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  1. Thanks for the ideas, kinda what I thought. I am looking at shadow systems and already own two caniks. But, you know how it is, I gotta have something else just because I don't have one.
  2. I am hoping to go by there next week, but just wanted to see I anyone knew much about the place. Since I'm not a Glock person, I really won't know what I'm looking at
  3. I have decided to purchase my first Glock, have never owned one before. I EDC a S & W Shield, but thinking the 43x looks like and interesting option. Just wondering what Daves Custom Glocks offers above the stock level pistols. Thinking about getting a nice one for my first. Any info on Daves or the 43x is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Got it all cleaned up and ready for the range again Sunday or Monday, will see how it goes. I will have to look and pay attention to the ejected rounds. Yes, the firing pin was so dry, it was not even moving easily, I suspect that was the issue, never thought to check that since it was a new gun. Thanks Guys for the pointers and help- I'm a newbie and can use all the help I can get..
  5. wish I had a adjustable gas block, just took it apart and cleaned it. The BCG was super dirty and super dry, no lube anywhere, had to use needle nose pliers to get firing pin out it was so dry, so I'm thinking that was the issue, will go back to the range prob Sunday or Monday and try again. Its just really puzzling what the gritty substance was in there. Anyway, hopefully I will have the issue fixed. Thanks
  6. I just had my maiden voyage with both a Sandman S suppressor and a Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW pistol, 300 Blackout. The first 60 or so rounds were great, both super and subs fired. Then I started having misfires, click, nothing. I pulled the gun apart and everything was functioning okay, but there was a lot of grit inside the gun, hundreds of little brown specks. I checked the trigger and it was fine, so I put the gun together again and tried once more....Click.....Click.....4 rounds nothing, this was Discreet Ballistics subsonic ammo, so pretty high end ammo. I once again pulled the gun apart and pulled the BCG out and everything looked fine. Put it back together and bang, everything worked fine for another 30-40 rounds with no issues. I am just puzzled as to what the issue was, maybe the little gritty stuff came from the ammo, but it seems to work fine now...Any ideas....I'm a newbie to the Suppressor crowd and just wondering if this was a common issue...After close to 100 rounds, this little guy is super dirty.. I also took my 16" Daniel Defense DDM4 V11, 223 with me and used the suppressor on it for about 40-60 rounds, it seemed dirtier that usual but still functioned fine. None of the little particles were in this one, so I attribute this to the ammo used in the 300 blackout. Or is it the length of the pistol barrel being so short.... If anyone has any ideas, let me know what you think, guess its time to clean guns now...
  7. Thanks for the reply, just talked to the guys in Collierville where I purchased the Can and they said they have the tools to do it, headed there in the morning.
  8. I just finally today got my Sandman S out of jail and I'm anxious to use it. I have a Daniel Defense PDW and don't have the spanner wrench to take the compensator off so that I can put the KeyMo mount on. It appears to use a 45-52 spanner wrench to take the compensator off. Does anyone here have the experience to help me do this or recommend someone that I can take the gun to. It seems pretty easy to do if you have the proper tools, but I do not and don't want to damage the gun while trying to do this. Some online recommend a strap wrench, but I'm scared of twisting the barrel in the process. I certainly do not mind paying someone that can do this right and quickly as I have a new toy to play with and wanna get to the range as quickly as possible. Anyone here that can help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks Chuck Evans
  9. Thanks for all the replies, I went ahead and purchased a Dead Air Sandman S as my first selection. From everything I have read, its considered a good supressor, now just time to sit back and wait forever on the paperwork to go through. Thanks for all the info once again guys....
  10. WOW, thats a neat website, i have already learned a lot. I'm thinking I will need at least two supressors, a 30 cal and one for the 22. I'm quickly getting a grasp on the learning curve. Thanks for the replies Cevans
  11. I have just recently acquired a Redfield illuminator 3x-12x scope and need scope rings to mount this on a AR15. The front outside diameter is 68mm and the scope body is 30mm. Can anyone tell me what size scope rings I need and where to find them. I am a complete novice at this, so I tried to research and had nothing but confusion as a result. It will likely go on the picatinny rail of an AR15. Thanks in advance for your help......I'm old and the larger scope will help with my old eyes.....
  12. I am ready to purchase my first supressor. This will be used mostly at the indoor ranges. I will be looking for one to fit several guns. I have a Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW, a Q Sugar Weasel and a Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 that I will be using. I also have a few threaded barrels 9mm pistols and a Ruger SR22 I will use it with. I believe I am more interested in sound attenuation rather than compactness and weight since this will be a range toy. Several I have looked at and researched a bit are the Q Jumbo Shrimp, Dead Air Sandman K, Energetic Armament and Griffin Optimus.. Seems these are somewhat available, where many others I have looked at are not available anywhere. I know several of you shoot supressed a lot and wanted advise from someone who has been down this road. Most of the use I suppose with be with the DDM4 PDW which is a 300 blackout. Please let me know what you guys think as I will hopefully purchase in the next few days if I can make a decision. Thanks for Reading
  13. Okay guys, need some opinions here. I am familiar with DD but have never owned a Wilson Combat AR 15. Have an opportunity to purchase either or both of these AR pistols and just wanted to get your opinions on the merits of each, or which you would prefer and why. Seems the Daniel Defense always is a great, reliable gun, but the Wilson for some reason has me wondering....I may end up buying both, but would have to deal with the spouse if I did, LOL. The Wilson is multi cal and the DD is 300 blackout. I have just got to where I like the small AR pistols and am hopefully going to get a supressor in the next few weeks also....But, sometimes, I get a bit crazy in my preferences as I already have many AR pistols and one of them is a Sugar Weasel which is so similar to the Daniel Defense...Any opinions ? Thanks
  14. Thanks Capbyrd, will probably contact you soon regarding this transfer.


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