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  1. Very nice but. Love Berettas and have always had a Cheetah on the list.
  2. I may have overlooked it on your site, but what are the details of the range? How many bays, yards? Max caliber?
  3. It’s fairly flat. Not much polish to it. I collect old Ruger single actions and love their finish. My last three Ruger single actions were full of tooling marks and sloppily fit. I’d inspect closely or try to buy in person.
  4. Really appreciate all of you. I’m thinking of making the trip the weekend after next now and taking my boys. Going to take Dave’s advice and send the paperwork ahead of time.
  5. Thanks guys just found that forum. Never knew to look there. I think I may go down next weekend.
  6. Glad to see you about to “pull the trigger”!
  7. Hey everyone. Looking to do a trip and take my Sons down to the Alabama CMP and buy an M1 Garand. Does anyone on here have experience with visiting here? I know the paperwork requirements etc. What was the selection like in the store? Is it worth a 4 hour trip from Knoxville vs mail order?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I will put the rear sight plate back on and do a comparison as I am not sure. Some other reviewers felt the muzzle flip was pretty high as well. It’s the only negative so far about this gun. And that’s saying a lot from someone who typically is an all metal snob. I do like the flexibility of keeping both eyes open, and having the target in focus. For the longer range shots it really allows me to focus on trigger control etc. Overall a really cool gun to shoot and cool to look at. I have all the guns I “need” so this one is purely a fun range toy. Plus it has given me some cool points with my kids!
  9. Hi all. Recently started becoming interested in the reflex red dots and bought the Walther Q5 Match and mounted a Vortex Venom on it. I took it out to the range on two occasions now along with a few other 9mm of mine. First, about the pistol: - Great striker fired pistol. I own dozens of guns and only two are polymer, this and my Springfield XDS 3.3. I have shot many, however. Best striker trigger out of the box that I have fired. Granted it’s not my Kimber Aegis Elite but that’s not expected. - Nice balance in my hand. Comfortable grip. - Holy muzzle flip. Not an issue for slow shooting but follow up shots take some work. - Flawless operation out of the box. Can’t say that about a lot of new guns I’ve purchased in the last year sadly. (Looking at you Ruger and S&W) The sight mounted easily with the number one plate included with the Walther. It came with three different mounting plates. I had been practicing dry fire and presentation with the sight and find the dot very easy to find. No issues with “searching”. While this is my first sight of this nature, I do have a rail mounted Browning Red Dot on two Buckmarks. I used the sight in “auto” mode and found the brightness very good for the range I visit. It was easy to zero in. Shooting with the dot: I shot this gun today along with my Beretta M9A3. At close range I found my Beretta much easier to group nicely and tighter. Close range is 5-7 yards. Beyond that, out to 25 yards, is where I saw the huge benefits on the dot. It improved my accuracy tremendously compared to the open sights of the Beretta (a gun I have tens of thousands of rounds experience with). My goal is to continue practicing speed and accuracy with the optic mounted pistol at the closer ranges. My confidence at longer ranges has gone through the roof with it!
  10. I have the venom on a Walther Q5 Match and love it. Like others mentioned I like the battery accessibility, warranty and the auto feature which controls dot strength based on available light and shuts it off after 14 hours of no use.
  11. So many great guns, such limited cash That Blackhawk is pretty sweet. I have a 1960 model “old model”. No transfer bar, have to cock the hammer to partial cock to load it like the good old days. My Taylor action is the same. The blackhawks have the adjustable sites which is a nice plus, especially if you like to shoot at any distance.
  12. Thanks! That is mine. It was a rush job but that you. I generally photograph people. I know what you mean about the bluing on the Rugers these days. It does have a flat appearance in comparison to Smith.
  13. Check out the Taylor Smokewagon Deluxe. Blued and case hardened for less than or equal to a Vaq. And I’m a Ruger guy on a lot of things.
  14. Check out the Taylor Smokewagon Deluxe. Blued and case hardened for less than or equal to a Vaq. And I’m a Ruger guy on a lot of things.
  15. I tried those and switched to Taylor Smokewagon Deluxes. Personal preference of course, but don’t count the Colt clones out!

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