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  1. Do you think it's any coincidence that shortly after 19A and it's equivalent, most western nations imploded into two world wars where the best men were sent off to die for nothing?
  2. You don't respect women by just letting them do whatever fanciful thing pops into their heads, or by letting them run society. Remember what caused the 2015 Eueopean migrant crisis? A father wanted to get free dental care in Europe, so he loaded his family on a dinky raft and set out across the Mediterranean. The raft sank, his son's bodywashed ashore, and there was a famous photo. Merkel says "let them come" as she became overwhelmed by estrogen. Weird that I say respect women, and you hear "we must obey women at all times."
  3. I support the idea of wearing masks I resent being told I have to.
  4. I used to have to fly once a week for work, every week. I've seen some crazy stuff in airports, and I've even participated on occasion. The most irate I've ever seen anyone is when they have a carry-on that's too big to fit in the overhead. The gate agent won't let them down the jetway until they unpack part of it, or gate check it. I have seen three irate women, pitching a fit. Of course, one of these women repacked her carry-on halfway down jetway. So of course it didn't fit in the overhead bin. This woman literally caused the flight to miss it's window and we ended up having to wait a half an hour to get underway. The 19th amendment was a mistake.
  5. Would love to have this. Too bad guy is inactive.
  6. On one level, I get it, it's a funny meme. But on the other hand, all of the "Kens and Karens" who have been cancelled lately did absolutely nothing wrong. For the 'crime' of sticking up for themselves when they're wronged, they have been cancelled, lost their careers, have significant legal fees, and could lose their freedom. This situation is far more dangerous than I think many people realize. Talk to someone who lived through Castro's Cuban Revolution, or others. It's the same thing happening here. It will continue until someone stops it, and right now no one is stopping it. If you try to stop it, the meek cops who kneel to rioters will suddenly put on their jack boots to stomp all over you. Your thin blue line flag won't get you any favors. You no longer have the right to self defense, or to call the police when you're threatened. And the Karen meme is assisting in this cultural shift.
  7. Not to bash you, I'm new here so idk, you may just be being ironic. But I have a wife and daughter. The idea that it's improper for them to ask for the manager when they received bad service from the employee, just because they're white, and now a camera can be put into their face, they can be insulted and threatened, and then have their future stolen from them, all for being a white woman who expected the service offered by the business, it just doesn't sit well with me. And it should not sit well with you. Have some respect for your wives and daughters, gentlemen, don't use the Karen slur.
  8. Not many lady shooters around here, I've never even hit a lady, couldn't imagine shooting one.
  9. Well thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. And yes, I'm happy in east Tennessee, only other part of the US I'd consider living in is Montana, or north west. Hopefully I can find something reasonable.
  10. New member non gun owner but looking to change that.

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