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  1. They got the GL website all updated already... Gun Store - Places to Shoot Guns | Hendersonville Guns (theoutpostarmory.com)
  2. Yep and at least, we can still own and purchase them.
  3. Biden’s attempt to regulate pistol braces dealt blow after appeals court casts doubt on constitutionality | Fox News
  4. Thanks! I lived in a flood zone up north years ago for over 60 years. You're correct... Not fun...
  5. They'll replace my UPS but I have to send back the blown one. As for equipment: Likewise, warranty claims are excluded, - if the sticker with the serial number has been removed from the device, - if the device has been damaged or destroyed by the influence of force majeure or by environmental factors (moisture, lightning, dust, etc.), - if the device has been stored or operated under conditions outside the technical specifications, - if the damage has been caused by improper handling, in particular by non-observance of the system description and the operating instructions, - if the device has mechanical damage of any kind.
  6. The house could have prob if it weren't raining. The smoldering came from a light fixture. Two separate claims. One for auto, the other for home. Everything has been submitted to the claim adjusters. Got to wait on them. Not sure how the coverage will work with contents. Think they are prorated which sux. My one Sony Bravia 65" was about $3.5K.... Laptop too. was about $3.2K......... I think they go by how old it is and what life it would have left. I call bs on that one. It's not wear and tear. A new one would not survive no more than an older one. I can say this about computer data. By all means! Backup your data off site. We use Carbonite and it saved my bacon several times. Got me a new bottle of Jack just in case the news is not good. But I really need a new laptop. I'm working 0ff a Surface Pro right now and imho is not rigged for heavy use. Ugh
  7. Whelp, rather have no power than go through what we are going through. Weds morn at 0341 hours, I thought we were under attack. Was raining and thunder/lightening for a few days already. The crack of lightening sent me flying out of a deep sleep. Not uncommon but figured it would pass so I reset the lights etc. That didn't happen. Partial electric. No internet, no tv, no ac, no nothing. I spent hours troubleshooting everything. Nothing came back. Yea, we had electric but didn't make a difference. Started out calling Xfinity. They found blown lines in the underground across the street. It took out 2 of our flat screens. Once Xfinity was online, we could access the net with our iphones. Big whoop. Put me over my data and the charged me 15 bux. Then called electrician. Before he got here, I reset 6 breakers, and 4 gfci outlets. Still missing power in the garage. I replaced the gfci and got all power back on. Its going to cost about $2400 outside of inspection. HVAC blew a zone card, $500 It blew our landscape lights, fried my laptop which was connected to a brand new 1500VA UPS. So much for Surge Protection and Backup. At 1700 hours I was still trying to get things worked out. My wife decided to walk the property line. She said we got hit! Took pictures. Took out a Ring Spotlight cam, traveled up the facia almost to the peak of the roof and came out of a hole that looked like a 12g shotgun slug as fired from inside and left everything smoldering. We never knew it because we were too busy trying to get people out here. Luckily the rain put out the small fire that fried the camera. I sleep 20ft from where the hit was. So far, we are up to over $10K in damages and that don't count repairs. Will find out Monday what Farmers Ins will cover. Now the clencher., I have a brand-new 2023 Ford Explorer ST. Always sits in the driveway, (nowhere near the strike.). I wanted to just go for a short drive to clear my head. Barely got it started with multiple warnings on the screen. Would barely move. So somehow the lightning strike fried the modules in the car computer. Had to get it flat bedded to the dealer. Lord knows when they will get to it because they are backed up. Luckily got my wife's Edge for a backup. So no power? Blah. Take that any day., Haven't slept since Weds because my stomach is in knots.
  8. People are looking to push buttons. Unless you are like those lawyers that came outside with an AR and his wife alongside him holding a handgun like a limp dick, you're prob ok. With open carry, people, because of all the anti-gun propaganda and woosies from non-carry state, there may be some problems. I know around here most people can care less. Even the cops really don't care. Closest thing I can think of as brandishing would be lifting up your shirt to purposely to expose it OR if you wear it exposed, (3 sides visible, open carry, etc.), pulling a Barney Fife and resting your hand on the grip. Otherwise, it depends on the situation... IMHO of course.
  9. You got this all set up in Hendersonville? Wow
  10. I had the original 700 bull barrel Police Sniper Package. Gave it to my boy as a welcome home gift from Okinawa... Great rifle and really miss it.. Ugh
  11. The whole idea is bs other than to keep your loved ones from playing with it. Bad guys have plenty access to just about any gun. Why would they try to steal these? It would take decades to remove illegal or legal guns from the planet. They will continue to get illegal / regular guns and NOT steal these. Ridiculous. Now if you cold make one like our beloved Dredd, with all the bells and whistles, that's a different story. lol
  12. Flitz is a mild abrasive. I wouldn't use that unless you have to remove slight marks. Mothers is good too.
  13. Is that python blued or stainless? Hard to tell from the photo. Seems like glare.
  14. .........................or.............ya can invest in one of these and it pretty much tells ya what is wrong. I bought the Elite one when it was a tad cheaper, but I did get better from using it. I still use it on occasion when I can't explain my fails. Dry Fire Training System & Training Aids for Home & Range | Mantis X
  15. I watched the whole video. Being at both ends of a gun barrel, I get it. But there are other circumstances that you guys are depicting wrong. In fact, if you carry now, I'd like to think you'd consider what will or would transpire if you were the officer(s). This is why I normally stay out of these types of threads. Even though the videos showed almost everything from a cop cam, you failed to realize something. Both suspect and officers where pretty much moving and keeping their distance. We all know in a moving situation, not all shots may make their targets. Hell, everyone standing still, sometimes they miss the target. So, that being said, when the suspect was just moving from the apartment area near the parked cars. What was behind the suspect? How long was it before the officers may have finally had a clear target? They tried to deescalate as long as they could. There are many situations that could have changed the outcome. Saying the officer(s) are not fit to serve is a little presumptuous. They will likely get a time out while recouping themselves. They were young and possibly never had to make a decision to shoot a suspect., Many things cross my mind here, but being an armchair warrior is all so many times, improper. Woulda, coulda shoulda.
  16. What it cost ya? That site does not list them up front.
  17. Not sure what you mean modular. They all come apart. Check here: SC_BNSH-30G_IM.pdf (silencercentral.com)
  18. If you mean the piston that screws onto the barrel, you can swap out pistons. The gold pkg gives you your choice of 2. You don't need adapters on pistols, but they do sell brakes and stuff for rifles. Mine was done via old school paper which was about 14 months. Now it's e-forms and supposed to be faster. 6-9 months... We shall see.
  19. Got the Banish 30 Gold. Better off getting the gold, Ya get more. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. Also have the Banish 45. Easy to disassemble, etc. Just trying to find time to run them.
  20. I have 2 of them, no qualms... they are my daily..


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