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  1. Yes, Bakersfield was home not only to Merle Haggard, but the fiercely Republican current-U.S. House Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy! Yes, the Central Valley bleeds red. Many many times have I driven up from OC to Shasta and enjoyed the many Trump banners along the 5 and the proliferation of State of Jefferson (search engine search it) flags. Might have one myself
  2. If what you are saying is that there has been valuable enlightenment in discussing this and the practicalities learned outweigh any true concern regarding need to obfuscate, then I'd agree. However, as one with extensive first hand warrant execution experience, the extent to which people go to sequester items never fails to surprise me. Exploring realities of less common methodologies is useful.
  3. Yup, thought about that prior to posting. Feeling pretty secure that I'm not too easy to find through my VPN IP and then guess ing which of the hundreds of docks my friend, among several dock owning friends, owns on this big river among other tributaries and very big lakes.
  4. 1. Why not, because I can, to hide it, to avoid governmental sweeps and searches in violation of the Constitution; 2. What ever defenseful purpose I might require of it.
  5. I am really enjoying and appreciating the responses in this thread. My fear is that No_0ne is exactly right. That being said, how is a pond searched? I've got a buddy on a 10,000+ acre lake with hundreds of piling type docks. Thinking I'd just wrap a chain around a piling, coil another chain around the PVC set up (I like multiple vacuum bags instead of oil) and some ballast and drop it down 20 feet. Retrieval via line and grappling hook.
  6. So I'm entertaining the possibility (SHTF situations) of being able to store some guns and ammo under about 10-15 feet of pond water. I'd retrieve it with a line and grappling hook or line and magnet. I could secure it from too much wandering due to current/wind by chaining it to a piling or wrapping a chain and cinder block around it. Question: Cheap, easy, WATERPROOF storage for contents? Bags of desiccant added to reduce rust. Thinking must be able to store guns/ammo for months under 15 feet of water. Thoughts or ideas? PS-- Asking for a friend.
  7. Damn, sorry. Just sold my 98K and M44 to my nephew in Ohio. I remember when SKS's were $99 wrapped in cosmoline. Bought two. Sold one a couple years ago for $500! Yikes. Kept the other one, but it's converted now with a Choate synthetic stock and some other basic work.
  8. Absolutely right. I have a wooden stock basic model 10/22 that I picked up a few weeks ago for $350 (incl DOJ/Tax/pair of 25 rnd mags and 150 rounds). I also have a Volquartsen custom Ruger 10/22 that was $1,500 15 years ago and wouldn't leave my safe for under $2,500 today.
  9. Runco, you are right. The constant sound of tasers clacking away and people on mobility scooters took up a lot of space. IronHandJohn, I came to the conclusion that they MAY LIKELY be liberals due to a lifetime of professional observational training. How many conservatives do you know that wear trendy jeans usually associated with another gender and virtue signaling electric cars? Not that they couldn't be conservatives, but observable data indicated otherwise. Even Xtriggerman and his son noted another Tesla (mine was red, not white) seemed unusual to be there - I'm not the only one that arrived at that logical conclusion.
  10. Went to the Knoxville area gun show yesterday. Huge turnout, a lot of people. Several thousand during the times I was there. The area was poorly managed. It was well worth the extra couple bucks to buy the VIP passes online to allow you to skip the ticket line. Their website was crashing as people in line were trying to buy tickets online to get out of the ticket line. The lines were not labeled or marked. It was a mob at the front of the venue. You had to ask around and hope you got in the right line. There were 3 (off-duty?) Knoxville PD guys there checking in firearms for people bringing them into the venue (for private sale). Some of the people were walking around the masses in the aisle to sell stuff without renting a vendor table. There were another couple watching the back door and monitoring that only vendors were entering/exiting through there. There was one guy at the entrance feeding people into the hall. If you had the pre-bought ticket online and only had a QR code to show on your phone, the guy had no reader. He just looked briefly to see if it looked legit then waved you in. No one cared to check when you left (for air, bathroom, smoke, etc). No one cared if you had the stamp on your hand when you walked back in. The large hall was curtained off in half. The other side had a lot of hot tubs out for some type of show, but was not operating on this day. The gun show side of the hall was the approximate size of large grocery store. The aisles were crammed with people doing the slow shuffle to get around. Wider aisles between tables would have allowed people to view more vendors' wares. The busiest tables were the ammo sellers. Prices were higher than expected - on everything. Just inside the door was the best priced item I saw all day- a no-dash model 63 Chief's Special S/W in fair condition for $600. I Saw a box of 50 9mm rounds (American Eagle IIRC) was $75! There was one vendor with pallets of ammo - large quantities only, but no takers. No one was dropping a G or more on bulk ammo. Not much in the way of reloading gear. Some AR vendors, some Glock type vendors, a lot of knife and accessory vendors, some swap meet type vendors (bins of well used mags, sort through yourself), and very few "new product" retailer vendors. There were plenty of older guns, which I prefer. I skip over the AR stuff, not really my thing. I did see one pre-ban looking Colt H-Bar Match Sporter but they wanted $2,500 without the box. I was surprised by the number of times I was lazed by people picking up guns on the tables. If I counted the number of times a barrel was inadvertently pointed in my direction, It'd almost match the large number attending the event. Lots of assumptions that guns were empty. There were a few announcements about mandatory mask wearing, but I would say less than half were wearing either masks or neck gaiters, with little concern from anyone about those not wearing any type of PPE. There were plenty of guys with tables that I was interested in, mostly older SW revolvers or standard wood stocked rifles (Winchesters, Remington, etc.). I really enjoyed checking out some of those Model 88s and Model 70's. I left after picking up a couple P-Mags. I did see one thing that was kinda sketchy when I was leaving. In the parking lot I was parked near a Williamson County plated Tesla. Three people came up to it with their hands full of plastic grocery bags. One was a female, one was a guy wearing his sister's jeans (flashy chick-like decorations on rear pockets) and one was an Asian male. It was easy to see they had 6-7 Glock cases in the bags. They loaded up the pistol cases (which I would assume had pistols in them) in the trunk. The woman got in the Tesla's backseat while the two men headed back into the venue. Kinda seemed like Nashville area liberals buying up guns. Probably making the second trip in to buy ammo. Later I heard a story from someone that they approached a vendor and bought a pistol with no paperwork, ID, or background - just a cash for gat trade. Don't know if that is legal in TN, but I suspect not. All in all, I enjoyed the event. I was impressed with the number of people that showed up, even though the exterior of the venue looked older, run down, and nearly abandoned. Anyone else make it there?
  11. I have been involved in geneaological research for a few years now. Ever since I learned that since I had a grandparent born in Ireland that I too was eligible to be an Irish citizen. Two years later, I sit here with both a US and an Ireland passport It makes me hugely popular on March 17th, but I am, in fact, what is known as a Plastic Paddy, lol. Irish by fact and by heredity, but not Irish in reality if the makes any sense. Still, sometimes I feel safer traveling outside the US on an a non-US passport. I have learned three things about genealogy: 1. My grandfather was full of $hit. Incredible liar. None of his "embellishments" were true; 2. You have to carefully vet what others have in their trees before accepting that they are in fact your relative. There are many Michael Dohertys, and it took me a long time to confirm which one was MY Michael Doherty, for example. Sometimes you make the connection in another person's will that has a bequeathed's address attached to it and then you can confirm via historical censuses (Censi?). I had a very hard time with a pair of consecutive censuses that indicated a brother I had never heard of (Bill or William). I also had a document requesting a headstone by a known grandparent of a previously unknown brother, James Vincent. I had no idea WTF was going on. Then I discovered an obit written (and subsequently published) by a known sister of that grandparent. The deceased was listed in the headline as "James Vincent aka Bill SoNSo." That solved the mystery they were one and the same, but who the hell named James has a nickname of Bill? That is not a diminutive nominative. Not a logical nickname for James. I only suspect that he went by Bill to honor a sibling that did not survive childhood. :Shrug: 3. There are many dead ends. Those can occasionally get resolved by revisiting them at a later date. Discoveries of previously-unpublished or un-discovered obituaries and death/birth/marriage certificates can crack open tough nuts.
  12. Just got my new golfing polo shirt! 40% off a Nike dry-fit TNGO shirt? Yes please!
  13. I have a 1980's blued Walther PPK/s Interarms with the "Made in West Germany" stamp on the slide A bit scratched up however. Back in the day, my dad used to play it cool with it and tuck it into his waistband sans holster. It slid all the way down his pant leg more than once.
  14. You mean the elevated rifle butts or the handguns? The handgun rack is up high because underneath it there are barrel-hangers for quick-grab pistols. The long guns are elevated for two reasons: One, to keep the weight of all the guns off the fire-resistant drywall bottom so it doesn't crack and lose efficacy, and; Two, an extra layer of height in case of flooding or in the case of fire, from massive quantities of water pumped into the house by over-enthusiastic puddle-monkeys (fire-fighters). Additionally, I keep a golden rod under there for humidity control and I occasionally slide Mrs. CrosbyStill's jewelry box under there when we are travelling. The Benelli 12ga semi-auto with H&K action is on the safe floor in the corner because it is too long to fit on the elevated shelves.


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