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  1. I'm looking to get some handgun training locally (mid Tn). I ran across Agape Tactical anyone use them or heard anything about them?
  2. im going to sound stupid but all i can find on amazon is foam for .50 nothing for 9 or 5.56. can you link to what you have bought in the past? I just bought the case from Harbor Freight today. I used all my gift cards to pay for it, no coupons were available but i didnt pay for it *thumbsup*. im going to pluck while watching some football. i took a look at safariland and it appears ill have to learn about all the different locking mechanisms so i can choose which is best.
  3. I need some opinions on some items i want to buy without end up wasting money. I need a new holster for my Glock G45 9mm to wear outside the waistline. Maybe something that locks over the back of the slide while in the holster. Any manufacturers i should consider? I need a rifle case for my AR. It has a 16" barrel and 32" total in length. Id like to have enough space for the rifle a side arm and a couole of mags. Ive seen plano, pelican, savior nanuk and case club on amazon. Looking for something sturdy but not something i need to spend a arm and a leg on. Finally im looking to
  4. If some states can circumvent federal immigration and marijuana laws why not federal gun laws? Let the showdown begin (no pun intended).
  5. @billmeek @Oh Shoot thanks for the input. im not looking to get crAzY with it but just upgrade it here and there for practice shooting. those 9mm and 556/223 ammo prices make it almost too expensive to shoot those guns.
  6. sounds like comic book speculators on ebay. as soon as someone is mentioned or set to appear in a move or tv show some c lister charaters first appearance shoots to the moon even though for decades it sat in the dollar bin.
  7. I have had in my possession a 10/22 carbine rifle from Ruger. it is not the plastic body one but the wood. Ive decided to upgrade it since my AR15 is at a place I am happy with. I was hoping more experienced owners can tell me some things about it or at least confirm what i have researched because i basically know nothing related to it. first, it appears it was manufactured in 1970/71. the serial number on my rifle begins with 110-062 and according to Rugers serial number website those were the two years that beginning serial number shows up but the rest of my serial number is not 20100
  8. this from newsmax "The FBI has issued a warning saying there's chatter about violent assaults on capitols in all 50 states, and disruption to Biden's swearing-in. https://www.newsmax.com/us/d-c-trump-biden-capitol/2021/01/11/id/1005169/
  9. i predict the same number of people that showed up for storming area 51 will show up to this.
  10. ive given this a lot of thought as it has become clear that Biden was going to be president. First, there is good evidence we have more new gun owners than we did prior to covid. I have to believe they purchased them because they saw the need and hopefully still do enough to pressure their reps not to sign on to any new gun laws. Second, there are moderate democrat gun owners that have moderate democrat representatives to buck any new legislation. no legislation was passed after sandy hook and if there was an event you imagine could have got something done that was it but nothing. so who is g
  11. For me pointing a gun at someone means im going to shoot them no if and's or buts about it. I believe just having it displayed would have been enough to keep the protestors at bay and may have led to the fallacious charges. this is of course arm chair quarterbacking on my part. the protestors did break into private property and threaten the mccloskey's. one of the rules of fire arm safety is dont point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy. pointing a gun at possible threat does mean you are willing to destroy them. i just wanted it known i understood the application of that
  12. im a relatively new gun owner but not gun ignorant of tennessee laws and responsibilities. with that said i would like to express an opinion and let me know if im wrong on this sentiment. regardless of the circumstance for picking up their guns i take exception to how they brandished them. aside from the wife having no obvious training and could have easily put a round in her husband's head, the way they were pointing their sidearms and rifle stuck me as breaking the rule "never point your gun at something your not willing to destroy"*. i was educated not to point a gun at someone unless
  13. i hope it gives them pause if they have any desire to physically invade us. im sure the simulated war games they play in their military meetings has a consideration for civilian gun ownership.
  14. im sorry this is totally unrelated to the discussion but what is the origin of this gif?


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