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  1. That RIA 6” 2011 is very cool, especially in 10mm. When I bought it I also bought a custom leather OWB holster for it, with a Streamlight light/ laser combo attached. I also own a Colt Delta Elite in 10mm, Springfield Armory XDM 10mm, and a Glock 20 as well.
  2. I bought a Rock Island Armory double stack 2011 in 10mm last year. It’s got the 6” barrel and it’s all steel. It’s supposed to be an entry level “competition” gun. It’s ok. It’s very heavy. The mags hold 16 or 17 rounds I believe. I took it to the range once so far. I bought it thinking it’d be a cool sidearm to wear out in the woods. Then I found the Springfield XDM in 10 mm. The 2011 is still cool though. It has its place in the fun factor.
  3. I love it. I moved onto 32 secluded acres here. I’ve always dreamed of being able to shoot on my own property. Here it is. On weekends, I hear distant gunshots from other people in our area too. Livin’ the dream.
  4. The gun store owner said the people at TICS were working from home because of this virus. How he knows that, I don’t know. He also said that some of his regular customers who haven’t been denied have been denied recently. it’s frustrating. The firearm I tried to purchase was just a Heritage Arms .22 LR revolver which I bought to fire shot shell and birdshot. Only because my semi auto .22’s won’t cycle it. I wasn’t particularly excited about this purchase, like I was the SOCOM 16 and S&W 500 revolver I bought last November. However, virus or not, the law shouldn’t be able to shut down a man with no criminal record on a legal purchase. I thought for sure I’d get the call from my gun store to come pick it up by Friday. Here it is Sunday night and the phone has been silent. Hopefully I’ll have good news tomorrow.
  5. I moved to Ft Pierce (Kings Hwy near US-1, Portofino Shores) from Ft Lauderdale/ Davie in 2009. Back then I was trying to escape S Florida. In 2009 Ft Pierce was pretty rural, much like Davie when I was young. The rest of S FL figured that out too and moved north. The house I bought in 2009 was super cheap and I sold it for a lot more than I paid for it. We used the profit to buy our dream home/ land here in TN. I wish you luck in getting out of FL. In my case, my employer, who has an office in Nashville, let me transfer. It really is beautiful up here, especially in the hills and mountains.
  6. My name is Jason, my family and I moved to Granville, TN, from Ft. Pierce, FL, on Nov 6th of last year. I love firearms, since a young boy, and currently own 74 of them. Well, today I had my first firearm transferred to a gun store in Cookeville, TN from Classic Firearms. I got a big, fast, DENY. This has never happened before. In FL, I usually get a Proceed in a minute or two. The store owner immediately filed an appeal. I found this forum because I’ve been going crazy ever since then, reading articles, forums. Wondering what in the world is going on. Anyhow, I hope it gets turned over soon, thanks for reading!

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