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  1. These are super awesome handguns. I think they stopped making them unfortunately.
  2. They've been doing this for years. Its called "i completely effed up the city i lived in so I better just go move out to the country!" A little while later..... "we need to raise taxes because the road i live on has fading stripes! And im scared to death of all of my neighbors because I hear shooting (even though I've never met them) someone dooooooo something!"
  3. If you want to see some crazy people. Probably people with schizophrenia go nuts over random people "following them" check out gang stalking. The guy in your interaction may have just been one of those people that believes people are trying to stalk him.
  4. In the same vein of mesh networks, I've thought about a project where people turn their home into an xbee node. Each person involved has a 1k or 10k xbee transceiver in their home with a unique ID and information travels between the nodes in the network. You could think of it as each home hosting one of these becomes a router in a low throughput network. If the internet goes down or cellular communications aren't possible you could still pass messages to various recipients in the network or send out a mass communication to all recipients. The transceiver in your home would communicate to your phone, laptop...whatever over wifi. You could have high thruput repeaters with multiple transceivers and some that are just single node end points that act as back-up for the high thruput nodes. In the event a node is downed the network could autoreconfigure so its hard to bring down conventionally. https://www.digi.com/products/embedded-systems/digi-xbee/rf-modules/sub-1-ghz-rf-modules/xbee-pro-900hp
  5. I can hear it now "aaaachhhthuallly arfdotcom was toooooxic and it wont go any further because they're just cleaning up and <insert reasons why it will be fixed/won't go further here> and beeeeesiiiiiiides <insert private company rant here>."
  6. Nah, I haven't bought anything yet but I'm being opportunistic for whatever comes up on the used market. My lawyers are telling me not to comment on if it works on my wife or not.
  7. I see it like a battering ram. Each new law introduced is a swing and each time the door gives a new law goes through. Its little, but it adds up. When the door breaks they get what they want.
  8. I beleive the notion that a politician in office cares more about fixing current problems that are ailing to the american public then they do about pushing the agenda of their financiers is just not the case. Im probably really cynical, but I believe that the current administration was paid to push an agenda, of the items on said agenda is gun control, and so they're gonna do just that. Public school sucks (not attacking teachers its not really their fault), always has and no one cares to really fix its many glaring flaws because its a racket in its own right. Sure kids aren't in school, and thats a problem but it's been fixed with half-attempts at home school by zoom so its "fine". the current situation with regard to the pandemic offers lots of routes to attack civil liberties to push the agenda. Those two things are important.....just not important to "fix" in a meaningful way to benefit the American people.
  9. Sorry to blast posts, but I also keep extra guns and ammo for my family in the event of civil unrest preferably everyone is armed and everything is interchangeable. I see that as being the most likely extreme scenario. Although we all live out in bumfuk USA so its not like thats even that much of a concern.
  10. I have this image in my head of Carl from aqua teen in tactical gear on top of a giant pile of ammo cans in sweat pants and flip flops going "you want some of this ammo fry man!?"
  11. I'm like this but the opposite of whats happening now. I would buy lots when it's cheap because I'm cheap and I buy when I come across a good deal. I still do, but pre-clownWorld I used to shoot a looooooooot. I kept my dillon running hawt. Rule #1 buy low sell high, or when its cheap stack it deep.
  12. I think If we are to see gun control in the next few years it will be aimed at peripherals as to not throw the frog in boiling water. You'll see: ban on buying ammunition from the internet/ammunition has to go through ffl, ban on private sales, the atf will expand legal definitions and strangle out fringe groups in the firearms community. I would think it would reach a crescendo with a massive tax on all ammunition to make it cost prohibitive. Keep in mind that action taken against that guys 80% receiver today will just creep into something that effects you tomorrow. There is no "ok we're done the world is safe" My dad always said the most dangerous weapon to the anti-gunner is the cheap .22 rifle because thats how children are introduced and grow up to be fully active in the gun community. I think they'll look at it as a multi-generational effort. How do you keep the next generation away from wanting to own firearms.


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