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  1. No answers here yet, but I decided to answer my own question for those interested. I just purchased a Wilson Combat Protector AR pistol in 223/556. I wanted to try it out and I got a riser for the Vortex Viper to install it. Took it to the range a few days ago and the combo worked beautifully. Both my Son-In-Law and myself found ourselves hitting the target with more precision and consistency than we could with my other AR pistol, Daniel Defense PDW with Eotech sights. The Viper mini red dot is tiny compared to the Eotech, but the dot is super crisp and clear. The Eotech seem to always be somewhat fuzzy, even with brightness turned down. We both preferred the Vortex Viper and agreed its a good union. But, the rest of the story. I carry both my PDW and DDM4PDW to the range in a soft bag. Seems when I finished at the range, I loaded both guns in the soft case and zipped it up. With all the ammo we carry in the case, its likely a 60-70 pound bag to haul around, it's really heavy, especially for this old man. Any way when I got home and decided to clean the guns the next day, I pulled out the Wilson with the Vortex and the glass was shattered. Seems the guns were loaded sights down and me probably dropping the bag on the floor shattered the glass. Of course the Eotech was fine, probably would be fine if I drove my car over it....So, the mini red dots are workable on an AR platform, especially a pistol, but beware how you load and handle the soft gun bags, because the mini red dots aren't near as rugged as the Eotech. Lesson Learned the hard way....sight was sent back to Vortex today for repair, will be more careful in the future. By the way, I own several Daniel Defense ARs and have been a fan of Daniel Defense, the only issue I have with them is for the money, they should have a decent trigger. Several of mine have upgraded triggers, a Geissele 3 gun in one and a rise armament rave 140 in another. The Wilson Combat is their stock trigger. We had several people at the range shooting all the guns and over 75% preferred the Wilson Combat trigger over any of the others. I was impressed at the quality and fit and finish of the Wilson Combat AR Pistol, so if you are considering one, you will likely be pleased. I was not even looking at the Wilson for purchase until the store offered me a deal I couldn't refuse, so I took it home. I will likely be purchasing more in the future.
  2. Also a cheap red dot I have used on many cheaper builds is the Ohuhu, I usually purchase them on eBay for around 25 bucks, I have one that has been on probably 5-8 guns and has performed really well. Because of my old eyesight, I seem to be Able to do better with those than my eotech as far as hitting the target.Ozark also makes a few weapon lights that I have used over last few years and none have failed me yet, definitely not high end, but they work and they are cheap.
  3. I believe you are right that they advertise lifetime warranty, but if you have ever had to deal with the products that are made in China, most of the times the customer service is a crapshoot.
  4. I have used them on several cheaper builds, mostly PSA ars, and I have been overall impressed with the quality and function for the money. Have used flip ups, red dots and also a few of there flashlights. They are not the best quality compared to the higher end names, but they are super cheap and have always functioned well for me.
  5. I'm in the process of building or purchasing an ultralight Ar 15 pistol and was considering sight options. The Ar will be 10-11 inch range with most likely SBA3 brace. I just happen to have a vortex viper laying around, new and unused. Just wondering what the opinion was on using this on the AR platform, most likely 223/556. I have an Eotech with magnifier on my other ar pistol and seem to have issues being consistent with hitting the target. I'm guessing its my old eyes as my son in law has no issues being consistent with the Eotech. This build, I'm focusing on something ultralight, hopefully sub 5 pound range with sight. I won't be shooting anything past 100 yards and most likely not more than 50 yards, mainly a range toy... I was considering a high rise mount with the Vortex Viper and trying that since I have the red dot laying around unused and its super light. Anyone with some experience here, let me know your thoughts. As always, appreciate your helpful input and comments...
  6. Thats still about an hour from me and currently I'm not traveling much. My wife and traveling partner has three broken bones in her foot, so traveling is off for now. We are usually headed to Gatlinburg at least 3-5 times a year, but looks like we will be home for a while now, I'm just on the wrong end of the state...
  7. Seems I'm on the wrong end of the state most times...
  8. Possibly, let me know what you got in PM. Thanks
  9. I'm definitely in the minority here, but I do like that. Always was a Glock Hater until about 3 months ago when a friend sold me his 45acp glock. I took it to the range and compared it to my Springfield custom 45acp and immediately liked the Glock better, which I did not want to do...I've put lots of money and time into the Springfield to get it to where it is, but seemed I could shoot better with the Glock and it was not near as punishing to my old bones as the Springfield. Since then, I have purchased another 4-5 Glocks and a new carry for me is a Glock 10mm...I guess that's what opinions and different guns are for. I have previously shot a few 10mm and they were quite snappy to me, but the Glock is just butter smooth and seems to work every time I pull the trigger. I am old, but sometimes I do change, LOL
  10. Still available and ready to leave my house
  11. Bump for Price Drop, need this one gone !!


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