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  1. Well I've only bought one from Buds and one from PSA. The rest I buy second hand.
  2. I bought a Taurus G2C 9mm brand new for $185. I know people love to hate Taurus, but I had heard great things about it so I bought one. 1000 rounds later and no issues or failures of any kind. I did replace the polymer guide rod and spring and put in a ss, but that's it. Absolutely love the gun..
  3. I talked to a guy at a local gun shop here in Knoxville while purchasing a gun and he said they keep no registrations or turn any in, only do background checks. From what he said, there is no national gun registration database.
  4. This is my baby. Very pleased.
  5. Yeah, its functioning fine. I took it apart to clean it after the range yesterday and the guiderod and spring was pointed upwards just a bit. I cleaned it and seated everything properly and the slide works as it should. Just noticed it would come through if push hard enough.
  6. It seats properly when I'm not putting force against it.
  7. So here's my question. If I push the guiderod spring assembly with enough force with my thumb, it will protrude passed the frame. Now without force it looks ok. See pics. Should it be able to do this? Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.
  8. Thanks all for your help. You made this a lot easier. I probably would have been going around in circles for long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I placed my order tonight. Woohoo!!! I ended up getting: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-7-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch-516445214.html for $299 W/Free shipping And 5 of the pmags (with the code) for $41.00 +$8.50 shipping. Thanks Ronald_55 for that. For a total of $380.00. I havent ordered my lower yet. The $99.00 complete lower is currently sold out so looks like I'll have to step up to the next level. Someone posted in this thread that they didn't charge tax for Tennessee residents, well that's changed, they do now but was no biggie. All in all, once I order the lower, looks like I'll have about $530 in my set-up which I'm pretty happy with. I think going that route was better than buying an unknown off of the local armslist here and not knowing what I was getting or its history. I'll pick up a scope later and will look into some magpul furniture here in a bit. I'm excited and cant wait to get my first ar going. Now I just gotta figure out a way to keep it from the girlfriend. Lol... she thinks guns are complete idiocy. If she finds out not sure what will happen. God I'm gonna miss her... Any way. Thanks again for all the help... Just a quick ps. Went back to check the site and it looks like I got the last upper they had. So damn glad I ordered tonight. Would have been heartbroken if I had gone to order tomorrow and it was unavailable...
  9. Here's what I'm looking at now. I know I'm asking a lot of questions and I appreciate all the advice. Just getting my feet wet and want to start off in a good place. One is a psa 16" 5.56 nato. The other is a psa 18" .223 wylde. From what I've been reading, the .223 wylde can fire a .223 or a 5.56 but has really good accuracy with the .223. Anyone have any experience with these? And are there any advantages/disadvantages to the 18"? Thanks all. Your input is greatly appreciated. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-stainless-13-5-m-lok-lightweight-upper-with-bcg-ch-5165448205.html https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-7-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch-516445214.html
  10. Had to redo the link above. Wasn't working. Now it is. Would this work with same parts as above? https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-7-stainless-steel-15-m-lok-upper-with-mbus-sight-set-no-bcg-or-ch-51654481421.html
  11. Would this work with those other parts? Dont mind spending a little more for better results. Should keep me around the $550 range. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-7-stainless-steel-15-m-lok-upper-with-mbus-sight-set-no-bcg-or-ch-51654481421.html
  12. So just a question. Would this a better set-up than the m&p 15? Trying to get the best bang for my buck. Lol, pardon the pun. I've heard great things about it, I'm looking at one used but supposedly brand new fired less than 50 x's with new furniture, their term, still in the box. Butt stock, sights, and hand guard. And let me apologize for so may questions. Just trying to start out on the right foot.
  13. I've got a 9mm I bought new from a dealer but I have some some friends that are saying I shouldn't get an AR from a dealer so no paper leads to it. Which I dont really get. Figured I'd ask here.

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