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  1. i know the prices are high compared to 2019 but they have come down from their highs. 556 was hitting 1.00+ per round and 9mm was .80 cents per round late last year as far as ammoseek was concerned, thats when i stopped buying. i wont even touch gunbrokers for any ammo auction or BIN. at least their has been a reduction instead of a steady increase. it will either come down further or this is the new base line prices.
  2. ive read negative opinions of wolf and tula. while federal pmc speer and blazer are quality ammo. would you concur with those sentiments? ammoseek.com ?
  3. looking for some suggestions on the different ammo manufacturers out there as I am a novice. if you could make a list of the top five ammo producers that you wouldnt think twice buying from who are they? this is for 9mm and 556, no particular order just in the event i walk into a store with a small selection. & who would you stay away from at all cost even if you needed one bullet to save a family members life? (extreme i know)
  4. so did i like 6 years ago. if those clauses were there i never saw it, who reads all of the contract anyway? still had a handgun but they never knew.
  5. imagine living in antioch in one of those apartment complex and them saying you cant have a weapon??!! id just sign the paperwork and let them evict me if it came down to that.
  6. im sorry, can you point out where i said it should be mandatory? im having a hard time interpreting that from my own words.
  7. i would fully support something like that but we cant forget about the adults out of school also. money is an issue especially when not every adult is incapable of paying for a class, all providers are not the same price and how do you ensure the companies dont abuse the system to overbill the government. cause you know its the government. those are just some considerations im thinking of off the top of my head. i do think it is a worthy cause to invest in.
  8. I watched the video and wanted to know what other peoples opinions are on providing free training classes. also i have to laugh at the notion from the memphis rep this would be a temptation for criminals. the naivety is off the chart.
  9. Who are the SAF? Edit: nvm i was on mobile and didnt realize there were three pages.
  10. I'm looking to get some handgun training locally (mid Tn). I ran across Agape Tactical anyone use them or heard anything about them?
  11. im going to sound stupid but all i can find on amazon is foam for .50 nothing for 9 or 5.56. can you link to what you have bought in the past? I just bought the case from Harbor Freight today. I used all my gift cards to pay for it, no coupons were available but i didnt pay for it *thumbsup*. im going to pluck while watching some football. i took a look at safariland and it appears ill have to learn about all the different locking mechanisms so i can choose which is best.
  12. I need some opinions on some items i want to buy without end up wasting money. I need a new holster for my Glock G45 9mm to wear outside the waistline. Maybe something that locks over the back of the slide while in the holster. Any manufacturers i should consider? I need a rifle case for my AR. It has a 16" barrel and 32" total in length. Id like to have enough space for the rifle a side arm and a couole of mags. Ive seen plano, pelican, savior nanuk and case club on amazon. Looking for something sturdy but not something i need to spend a arm and a leg on. Finally im looking to
  13. If some states can circumvent federal immigration and marijuana laws why not federal gun laws? Let the showdown begin (no pun intended).
  14. @billmeek @Oh Shoot thanks for the input. im not looking to get crAzY with it but just upgrade it here and there for practice shooting. those 9mm and 556/223 ammo prices make it almost too expensive to shoot those guns.


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