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  1. We really wanted to like it. The housing felt solid and like I said above, the automatic brightness responsiveness was absolutely incredible. I wish my RMR worked half as well in that regard. I look forward to checking them out again in a few years.
  2. Just thought I'd drop this here. My wife's and my daily carry guns. Mine is a Glock 19 MOS w/ an RMR on a C&H mount. Hers is a P365 with custom slide milling. The milling service was purchased through a GunBroker auction for $50 with the refinish. We both carry appendix and couldn't be happier with our setups; (I use a Sagax Lux 2 holster and she uses a Tulster Oath). We both have bad astigmatism -- the 507k is much crisper than the RMR. She tried the SwampFox first, while it had the best auto-brightness sensor I've come across, the dot looked like a Christmas tree to both of us. It was unusable. Anyone still on the fence about these things needs to jump off and get one. Just try a few out first to make sure they work with your vision. They are amazing additions to most any pistol.
  3. That's what the cop said, but he added, "you should've hid in a bathroom while dialing". My younger self mistakenly thought that apprehending someone in the commission of a crime would be met with praise. It was an interesting life lesson.
  4. Down in south GA about 15 years ago, I was leaving a friend's house around 3am. When I stepped out into her garage to go to my car, I encountered a thief rummaging through her tools. He saw me and quickly picked up a large screwdriver. He held it up like a knife and gave me a menacing look, then he smirked and went back to stuffing his hoodie pockets. I backed up into the house and grabbed a Remington 870 that was right next to the door leading to the garage. (I sold her the shotgun about 2 weeks prior and had lectured her about keeping it by the door just moments before this happened, go figure.) I stepped right back outside with the gun, issued the guy some pretty stern commands, and had him spread out in the driveway outside the garage. My friend called the police and three cars showed up about five minutes later. Soon as the guy saw the lights, he jumped up and bolted down the street. The police caught him pretty quickly. Apparently, he was a frequent flyer, they knew him by name. I was actually surprised how polite they were with him. One of the officers came up to me after they put him in the car and said, "he's saying you held him at gun point, did you?" I said yes and tried to explain why. It went poorly. My friend and I were berated for at least 30 minutes, and I was threatened with arrest. If it weren't for a more-understanding supervisor showing up to calm him down, I probably would've ended up in cuffs. The thing is you never know who's going to answer the call. Even when you're totally in the right, in a very-2nd-friendly area, the responding officer may strongly disagree with your actions, especially when it comes to something like holding a dirtbag at gun point. If I could do it over again, I would've just ordered the guy to leave.
  5. What an epic video, never seen that before!
  6. Working towards completing my "modernized first-gen" Vityaz clone, (KUSA KP9 SBR). I'm looking to have a side optics rail and rail-less hinged top cover installed as well as get the gun refinished properly. I have the parts & hardware. Do any of you guys have any recommendations on who can do the work? (I don't have much experience tinkering with AKs -- and I don't trust myself learning as I go with parts I can't easily replace). Here's the old girl currently:
  7. We actually had every intention of bringing tons of Texas goodies with us, (mostly to bribe break the ice with her new coworkers & our new neighbors). By the time the move came, we were stiff-arming senior citizens at Walmart over the last rolls of bubble rap, and having to leave the state via backroads to avoid DPS/NG checkpoints. It's funny how things work out sometimes.
  8. Howdy folks, Just moved from Dallas to Chattanooga for my better half's job. Tennessee is absolutely incredible So far. I'm hoping someone might be able to recommend a range within a reasonable driving distance that allows for moving & shooting w/ rifles, shotguns, and pistols. (Barriers/obstacles/cars/structures/etc. would be a big plus, Texas spoiled me rotten with that kind of stuff.) Beyond that, just want to say this forum seems like a great resource -- glad to be here. As I wonder off to study up on TN carry laws, I leave y'all with a pic of my humble handgun collection:


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