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  1. I feel that a dog is the very best security system known to man & several dogs are even better. I have 2 large dogs within a fenced in parameter around my house & 2 small dogs inside. Security cameras are awesome as well. I only have 6 but, plan to get 6 more eventually. Good idea to keep rooms far away from your bedroom well lit with bedrooms as dark as possible. If an intruder enters he will be silhouetted & you will be hidden in the dark. Give verbal commands & use/don't use force accordingly. Also a good idea to have kids/other family members understand plans for home invasion/fire/tornado etc. before it happens. Kids should know to stay put & hide under bed in case of home invasion & that stepping into a hallway could put them into your own field of fire.
  2. St. Lucie Co. is where I grew up. Ft. Pierce alone (not the entire county) usually had between 18 & 32 murders each year just before I left. Here in Benton Co. we've had 5 or 6 murders in the entire County since I moved here in '08. Indian River Co. was much safer & nicer than St. Lucie when I left. Miss that Indian River Pink Grapefruit. Really hard to find good Grapefruit here but, the grass fed beef available from the Amish in 1/4, 1/2 & full carcass & unpasteurized sourwood honey MORE than makes up for it. Whenever you get here feel free to give me a shout. We've got a nice Gun Range in Huntingdon & A Bar & Grill with the Best burgers (real meat not processed) in town just 1/4 mile from my place.
  3. Yeah I always hated driving around Miami. Been all over the world & to this day Miami is the only city I've ever seen a dead body laying on the side of the road. I like Nashville though. Been to a handful of concerts & usually make a monthly trip to Costco there. Nashville doesn't seem quite so bad to drive through as far as big cities go. I usually hate driving in big city traffic.
  4. Just joined TGO after reading article in local paper on a meeting I didn't even know happened concerning making Benton Co. a Gun Sanctuary. Heart broken that I missed the meeting as I STRONGLY support this. Was unaware of TGO & joined up immediately. I'm a Peace time Marine Corp veteran 85-89. Born in S. Florida & escaped my home State feeling like the Frankenstein Monster chased by torch wielding Villagers. Too many people swarming into Fla. from everywhere else & immediately start complaining to city/county government that Florida wasn't exactly like where ever they came from. Been a Proud Tennesseeyun going on 12 years now & plan to die here. Never felt more at home in spite of being a bit of an introvert & not fitting in anywhere. Strongly believe that our First & Second Amendment rights are under attack from the very same garbage who want Transsexuals reading stories to our Kindergarten age kids & if we let them take either, than America will be lost forever. I'm basically a right of center (closed borders) Libertarian politically. I'm not a Church goer but, I AM a Christian & know for a FACT that Prayer has changed my life for the better. I love a good Cheese Burger if it's real meat & NOT processed food like product, Chicken wings & sometimes a fermented beverage or two but, never more than 4. Hope to eventually meet some like minded Patriots for friendship & non-violent activism in the Defense of our Constitutional Republic which (IMO) has never been in more desperate need of defending. Barry/ Feral Human: Feral as in "Escaped from captivity & returned to the wild."

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