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  1. Looks nice, I don’t do FB so gonna give him a call. Looks l8ke a nice place. Thanks!
  2. Brotherhood meaning you have to know a member. I don’t know who Tony Shankle is otherwise I would have done it long ago. I just put my name on the list from their site months ago, but that seems like it went straight into a empty email box Thanks for the tip though.
  3. Thanks, IIRC there seemed to be a bunch of homes in the area that I didn’t want anything to do with, also his hours or days didn’t fit my schedule. Only saw 2 pistol bays and not sure I wanted someone shooting behind me. I may be a chicken but going to live to talk about it
  4. Still looking for an outdoor private range to shoot at. Money is not a huge issue as long as I get some value from it. Currently all I can find is strategic edge (brotherhood club, that will never open to regular joes.) and Middle Tennessee Sporting Club which appears to be my only option but just a little far but not out of touch. Currently at Royal range plinking. Anyone have any feelers for a outdoor range 100 yards/ with a pistol section 30 to 45 minutes from Franklin? There was one just south but it didn’t appeal to me.
  5. Went to the Nashville Zoo to see Zoolumination and their site clearly stated “no weapons”or even plastic straws. I never came across a no firearms sign while I was there and saw plenty of killer straws.
  6. I lost trust in that servo sound that retracts the lock. The Bighorn safe keypad does feel pretty rinky-dink. The electronic locks must be doing well seeing that most are electronic nowadays. make me feel even better having a mechanical since the locksmith just snapped his universal keypad on... something comes to mind now.., is the combo stored in the lock or the keypad portion? Can someone just swap keypads... or did the locksmith have a hacked keypad that sent a “combo good” impulse to the lock portion... glad I switched either way.
  7. I am a little concerned that the protest will get infiltrated by paid soro’s Instigators. CNN probably got a heads up on who to put the camera on, all the while Northrum is Trumpeting the threats and soliciting the National Guard about all the impending doom. Its just being played out very mechanical...
  8. I have a Costco bighorn and recently switched out the electronic lock to a mechanical. I was apprehensive knowing zero about the subject, but it was very easy and bolted right up. I had to drill one hole (non-critical) and cut the dial spindle to length. Lock was working okay but just didn’t have confidence it would last. I used a S&G 6730 from Amazon everything was included. dont hesitate doing it if you have been contemplating it. Not sure how it is on other safes, but the Costco bighorn was butter...
  9. No idea about the 80/20 jazz, but just got a g-code OWB and its built like a tank. Has their fancy quick change which I’m trying but they have it without also. Shipped in 3 days... No, really.
  10. Don’t think they are afraid of voters when they are the ones counting the votes. Happening in California Newscum recall, they gather signatures that seem to disappear at the registrar. Same as the signatures collected for the mag ban referendum. organizers stated they had plenty, then after turnin it fell short. Signature collecting was also co-opted for pot legalization. If you ever sign make sure the top of the form is completely filled out (check under the clip) the densely populated areas with elected democrats are running the entire state, re-districting 8s another dem9crat exploit
  11. Thats how i started. Dillon 500 that you need to turn the stages manually. I used new cases to make things a bit easier and was able to check weights and crimp/depth frequently as i built up more confidence
  12. Strategic Edge would be right my ally, location and fees. Pretty sure you need to know someone to get in as the waitlist is blown out.
  13. This one looks nice and comes with a decent price 70 miles from me isn't too terrible
  14. Pretty disappointed in middle Tn as there is pretty much zero places to shoot a rifle unless your a Rockefeller. Only 1 place to shoot a rifle and its 100yards max. is there any open land available thats not like the ok-corral?

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