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  1. Is this old school enough?
  2. If the permitless carry bill passes, wouldn't you then still be able to carry in TN even if the HCP was suspended/revoked?
  3. I just looked up caption bills, very curious. Guess it might be a few days before they add the amended language. I am interested to see if people using the constitutional carry provision will be under the same restrictions as those with a concealed handgun permit or the less restrictive enhanced permit, or something entirely different. Seems like it could make the new concealed carry permit obsolete.
  4. That is a bill on criminal procedure.
  5. Back to the original topic, is there a bill number for the permitless carry proposal so we can read the actual language?
  6. I have a G44 that had 3 malfunctions early on, but aside from those, has functioned perfectly for over 600 rounds. The Glock Talk forums have several threads on the G44, there have been a few people with issues, lots of people re-hashing the problem guns from a couple YouTube videos, and quite a few people that have had minimal or no issues. It would suck to be the guy that gets one of the few bad ones, though.
  7. Another point on training: you can force people to attend, but you can't make them retain or utilize the information. Conversely, if some one is concerned and motivated enough to seek training on their own, it is more likely to stick with them.
  8. Those Vermont Yankees have had permitless carry for over a century. Fifteen other states have gone that way more recently, all after gloom and doom, blood in the street predictions of critics. It seems the dire predictions were wrong, it shouldn’t be any different for Tennessee.
  9. Looks like a fine one. Who is the builder?
  10. I had sent e-mails to my state representatives asking about this matter, I just received a response from Senator Swann: So I am left still a bit confused, but less concerned.
  11. JN01

    AIM selling S&W 6906

    Before I moved to TN, I lived a couple miles from AIM Surplus. The guns they sell are usually pretty close to the condition described, though many times they are better. Some of the other surplus companies tend to ship out whatever they lay their hands on, regardless of what grade it is supposed to be. One of the last guns I picked up from them before I moved was a S&W 6906 in very good condition. It is a great shooter. Magazines are a little harder to find than the full size S&W Gen 3 autos though.
  12. Thanks. I read through all the statutes and couldn't find anything further regarding a suspension period for class B, though it is possible I missed it. I generally try to avoid giving my business to posted places, but sometimes you need to go anyway. I do my best to comply with the law, but every now and then, you can come across a business that is posted in a funny place or manner, or for some reason, you simply missed the sign. It is nice to know that lesser violations are not being made a priority. I'd hate to be that one guy they decide to make an example of though.
  13. Being a new resident of Tennessee and having recently been approved for a handgun carry permit, I have been reading Tennessee weapon related laws. I am a bit confused by a couple sections. TN Code 39-17-1352 states: (a) The department shall suspend or revoke a handgun permit upon a showing by its records or other sufficient evidence that the permit holder: (6) Has violated any other provision of 39-17-1351 - 39-17-1360 or 39-17-1366; Violations of these codes are for the most part Class B misdemeanors punishable by a $500 fine only. Further on in 39-17-1352: (f) (1) If a permit holder is convicted of a Class A misdemeanor offense, the permit holder shall surrender the permit to the court having jurisdiction of the case for transmission to the department. (2)The permit holder shall not be permitted to lawfully carry a handgun or exercise the privileges conferred by the permit for the term of the sentence imposed by the court for the offense or offenses for which the permit holder was convicted. (g) In order to reinstate a permit suspended pursuant to subsection (e) or (f), the permit holder shall pay a reinstatement fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) with one half (1/2) of the fee payable to the department of safety and one half (1/2) payable to the court that suspended the permit. If I am reading this correctly, Class A misdemeanor offenders may have their permit reinstated, but less serious Class B misdemeanor offenders have no mechanism to have their permit reinstated. Is my analysis wrong? If someone inadvertently or intentionally disregarded a posted business and had his permit revoked for that violation, he could never get his permit back?
  14. Nice set. I have a Cheetah (81BB) and a 950BS myself. They are great guns. The .25 doesn't really have a practical use, but like you, I like mouse guns. It is fun to shoot.

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