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  1. Sent you a private message.
  2. If these are still available, I'll take them
  3. I'm tempted just because the box says reverse dong Polish style You got a cash price?
  4. Theres one in Nashville on armslist for $550
  5. Just casings. I ended up replacing the barrel yesterday. Got a 12.5 Faxon gunner. I wanted a bit longer barrel anyways. Ran 1 magazine, 0 issues. This weekend I'll throw a bunch more and see how it holds up.
  6. Thanks for the comment. I clean this thing after every shoot. But Ill admit, Ive ran a bunch of steel through it. Hes probably right. lol
  7. Hey guys. So I have an issue, and really Im just trying to diagnose the problem. But im not sure if its my rifle, or the ammunition. So heres the scoop.... Ive been buying reloads from a local guy. He has a pretty impressive setup ie. machines, loading supplies, gunsmithing. He seems knowledgeable and I genuinely like the guy. Ive ran over 1000rds of his 9mm, 0 issues. However, I got some 556 from him, only ran 100rds and Ive had 2 rounds stuck in my barrel and ruined the shooting day because I couldnt get the casing out. First time, I got a cleaning kit from Nashville armory, took the rod from the kit and pushed the round out. Did not save the casing. Today, it happened again. Saved the casing, and Ill attach some pictures. Looks like a piece of the rim is missing after being fired. First time this happened, I thought maybe the "lightweight" spikes BCG was the culprit. Ive heard they can be unreliable. So today I threw in my SLR rifles BCG in, and 1 mag later, happens again. Spoke with him, and he thinks I need to replace my barrel because Ive ran too much steel case through the chamber and he thinks those rounds have damaged the system. Im unconvinced. Or, he could be correct. Just curious on opinions here. Not sure it matters, the rifle is a custom build from Royal Range. BCM/Aero with Faxon barrel. (not an inexpensive setup) Appreciate the help! Long live the republic!
  8. If Hipower doesnt want it, I'll take it. I'm calling him now.
  9. Someone just listed one on Armslist with a few extra extended mags...$700
  10. How many rounds you got there? 223 FMJs?
  11. I actually thought it worked great with the Holosun 507. Ended up selling the rifle and kept both optics, have no need for it now.
  12. It really pains me to get rid of it, but have other issues that are taking priority. And by that I mean Crypto. I'm trying to dump as much cash as possible into Crypto right now.
  13. Have an awesome package deal here. Shadow Systems MR920 with a Green Holosun 507 V2 (Mounted by Richie at Shadow Systems) 5 magazines. 2 Pmags, 2 Glock mags, and the 5th mag is a glock mag with a Strike +5 extension on it. Comes with 2 holsters, a TXC appendix sidecar (these are the most comfortable AIWB holsters I've tried. And I've had all the major/popular brands) and a TRex arms/safariland drop leg setup 2 lights. Surefire XC1 and Inforce APLc. Never used these got them on trade a while back. $1500 cash and it's yours today! Will also accept BTC/ETH/BNB as payment. **No trades at this time please** Will be willing to drive from Nashville, within reason. Edit- magazines will not come loaded. Those Liberty 9mm ULs are impossible to find now lol
  14. This is the "plate 2" which is for Trijicon RMR and Holosun. First $100 takes it.


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