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  1. You're thinking of their hearts.
  2. Have to back E4 No More here. What we perceive as color is reflected light from the object, visible wavelengths that the object does not absorb. Otherwise the surface would show no texture, no features what so ever. The only true black to my knowledge is a Black Hole, so science got the 'black' part right. https://education.seattlepi.com/not-list-black-white-colors-physics-3426.html I think the finishing/coating problem will become a thing of the past as polymer, carbon fiber and other materials make advances. Metals will be used less and less as these technologies continue to take over. Not saying I enjoy the idea, but that's the direction we are already heading.
  3. Sure thing @TomInMN . I don't do importing or exporting of other file types, so I cannot speak to how well it handles/translates any of these file types, except .STL and .SVG....sometimes .OBJ. @DaveTN There's your answer for exporting .STP, yes it will. I should have just looked. Like I just said above, I never import/export. Interesting note it will import a .STE STEP file, but will not export as such.
  4. Yes, free for hobbyists. It will not export an .STP (EDIT: I was wrong, yes it will), but will import one. Screen grab below of the currently compatible files for import. In addition you can import an .SVG and use it in a design, like the spartan molon labe on my 3D printable AR mag speed loader available on Thingiverse.... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3551655 I really can't think of any limitations, at least not for the average hobbyist. My biggest gripe is it's partially cloud based, so you are forced every 10 days to let it connect. They tend to update A LOT, so managing data usage is part of using for me. I can export .STL files directly to my 3D printer host for slicing, or can use Autodesks Meshmixer software to do any mesh fixing and custom support making and also slice from it. It will create drawings from selected components. You can create tool paths and finished code for CNC/CAM. It will simulate motions based on joints you create/designate. It will simulate stress loads on parts and help you design a part that survives the intended use. If you are working with sheet metal there is a special sheet metal module that caters to the geometry involved. There's a T-spline module for some (somewhat) free form modelling....not anything like Blender, but still useful. You can model parametric, or turn it off. It's quite versatile. And free for hobbists. I don't use much else ATM.
  5. Created in Autodesk Fusion 360 software. My go to anymore for mock ups like above and modelling 3D printable parts.
  6. Not much to update in that area @Jamie Jackson . I have only spent an hour or so on it since Monday. I almost have all the parts cut out of the Maple ply for the Dillon and Rock Chucker mounts. If I manage to drag my weary bones up to the shop this morning I'll have all parts cut and begin drilling dowel holes. Biggest thing I did was relocate bulk ammos to the room. I need to get into Nashville to get the Melamine top and fascia boards for the bench. I want one continuous top so I need to go to Home Depot (they sell 4x8 sheets) because Lowes doesn't have 8ft long boards wider than 15". So that's a 130 mile round trip in a truck I am waiting to combine with other needs. The reload room project is an extension of a much larger project. Since moving here my shop has been more like a giant storage shed than a functional shop. Things were deposited in the move or have accumulated since and never seemed to find a permanent home. I finally had enough of it and am dealing with it. So, much like chess I have to move pieces around in order to get the stage set for the end game. In order to free up space 'A' to build a bench and shelves, I have to move crap 'R' thru 'Z'. But where to put crap 'R' thru 'Z'? Well, R thru Z would make sense in space C, but then crap D thru Q needs to be moved etc, etc......etc. An arduous process when the temp is 95+ and heat index reaches (a new high) 125.
  7. MLEC is beginning to offer fiber optic internet and phone service. Looks like the main town (Waverly, Johnsonville, Lobelville, Centerville etc) areas first. They hope to have service to all in their coverage area by the end of 2022. Building is in phases, obviously, and new service to areas is based on a variety of factors including potential customer interest in the service zone. So more interest in your area may get you service a little sooner. So if you're interested click on the link below and register your interest. Speeds available will be 300Mbps ($50) and 1Gbps ($80). I'm all in for 1Gbps. https://mlec.crowdfiber.com/#Service Areas
  8. A little update on those cukes and the trellis. If you do something like I did, put it on the south side of the bed if you can. Because there was another bed in close proximity on the south side of my cukes I had to go north with it (don't want to shade the other bed if the cukes go that far). The plants, of course, will grow towards the sun. Meaning they will tend to lean south. I have to train them (pull 'em back carefully) to the trellis (extra time out there every few days). Had I been able to go the other way they would simply fall on the trellis when they reach too high (unsupported). Otherwise it's working out well.
  9. Common sense, awareness of surroundings and eye protection is all that comes to mind immediately.
  10. My decision was the Dillon, for exactly the above. Will be here Friday.
  11. Man, 123 degrees "feels like" heat index. Brutal.
  12. I called the provider. They said I was not alone and recommended I shut off the main breaker and wait for them to call me when they fix it. I'm still waiting for that call, but things have stabilized, for now. If the above were the case, a heck of a lot of squirrels committed suicide yesterday. I wonder how many squirrels that video poster has buried.
  13. I am giddy. Working as hard as I can to get my dedicated climate controlled reloading space up a working.... without dying in the friggin heat! Here's a 3D model of my plan. The A frame looking things are press mounts. They will be made of Maple ply (will stain) and patterned from this guys mount: https://rickaverill.com/projects-past-and-present/dillon-rl-550b-mount/ Instead of hard mounting direct to the bench, I am using tee nut inserts (screw mount, not the 3 pokey prong style), like this guy did: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93396776@N06/albums/72157663547333758/with/27602044619/ That way the presses and smaller tools (case trimmer, manual charge thrower etc) can easily be removed leaving the bench free and clear of semi permanent obstructions for cleaning/smithing etc. The bench has an underlay of OSB and will have a white Melamine top with fascia caps boards around the perimeter. They will sit about 1/4" above the working surface to stop rolling things (cases, projectiles etc) from bailing off.
  14. Yeah, already lost a TV, a fridge and a stove since moving. Stove was new and warrantied.

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