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  1. Yup, really enjoyed meeting Doug today! Had I known he was a fellow fisherman I would have arranged to spend more time. Hopefully we can find an opportunity to get together again in the future and swap some more stories.
  2. Replied to your PM. Also since you don't need the ammo either will drop the price to $280 for the package but will still throw it in.
  3. I have one I wouldn't mind selling. I bought it new about 12 years ago and have rarely shot it as I really don't like that caliber. Somewhere along the line I put on some nice cushy grips and painted the sights. Gun shoots and functions fine, I maybe have put a hundred or so rounds through it over the years, couldn't be much more than that because I'm not into that caliber. Got a little holster wear on it though because that is the way it has sat in the safe. Because its my only 380 I would want to sell the gun, holster, and ammo together, and would need $300 for the package. I liv
  4. Next out of my time mach...er safe is this little gem. A High Standard Sentinel Deluxe R-107 9 shot 22 revolver with 6 inch barrel and the faux ivory grips. Near as I can tell from researching the serial number it is a late 1960s manufacture, but I have only owned it for the last 10 years or so. Mostly for me its been a safe queen but I have shot it recently and its a nice little shooting gun. Other than some minor cosmetic wear no mechanical issues - still locks up nice and tight, crisp SA trigger, but DA is a little heavy. Price is $300 firm, FTF reasonable distance to Wilson County, and
  5. Thanks guys for your interest in my previous ads. This one is the 4th and last of my "guns I really never shoot" sales project. Up for sale is a WASR AK rifle that I bought new about ten years ago, and since then its mostly sat under the couch.The WASRs sometimes get a bad name because quality can be spotty, but this is a good one. Its a nice shooter, groups about as well as my Polytech (which isn't for sale) and is rock solid reliable. The sights are actually on straight and it has a pretty decent Tapco trigger. I have added Magpul furniture, including the very nice Zhukov S stock wh
  6. Next one out of the safe is my stainless 686 plus, 7 shot, 357 mag with a 2 1/2" barrel. Not much of a backstory on this one. I bought it new back in the mid 90s and its been pretty much a safe queen ever since. I shot it just enough to know that I prefer the GP100s, and even with the compact grips its still kinda tough to conceal, so without much reason to carry or shoot it, well, its just sat around in its box for 24 years. I have shot it again recently, just enough to remind myself that I still prefer the GPs, and decided that its time for it to finally find a new home. For the Smi
  7. Just about even with the original ejector, which was not changed. The barrel measures 4 5/8 from the forcing cone to the muzzle.
  8. Gunsmith shop at Gander Mtn did the cut and recrown. Receipt is in the pic. But I removed the warning and reblued the barrel myself, which is reflected in the price. lol. FWIW - the pics accurately do show the finish however - like i stated in ad - looks ok, not great. Overall its a really handy little woods gun for bear or hog country.
  9. Next one out of the safe is a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. Here is the backstory on it. I bought this gun new about 15 years ago when I decided I wanted to get into handgun hunting, so it started life with a 7.5 inch barrel. I found that squared off trigger guard uncomfortable to shoot, so added that Pachmayr grip which does a nice job both of filling that gap as well as cushioning the backstrap. I also like peep sights, so added a One Ragged Hole rear peep, (which does really work, btw). But after only a season or 2 I lost interest in handgun hunting (like my rifles too much) so dec


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