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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to keep it, but kids gotta eat.
  2. I’m fairly open. Have added 3 more 30rd Gen 1 Magazines.
  3. I went. Very few tables, few dealers, a couple of traders. Apparently a good number of the traders with pistols got cleaned out pretty early Saturday, leaving more empty tables. Not sure if Lebanon show pulled folks away, but certainly not the expected crowd level mid day Saturday. Some prices fair, some out of line, even for the election run up.
  4. Pics coming. Sorry for the delay
  5. The Ultimate Five Seven Package - Everything you Need to get Started Early PS90 with 2nd Gen Trigger Pack Early Five Seven IOM in FDE(Square Black Box) & 3 Factory Magazines Five Seven USG Black LNIB w/ 3 Factory Magazines 4226 Rounds of Ammo - 3200 Rounds AE FMJ, 926 Rds SS197SR, 100 Rds SS192 Brown Box 12 50rd PS90 Magazines 3 30Rd Five Seven Magazines 2 10rd extensions to turn 20rd to 30Rd. Left and Right Hand Blackhawk SERPA Level 3 Thigh Holsters Galco Miami Style Shoulder Holster Rig w/ Double Mag Holder Update: Letting this on
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