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  1. I wear 5.11 holster shirts often and think they are a good way to comfortably carry a firearm and a couple extra mags. A S&W M&P40 with light & laser or a 1911 is usually riding in mine. You can occasionally find them for under $50.
  2. The Super Torch in OP's link looks a LOT like this $6 one from Amazon... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007FC5A5Q/ I picked up the $6 one along with some other inexpensive ones there several months ago and found it to be a good flashlight with lo/high/strobe. Since it uses a standard AA battery, I didn't bother getting rechargeables or a charger. If it is the same one, Amazon looks to have a great delivered price!   :)
  3. That's not very friendly, man... Have a flower!
  4. I have fallen in love with Smith&Wesson's 1911 E-Series! This is my SW1911TA tactical/railed model... I truly appreaciate the premium features it offers and know it was money well spent! I may appreaciate the E-Series family a little too much, because... Now I have fallen for it's little sister! This commander sized SW1911SC with scandium alloy frame just came home with me... It was the sexy round butt that got me! After getting used to the 5" railed model, I could not believe how light this 4.25" scandium alloy framed model felt! It is UNDER 30 OUNCES!!! Every time I pick it up I wonder where they are hiding the helium. As soon as it proves it's reliability on the range, it will be my new EDC.
  5. Welcome from another in Chattanooga!
  6. S&W M&P with .40, .357 & 9mm barrels & mags!
  7. Added a set of Mutant Gray Aztec grips and a Viridian X5L Gen.2 light & laser to my S&W E-Series Tactical...
  8. Hippy

    SW E series

    I recently purchased a stainless tactical model (108411) SW1911TA and think it is a beautiful & reliable 1911! It has many premium features included that I was looking for and is made in the USA by S&W! Here are a few pics of mine...
  9. Welcome to TGO, Plank White. Good to see another from Chattanooga here!
  10. As a follow-up, the wife & I have been using the ecigs for over 2 months now and have been tobacco free since we started them! Neither of us have had a craving for a cigarette! I did try to smoke a cigarette about a month after we started vaping just to make sure I wasn't missing anything and I couldn't get through 2 drags off it, it was awful! Our new hobby has become mixing our own eCig "juice"! This lets us control the strengths of the flavors and nicotine and is pretty fun coming up with some unique flavor mixes! After trying several devices, my favorite has become the Prodigy v3.1 from PureSmoker.com! I opted for the 6v package and must say it is hard to go back to a 3.7v device. Using dual-coil low-resistence cartomizers (single unit with refillable cartridge and dual heating coils) with the Prodigy provides the most vapor and best experience for me. If you are in need of a lower cost kit, I can also recommend the KGO 1100mAh kit from hoosierecigsupply.com. It has everything needed to provide a good experience, but I'll be sticking with the Prodigy! I had been a smoker for over 30 years with the last few years being 1.5 packs a day of Camel Filter HPs. I quit smoking the 1st day I got the eCigs and haven't missed them a bit! Anyone considering them as an alternative to smoking should do themselves a favor and give them a try! If you don't already smoke tho, I wouldn't recommend anyone start using nicotine!
  11. Welcome back home and thank you for your service! The indoor range on Hwy.58 is Carter's and the A-frame on Hixson Pike is Sportsman's. They are the only 2 I have visited other than Prentice Cooper, but have heard good things about Shooter's Depot on Shallowford.
  12. The wife & I have been heavy smokers for years and just started using the eCigs a few days ago. I didn't get them to quit smoking, but as an alternative to tobacco. We got a couple of models to try and see what we liked including a eGo, a Leo and a couple of the automatics that look like cigarettes. They all work pretty well with the eGo & Leo having manual buttons to press and the automatics turn on as you hit them and back off when you stop. Pre-filled cartridges can be purchased pretty cheap, but the real savings is with refilling them yourself which offers a great variety of flavors and strengths! Neither of us have had a cigarette since we started with the eCigs and I find them to be a great replacement! No more fire, ash, smell, 2nd hand smoke or restrictions on where we can get our nicotine fix! They provide all the pleasures of smoking without the negative aspects of such and with the various strengths available could be used to step down to quiting.
  13. The covert casual shirts from 5.11 may be just what you are looking for... Concealed Carry Clothing | Covert Casual Shirt | 5.11 Tactical

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