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  1. Thanks..... some forums let you do pdfs. I just tried too.
  2. I cannot read that. Too small. Is there a link?
  3. Couple weeks ago, Sumner Gun got broken into for the 2nd time in a couple years.
  4. Gives me more than that. Wohoo! LMAO! Wood! LOL....
  5. Sure the stock isn't too? Its stamped SA and has the cross cannons.
  6. You get out more west at all, Sumner County?
  7. Been using this method for decades before I even heard of the term. Might be a worthy add-on. What Is a Sleep Divorce? (sleepfoundation.org)
  8. Great lil' town. Welcome aboard....
  9. When I got certified for ASP, it did not require recert. BUT, when getting cert for OC Spray, once a year, you had to get sprayed. Their logic is they want you to know what it feels like. My response was and still is, I'll never forget the barfing, burning and such. Don't know if it's a local/state requirement for OC cert. But getting hit with a baton to me is also hard to forget unless you are drugged or just numb... lol... Still got my orig night stick and asp baton.
  10. Was my 1st carry with the dept back in early 80s. Excellent gun. Sold it to a kid out of the academy when we went to semi-auto. GLWS
  11. Ballistol? Gawd, I hate the smell of that stuff. Smells like wet farts in July. Yeesh.
  12. SG is a top-notch family-owned business. Did you file a claim with UPS? If they lost it, it's really on them. They take their time though.
  13. Prayers! Getting old does suck. Had whole hip replacement, (I also go through TOA), my left should is shot and takes no effort to dislocate. Pain limits movement. Had all the usual tests and he reports bad arthritis and I need full shoulder replacement. Hip recovery was a piece of cake. I literally walked out of my wheelchair after surgery. Recovery for the shoulder won't be that easy. Then knees, ugh. Told him to put me in a medically induced coma for a few weeks and replace the whole kitten-kaboodle in one shot. I'm tired of surgery. It's like every year I get one or 2... Keep us updated if you can.
  14. Sit and rack the hell out of it. Or if it doesn't loosen up a s bit, order some Flitz and while waiting, use white toothpaste. Rack rack rack. OR SHOOT IT!
  15. If they have learned anything, he was a freeloader that took, took and took. I'd be more willing to donate again if they learn how to run the shop properly. I refuse to believe they didn't feel the pinch of lack of donations over the past years. If not, there are better entities.
  16. Probably found out he was on Epstein's list. LMAO!
  17. ARRL - Home eHam.net Callsign Database - QRZ.com
  18. You'll like them. I have 3 of their line. Banish 30 Gold, Banish 22 and a Banish 45. Depending on your needs, they can be swapped between guns with the Banish adapters as long as their rated for the caliber.
  19. They got the GL website all updated already... Gun Store - Places to Shoot Guns | Hendersonville Guns (theoutpostarmory.com)
  20. Yep and at least, we can still own and purchase them.
  21. Biden’s attempt to regulate pistol braces dealt blow after appeals court casts doubt on constitutionality | Fox News
  22. Thanks! I lived in a flood zone up north years ago for over 60 years. You're correct... Not fun...
  23. They'll replace my UPS but I have to send back the blown one. As for equipment: Likewise, warranty claims are excluded, - if the sticker with the serial number has been removed from the device, - if the device has been damaged or destroyed by the influence of force majeure or by environmental factors (moisture, lightning, dust, etc.), - if the device has been stored or operated under conditions outside the technical specifications, - if the damage has been caused by improper handling, in particular by non-observance of the system description and the operating instructions, - if the device has mechanical damage of any kind.


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