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  1. I have a NIB (ish) Wilson Combat Short Reach Trigger for the Beretta 92/96. I got it to put in my 92S. I installed it but the difference was minimal as compared to the factory 92S. A little flatter, but not much change in the geometry or pull. I took it back out and put the factory trigger back in. It was in the pistol for all of 30 min. I suppose it is really better for the later 92 models with a polymer trigger. I paid $28.95 plus tax. It’s not really worth the hassle to pay shipping to return it to Primary Arms. I will take $25 obo in the Nashville area.
  2. A complete stripped lower, or a complete, complete lower?
  3. Thanks for the offer. I don’t know if I have the tools to complete an 80% lower.
  4. The Rural King i Sweetwater TN has a good price on Andersen lowers as well. Almost bought one. However I want one from the group, not the gun store.
  5. Annie Oakley? Or a poser?
  6. Is this a .32 or a 38acp (not to be confused with .380acp)?
  7. I only have a red dot on my P365XL. I bought it specifically to carry with a red dot. The slight rear sight on the Holosun co-witnesses well with the front sight on the P365XL.
  8. I have not had lasik, but my 52 year old eyes don’t focus up close anymore. I can either wear reading glasses, see the gun sites and have a blurry target, or not wear my reading glasses, see the target and the sights are blurry. I tend to want to see the gun sights, but I also practice (when I can get to the range) shooting at a clear target. This is one reason I went with a red dot sight on my EDC. The way the dot/reticle is projected in the window of the sight, it is as if is it further away and it is actually fuzzy with reading glasses on. I can shoot with the red dot w/o glasses and see the red dot reticle and the target. The pistol, however is a bit blurry.
  9. One of my all time favorite movies. Definitely in the top 10. The question is, can Decker really check that box.
  10. Unfortunately, we all know that this is likely the case.
  11. Thanks to Hipower, I am now the proud owner of a Henry Classic 22LR lever action rifle. Can’t wait to get it out and do some plinking. Good to meet another great TGO member.
  12. Thanks, I think so, but then again, my opinion might be a little biased.
  13. Not a 10-22 but I did get a lefty AR-15. Then built 2 righty ARs. So….
  14. Growing up my dad always said when he retired, he would get a job a a small nursery selling plants and flowers because he loves to garden. Instead he got his Master Gardner’s certification and built a large vegetable garden to support a retirement and Alzheimer’s center. Then he got into bees to help the garden, and then got me into bees. He is almost 82 now and still trucking along.
  15. And you make hella-good knives.
  16. I have not heard it in a long time, but I thought it to myself as soon as I read “beans”
  17. Better be careful, this might start an argument along the lines of: who makes the best BBQ……. (Memphis), which is better Toyota or Jeep…… (Toyota) , and what is the best caliber pistol round…… (the one that puts them down ).
  18. Not really sure on my end as I have not yet explored the cost of the different calibers and makes. I just know I want one. I was originally thinking 30-30, but with ammo prices, one of the pistol calibers might be better.
  19. I want a lever action rifle, kind of old-school cow boy cool. I just don’t know what caliber I should go with. I don’t have plans hunt with it, but it could happen one day. And it does not need to look like a safe queen. Maybe more like I won it in a game of poker while out on the trail running the cattle. what sayith the wisdom of the lords of the TGO?
  20. Now it is a P365XL with a Holosun red dot carried AIWB with a sidecar.
  21. That is a beautiful shotgun. My FIL had a 1957 Sweet Sixteen I would LOVE to find. It is my understanding that it was stolen some years ago. However, I don’t think it’s serial number was ever entered into a stolen gun database. We have a good amount of documentation that he is the owner of the gun. Including correspondence with Browning had repairs made the shotgun.


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