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  1. Best wishes for you as well. You and your wife!
  2. Hope you get well soon! Best wishes!
  3. I'm not a fan of masks. But to prevent aerosols from your mouth getting into the air they can do a half ass job. The problem is that people will wear a mask and touch it and then touch a door knob or anything else and then touch their eye and it just gets to the point that their isn't a point to it. Youre never gonna get people to do what they have to to really help with the problem so it seems to me, in my total not-to-be-taken-serious, opinion that your best course of action is that if youre at risk of getting sick stay home. If you're sick stay home. Just gotta play this with some common se
  4. I like to catch crappie November and December. I just run a grub, chartreuse or white (chartreuse if the water is muddy) and will crank deep and slow around structure. Sometimes i will find them around docks still submerged several feet in the water. When im fishing shallow ill usually run a slip bobber and let the grub drop 4 to 6 ft under, or just on the edge of visibility where they can feel safe to come out and strike. This also works great for small mouth. The most success I've had is when I keep in mind that its cold, theyre metabolism is slow and so are they. They just don't want to do
  5. https://files.catbox.moe/8auxid.mp4
  6. I'm just messing with you. You have a beautiful rifle! If had anything I was looking to trade off I would probably really hit you up.
  7. I'm starting a firearms museum and would like to reach out to you about tax deductible donations
  8. also came across this https://www.armslist.com/posts/12784459/nashville-tennessee-shotguns-for-sale--remington-1187--10-1-capacity-
  9. Hey AU, Have you looked into this company? Black aces tactical. I have heard good things about them as of late. I know that they are imports from turkey primarily, but they often pop up on arms list for 500 or less and they have a good selection of shorter autoloaders. They sold out fast over the summer. https://blackacestactical.com/product-category/shotguns/semiautomatic/
  10. Just to piggy back on this. Don't live in the city. Commute into the city, fine, but don't live there. Most problems people run into when there is major civil unrest are a result of being crammed together with too many people. Have a plan to not be where the unrest is when the unrest is happening. If you live in a city and can't up and own a house in the country make a plan with freinds or family that do that you will be able to get out when things get bad. Best block.......don't be there. .


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