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  1. If a person ever wanted a WC now is the chance. I am pretty certain you won't find a deal like this every day! Edit: The base price on Wilson's website is $3425.00. That's with no options.
  2. Bump plus I took off $200.00. This pistol is definitely a steal!
  3. https://accessories.ford.com/ramp-asy.html The link shows they are compatible with 2019 trucks but doesn't mention specific models.
  4. Probably the easiest way to find out is to call a Ford Dealer and ask them. Does your truck have the removable tie downs in the bed?
  5. I thought it was a great idea as well but never even used them. FWIW, I paid $700.00 (installed) from the Ford Dealer.
  6. Sorry I am late getting back to you. Yes, my truck has the step in the tailgate. If you look at your tailgate you will see the plate. This plate is exactly the same and you reuse the screws you took out of your original plate. Hope this helps.
  7. I have a set of loading ramps for a Ford truck. I had them installed by the dealer before I picked up the new truck (2018 F-150). I have the complete setup to include the hangers that go in the bed of the truck. The hangers store the ramps when not in use. The plate that bolts to the tailgate for the ramps to hook on has some marks on it as it was mounted for some time. The plate is still in excellent condition but shows use. The ramps were never used and only one ramps was extended for the picture below. If I am not mistaken Ford started putting the holes in the truck bed in 2015 for extra ti
  8. I have a CQB Elite commander all stainless steel that looks just like this pistol. The commander is a 9mm.
  9. Couple of more pictures. There is a speck of lint on the barrel hood.
  10. The Wilson Combat was delivered straight to me from Wilson Combat. The pistol has never been fired except at the factory and has been sitting in my safe while I decided what I was going to do with it. I have three other WC pistols so I have decided to let this one go on to a new home. Options are: - Use old Wilson Combat eagle and Edwardian font on both sides of slide - Stainless Steel upgrade, matte bead blast with polished sides of slide - Omit front cocking serrations on slide - Flute chamber - Countersunk slide stop - Bullet Proof thumb safety upgrade ambidext
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