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  1. Selling my Belgian-made 1995 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Safari II w engraved receiver, .30-06 caliber, LH, 22.5" barrel, w BOSS muzzle and Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-10 Scope. Not sure what is LH about it since it is not a bolt - but LH is what I have in my notes, lol. Asking $1,800 FTF w valid TN DL for bill of sale, Knox area.
  2. I like the old Walther's also. I have a West German made (Inter-Arms imported) PPK/S in blued with some scratches. Clearly marked W.Germany. I could be convinced to part with it. DM me if interested.
  3. Give me a week, I may have my stripped Anderson lower receiver available. PM me after Wednesday 9/23/20 if interested.
  4. I've got a Colt Woodsman, first series, w holster, (manuf. 1931) .22 target pistol non-match / non-elephant ear grip with 6-inch barrel and fixed front sight. I'm more into selling than trading. However, I would consider trading for any of the following: 1. Stainless Ithaca 37 shotgun; 2. Colt Python in blued steel w 8-inch barrel, prefer .38/.357 caliber; 3. 1500 rounds of .22-250 in major name brand; 4. 4000 rounds of 12 ga, 00 buck or 1 oz rifled slug or combination (Federal, Remington, or Winchester); 5. 2000 rounds of .40 S&W cal, 180 grain FMJ (Prefer Federal
  5. Thanks Curt, very kind of you to add your input. Send me your 99's SN and I can get you a manufacturing date.
  6. ^Bump for this rare left-handed bolt beauty with a rare caliber
  7. Bump. ^ Don't know how often or time delay permitted for "Bumping" (wasn't in Forum Sticky of Classifieds policy), so figured 3 days was an acceptable gap before bumping the thread. Mods: Please advise if I overlooked and am violating site policy.
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