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  1. Can't go wrong with the Benny M4... Love mine. Shoot all day without pain... GLWS
  2. Great gun, great price. I already have one otherwise.... GLWS
  3. ...and that is a biotch. Years ago, I tried to get the vials out of some old Trij iron sights just to see if I could. Trijicon puts I believe a sapphire in front of the vial to protect it. Can't drill it out or lift it out to get to the vial. Everything I tried would destroy the sights. So I wrote it off as a failed experiment.
  4. I have a '21 Ford F150 Platinum Powerboost Hybrid. Unless I'm messing around in Sport mode, I get city/hiway 25+ mpg. Not uncommon getting close to 30mpg. Around town it varies but most of the time, I'm in electric. It has a V6 with balls and Turbo. The battery is covered for 100,000 miles or 8 Yrs. I'm very happy with the truck. The story of that family is unfortunate and that they got screwed over. They should sue the dealer. Not sure if the warranty was over or not able to be transferred, but oh well. Got to do your homework. Putting weight against the hybrid is ridiculous. I will not/ever go full electric. But happy so far that I can get over 700 miles on a tank of regular gas while maintaining a decent mpg with an F150...
  5. Pictures or it didn't happen...
  6. There is only 2 companies that make the tubes afaik and one is Trjicon. You're better off replacing the whole sight. They won't sell you just a tube.
  7. Was an AR? Watch out for those high powered rifle. Geeze...
  8. Yea, but ARs chambered for just .223 only will not be able to use 5.56 - vice versa, 5.56 barrels can handle 223... FJB!
  9. tacticalusa . com - ya can't unsubscribe and the sneak some type of subscription. Biggest is the constant email nag and malware warnings. Don't go there.... I never even did biz with them.
  10. I've said the same thing about mine. Ammo is/was expensive. Even more now...
  11. Ya mean a P238 if it's a 380... p938 is a 9mm looks like you have a 938 9mm
  12. We're in mid tn and they have been scarce. Others in the area say the same thing. We usually have a dozen or so +_ a few. So far we had 2 but mostly just one youngin. Libtards probably banned them for using multi ported feeders. <shrug>, lol.
  13. I get an email every day of what's coming. Mail gets scanned but not packages. If you get no email, you won't get mail that day. They've been doing it for years, but only recently have they offered it as a free service to folks if they want it. If a package is coming, they send a link to the tracking number if there is one.
  14. Yep, my MkIV series 70 has it. Was nickel, carried it in the early 80's.... Paid $275 brand new. Had some wear on it from carrying it. Wanted to get it re-nickeled but that is a lost and expensive art. So was recommended hard chrome. Did some fine tuning and it's a great gun. Looks like new.
  15. Bought my Mariner in 1996 for $445.... Excellent shooter. GLWS
  16. How old? How many rounds through it? Why ya getting rid of it? Any issues with it?
  17. Sorry to hear about your wife.... Hope she is ok. If I had the cash, I'd take it from ya. GLWS
  18. Did a lot of work on mine. It's easy to work on. My goal was to keep it tool free to disassemble. Still is. Before and after....
  19. I have one which came with the field stock, (no pistol grip), finally got my hands on a pistol grip stock. Much better and easier to handle. Especially when getting older. You can shoot this shotty all day with no sore shoulder. Like shooting an AR.
  20. LAX Ammunition Reloaded 9 MM 115 GR 500 RDS W/FREE AMMO CAN | Lax Ammunition (laxammo.com) Their reloads are top notch. Looks like factory new.
  21. Got an email from Olight this morn with a USPS shipping label approving my submission. It's on its way back.


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