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  1. Your scared to make a scene be being lawful. Your rights have been Infringed. Keep concealed be happy, that's cool. But be real.
  2. Common courtesy is wearing a mask also, so have problems with that. I do agree with being a good citizen.
  3. Right on brotha... we need to be free I'm not saying scary. Is this not TN?
  4. Your argument is a well dressed man/farmer going shopping with a leather holster is not strategic enough. Cmon yall...
  5. It is comical how you all seem to think OC is strapping an ar to your back and walking in Nashville. You have no point so you.must embellish it.
  6. If you don't use it, you lose it. You have already lost it. Nothing wrong with a well dressed gentlemen wearing OWB buying some bread. You all are intimidated. Your adversary does not care, they don't like guns, you won't win anything over
  7. Reading over the comments about not OC because of making people feel uncomfortable or scared, yall are just so wonderful. You going to allow your home to be randomly searched so the neighbors can feel safe? What else you giving up trying to win people over? I am not wanting to win people over, they need to deal with their comfort, otherwise pipe down and WEAR A MASK FOR THEM, right? the law has been passed so be it. Strategic or not, your willing to give up your right because of someone's feelings or irrational fears, under the guise of strategy. Be honest, strategic or not, your hiding your gun. I am all for OC it should be the norm around here. you know your rights are limited, one step out the door and people narc. Not many robberies does a guy walk in snoop around check everyone's waist, then pistol whips a clerk. They roll in, gimme your money and out the door, your excuse for OC in home depot because the robber will scan everyone prior to committing his act is not a very powerful one. The fact is your scared to but can't admit it. Just watch any "audit" on yourube about filming in a post office, people go crazy cops come out, they beat their chest, grit their teeth, intimidate, then when sarge aarrives enlightens them on a constitutionally protected act and they walk back to their patrol car all bitter. I am all for activism to preserve the rights we have, if your scared your part of the problem. Let it simmer, before you start barking at me, you know I'm right
  8. Just saw a letter from the d3mocrat poll researchers. They suggest stopping the masking and taking a win of the current covid situation. No science behind the decision just poll numbers, so don't ask why you wear wearing them the day before. On a side note I'm sure both sides would take credit. Let's see if there is an incoming policy change and chest thumping.
  9. Was renewing my CCW Insurance and looking what was new. The ultimate membership included: "This plan provides coverage for volunteer church security members (volunteer only)." this was through CCWSafe, may want to check your policy if there is an exemption for running any sort of security detail. may not be a thing, bit just a heads up
  10. 2 minute statement by a doctor. https://rumble.com/vvebx0-doctors-come-out-about-the-pandemic.html
  11. So your saying that if I walk by Google beacon in the mall or pinged at home via a commercial US beacon on my phone they won't know who I am? Or walk on the sidewalk and my phone connects via BLE to ring doorbell again they wont know? You have excellent points, but a mere mortal will be no match for big tech and preservation of data collection. You can't go through life kicking and screaming, but Rob does a good job at pai ting a picture of what's going on and what's to come. Your device ID is you, you can't flush your cookies etc... they know it when you download an app by your account, register via email (sure it's all shared) or even by scanning your contacts and learning your circle, by network location, home network... they know that device is you. FB not needed.
  12. Purchasing a barrel, 16" barrel with a mid length gas system and another 16" has a carbine length. What is the deciding factor? Always thought 16 was midlength, and under was carbine Never built an upper and thinking about things, always purchased complete uppers.
  13. keymo has a great lockup, more expensive. I chose the surefire because I like the muzzle devices better then the stubby ones. Of course added weight and length also a factor to some. Finding stuff in stock to out fit your rifles comes into play. Sorry I don't have much more info
  14. No I was referring to forgetting your bank password on the app and need to have a code texted to your phone.. It very difficult to keep your phone ID and real ID separate


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