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  1. What an epic video, never seen that before!
  2. Tried this out as a training tool, but I prefer my Simunition/UTM trainers over it. Works pretty well as a suppressor host. Glock G44 .22LR, (1 owner; less than 500 rounds fired, only one mag through the non-threaded barrel; 95%+ condition) Ameriglo Agent 3-dot Tritium Sights (H3 DF) Second barrel, Glock OEM 1/2x28 threaded, (no thread protector included) 2 Factory 10-round magazines 1 ProMag 18-round magazine; (more like 15 rounds if you want it to work reliably) Original box w/ grip back panels (unused) and all original inserts (untouched) Asking
  3. Working towards completing my "modernized first-gen" Vityaz clone, (KUSA KP9 SBR). I'm looking to have a side optics rail and rail-less hinged top cover installed as well as get the gun refinished properly. I have the parts & hardware. Do any of you guys have any recommendations on who can do the work? (I don't have much experience tinkering with AKs -- and I don't trust myself learning as I go with parts I can't easily replace). Here's the old girl currently:
  4. For sale: Noblex Glock MOS 5 MOA Reflex Sight in Excellent Condition Lowest-profile reflex sight available, the only one on the market that allows for the use of standard sights as back-ups. Version 2, just released in Germany -- this might be the only one stateside right now; (certainly the only one for sale). I demo'd this on two MOS Glocks, a coworker's G34 and my G19. On the 34, it fit fine, but on my 19, it required the maximum amount of elevation to zero (and looks a little goofy with the gap below when adjusted that far). I guess I didn't realize there was that much variat
  5. Not often lately due to all the madness; although, I might be up for a weekend trip to Nashville.
  6. For sale: Lightly-used Ruger LCP II .22 LR w/ 2 Mags. Neat little gun, bought on a whim, just don't have a need for it. Excellent condition, includes box, manual, lock, mag loader, and factory sticky pocket holster. Asking $275. SOLD! Willing to trade for a case of 9mm factory-loaded practice ammo, (no reloads). Located in Chattanooga. FTF only, TN ID required.
  7. We actually had every intention of bringing tons of Texas goodies with us, (mostly to bribe break the ice with her new coworkers & our new neighbors). By the time the move came, we were stiff-arming senior citizens at Walmart over the last rolls of bubble rap, and having to leave the state via backroads to avoid DPS/NG checkpoints. It's funny how things work out sometimes.
  8. Howdy folks, Just moved from Dallas to Chattanooga for my better half's job. Tennessee is absolutely incredible So far. I'm hoping someone might be able to recommend a range within a reasonable driving distance that allows for moving & shooting w/ rifles, shotguns, and pistols. (Barriers/obstacles/cars/structures/etc. would be a big plus, Texas spoiled me rotten with that kind of stuff.) Beyond that, just want to say this forum seems like a great resource -- glad to be here. As I wonder off to study up on TN carry laws, I leave y'all with a pic of my humble handgun collec
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