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  1. https://imgur.com/RjRI6XB https://imgur.com/aGveIaq https://imgur.com/JkQuW95 https://imgur.com/7wk9w5k https://imgur.com/OL0mVOa https://imgur.com/ookPo3m https://imgur.com/MJ1v7px https://imgur.com/7lLhcq0 https://imgur.com/pv1pmts https://imgur.com/P9ZBycO https://imgur.com/E9KncKG
  2. Chucktshoes: I keep posting the image links from imgur after I push button "insert other media" and then "insert image from url". I have tried all links that imgur provides. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  3. Checking sold ads is a great idea to get an idea of value. This place is somewhere I hope to make friends and mostly talk. I am not trying to sell the rifle.
  4. I joined a few months back but was not in a spot where I was going to be as active. Now that I am settled in (just moved here), I will be talking more. I am a hobbyist whose main interest is Gunsmithing, AK building and learning how to put together other firearms. I am happy to help and/or give advice. I am also looking for a few good gentlemen to shoot with on occasion. I love the South already!
  5. I am not trying to skirt $35. Thank you so much for this though.
  6. I am not trying to sell it here. I am a hobbyist and I am not desperate to sell an arm. I am also a new hobbyist so I am not as knowledgeable, so yeah excuse me. I am doing things the RIGHT WAY, by asking around. I'll become a benefactor when I feel like it. Go police the crosswalks at your kids school or something.
  7. The parts kit came with the 74 brake. The cleaning rod is there. (Edit not in that pic.) But I have it. Similar guns go for way more ESPECIALLY with Childer's receiver. On Armslist and Gunbroker. I think it's value is much higher. Before I turn to Gunbroker I will see what Guns.com has to say. Anyone else find a number and/or reason?
  8. Does that help? I think I need to put up a Wordpress site real quick or something in order to host the images. This is the only one it let me put on here.
  9. It will not let me upload other pictures but I shot it today and it was the most well balanced easy shooting AK I have ever had the pleasure of buying. It also has scope rail riveted in... If anyone would shoot me what they think it's value would be I would greatly appreciate it. I am TEMPTED to sell but not doing so at this time. First I have to see what it is exactly worth. I see Childer's receivers on AK's and that usually shoots price through roof. This was my first build so I used only the best.
  10. I have completed the building of a; Romanian AIMS 74 Childer's receiver, Paratrooper folding stock, Engraved Eagle of Romania, Parts Matching, 5.45x39, with markings, double trigger humps, Kreb's Custom Retainer Plate, FIME trigger, one Tapco 30 round magazine. How much would you gentlemen think this is worth? I am going to fire it tomorrow, but just wanted to have an idea what people think of my first AK Build.


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