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  1. Went in the new store the other day.  It is a new outfit with a small Beretta showroom included.  it is the only Beretta showroom in the state. They are planning on stocking high quality firearms such as Beretta, Browning the Benelli family of guns , Colt, Daniel Defense and more.  They were still waiting on a lot of stock to arrive. they had several brands of knives as well.  Bench made and William Henry are all I can remember.  
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have been told that it is up to the "store" to decide what to accept. A HCP should be accepted in my opinion. I will not visit this stand again. I guess my real issue that mad me mad was he said" this is not a valid ID" when he should have said " my sorry a$$ company will not allow me to accept a HCP as ID" I had less of an issue buying beer when i had a fake id in college.
  3. I want to clarify a question about using a handgun carry permit to buy beer. I mistakenly used my permit as a form of ID at the titans game last night and was told this was not a valid ID to buy beer. I do not agree with this since it is issued by the state and contains the same information on it. I asked a Metro Police Officer about this and he did not know. I have a call into the state to clarify this issue, but i feel i will be waiting a while until i get a call back. Does anyone have the answer? Thanks,
  4. Hadley22

    Kel-Tec .40?

    I owned the kel tec 40 cal. I added the finger rest to the magazine and a slip on grip and that helped. I traded it b/c I was not very accurate with it. I do agree with the other reply about not limp wristing it.
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