated the SS 1873 Cattleman to match the brass on the rifle. Both in 45LC.
  17. Great deal. Wish you were closer.....
  18. Thats like stepping on legos with your bare feet, only worse. I got a bag of 50s around. Just don't know where.
  19. Not a matter of what 'I need', lol. Don't need them but always try to stock up. They official military? If so, prob take all of them. I'll be heading east next month for vacation in the smokies.. Thinking if you had them yet, we could meet. Otherwise, no hurry.
  20. This the same one? Says it's 4200 lumens. Seeker 3 Pro Bundle - Olight Store
  21. In the older days even the 70's and '80's, companies didn't care if you were sick. Come in or don't get paid. People needed to get paid. Today, seems most tell you to stay home which I agree with. But big companies still like to keep their thumbs on your jugular. My wife works for a very large worldwide company. She's been working from home for several years now. She just told me her company hired an outside company that would insist you send them your proof of your vaccine. I was pist because she did it before telling me. She said either that or I lose my job which is bs. Cause they want to clone her and they can't afford to lose her. I said if everyone stood up and said eff you, they would not force it. Under the contentions they'd be fired? Hah! Doubt it. They can't get people now and the training cycle is waaaay too long. This is what's causing the problem. The sheeple are afraid to say no. Why would my wife be a threat to her company where she has not seen an office for years? We are both vaccinated but they have no right to force proof. Especially when you are not a threat. Too many 'sheeple' and not enough wolves!


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