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  1. Been looking around locally for a .22lr Kadet Kit for my CZ-75b Omega, with no success. Would really like the kit for cheap trigger and target practice at the range. If you have one or know where I could find one, shoot me a quote or send those links! UPDATE: Found one, actually multiple of them! Optics Planet has them right now for about $469 after tax, and there's only 7 left at the time of writing this, so get them while they're around!
  2. The weight really is great! Doesn't sag my pants at all and the barrel is unobtrusive, the only problems I have is the grip being too big. AIWB at an angle makes it dig into my stomach when I bend down. Carrying at the 5 o'clock position makes the grip print right out the back when I bend down. I adjusted my current holster [unknown brand] to carry with the barrel straight down and the grip at a 90° angle, which feels much better, but then the grip prints right out the side of my shirt. I want to love this pistol so bad, but it's just too big for me to carry!
  3. See, and I'd love to get my hands on one; I've just heard way too many good things about them! That and the newer P-01, both of those are definitely on my list to try. If nothing comes up though, I'll just end up keeping it. I shoot well with it and it's as comfy as ever, and I might be able to find some kind of feasible method to carry it with time. Maybe I oughta just find a new holster.
  4. True on all fronts. I just really prefer my 75b Ω for home defense, I got the P09 as a way to have something I wouldn't feel as bad getting dirty or dinged up with carry. Not that I outwardly treat my guns that way, but stuff happens, lol. I just need something smaller.
  5. Wanting to trade my CZ P09 for another CZ firearm that is more geared toward concealed carry. This pistol only has around 75 rounds through the barrel and is as accurate as can be expected from CZ, it's just far too big for my smaller-statured body to properly conceal without significant printing or discomfort. It comes with everything that it came with, being: -2 [19rd] magazines -3 backstraps -Manual safety to switch from currently installed decocker -CZ night sights [not the phosphorescent 3-dot system, actual night sights, believed to be Tru Glo] -Case and paperwork -Aftermarket kydex IWB holster with adjustable belt clip. Mainly looking to trade for a later model P07, or any other sub-compact CZ handgun that features the DA/SA firing mechanism. Looking to meet in the Chattanooga or surrounding area, on a weekend as that will open my availability to travel to prospective interests. Please have TN HCP or TN ID present. //Update, traded at Carter's Shooting Supply for a P01 Omega, Suppressor Ready!
  6. Howdy guys! I'm Garrett, in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee. I've set my sights on entering the Gunsmithing industry as I've become more familiar with handling firearms and working with them, to the point where I typically have a fair understanding of them; even ones I've never personally encountered before! I'm a HUGE CZ buff when it comes to brand association, which my lineup of firearms will usually show. Currently, I own a CZ P-09 and a CZ-75B Ω, with many more CZ firearms in my past and prospective future! I generally enjoy Commie-bloc firearms or anything intuitive that comes from the European countries, and my AMD-65 kit build shows that! With time, I hope to not only expand my personal firearms portfolio and knowledge, but to someday develop something new to bring to the table and create a business around it!


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