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  1. If this has not sold yet, would you consider shipping it to Memphis Tn ? And how would you prefer to get paid ?
  2. I have never owned a LaRue trigger, but I would like to try one. I have a Geissele 3 gun in a Daniel Defense 16" AR and really like it. I had a Rise Armament 140 in another Daniel Defense shorty 300 blackout AR pistol. Started to have issues with the Daniel Defense and had to send it back for warranty and they said the Rise Armament trigger was one of the issues they found, they discovered it was doing a thing called hammer follow. Rise warrantied the trigger and sent a replacement, but in the meantime, I installed a Wilson Combat trigger. I have a 556 Wilson AR pistol and several of us at the range commented on how good the trigger felt. Several guys at the range compared it to the Geissele 3 gun trigger in my 16" AR and everyone there liked the Wilson Combat trigger better...For now, I suppose no more Rise Armament triggers for me, it had less than 1000 rounds before it went bad. But, in my opinion, the Geissele and the Wilson Combat triggers are really good. Capbyrd recommended to stay away from cassette style triggers which the Rise that failed was and the Wilson Combat is also. I do think the smaller cassette triggers are more affected by junk in the mechanism, especially for a suppressed gun, where all that debris is blown back into the gun, so maybe that's why the Rise failed, and we well eventually see if that happens to the Wilson Combat....
  3. I understand what you are saying, but seems most places, the 300 blackout comes in two varieties, supersonic and subsonic. The only exception I have dealt with is discreet ballistics. They do have option in 300 blackout for barrel length. But I haven't seen any 300 blackout ammo with one load for AR and another load for a bolt gun. Where would one go to find those specifically for a bolt gun or would you have to reload to create your own loads to get that specific. The previous round was definitely not a squib round, it definitely went downrange and hit the target. The previous round was quiet because we were running suppressed with a Dead Air Sandman S. With both my AR pistol and the bolt gun we are discussing, 300 blackout is very quiet. Seems the bolt gun is a wee bit quieter, but it doesn't have the AR action you can hear. Im gonna have to look into the different 300 blackout loads, I just buy what I can get at the store, especially since it was so hard to find, its getting easier and cheaper lately which is a good thing.. If you guys have any recommendations on 300 blackout subsonic specifically for a short barrel bolt gun, let me know. Thanks
  4. Previous round definitely made it out of the barrel, fresh target and sighting it in, hole in target. The reason it was quite was that it was running suppressed and 300 blackout is very quiet when suppressed, so the light report was normal for running suppressed. In his initial inspection, the gunsmith believes it was an overpressure round and it appears the gun is okay except for the missing extractor pieces. Either way, we did get lucky that no one was hurt, but it was a situation that nobody saw coming, no real way to look at a round and tell if its gonna be overpressure and this was factory new ammo. I have reached out the the manufacturer about the round, maybe I will hear back from them soon. As always, thanks for all the input Chuck
  5. I took it today to drop off at the gunsmith, gonna have him bless it to send more rounds down the pipe and just going to have him repair the bolt. After looking at videos, it seems super simple to do, but lately I have been crunched for time, so gonna have the pro do the repair.
  6. The round previous to this one was bunny fart quiet, this round was much louder. Almost sounded unsupressed. These were Ammo inc ammo that I purchased from PSA, so far they have been reliable. Seems this one was just a hot round, you can see in the first pic how the primer blew completely out. Did a little reading and it appears I will just need the spring and ball for the ejector, but will definitely have a competent gunsmith check it out for sure, just to be on the safe side...My son in law did send one round after this and it was smooth and quiet, but obviously did not eject, the chamber and inside of the pistol show no apparent damage, but will definitely feel better after a gunsmith verifies. Thanks as usual for all the info
  7. I just recently purchased a Savage Arms 110 PCS 300 acc blackout pistol. I have ran approx 100 rounds through it and it has ran flawlessly......but today, see pics below. When we went to fire the gun, it fired and grey smoke came out of the bolt area which it never did before and it was really loud and we were running suppressed with a Dead Air Sandman S. When I went to eject the round, it was stuck inside the bolt. I removed the bolt and pulled the round out and the little squarish piece fell out.....Thinking the bolt is broken. Is this something that will have to go back to Savage for repairs, or would they be able to send me parts to repair, the chamber appears to be fine... And what would have caused that, I was thinking it was way too hot a round and just blew that piece off of the bolt. Let me know your thoughts. After this happened, my son in law chambered another round and it fired fine, but again would not eject the round. I had to remove the bolt and pull the round out of the bolt...I was hoping some of you bolt action experts would give your opinion as this is my first bolt gun. Thanks Chuck
  8. Why not throw 300 hammr into the mix ? It seems to be a pretty interesting round....
  9. Thanks guys, will definitely tell him to get them back today....
  10. Cool, Ive heard that about the letter. Will likely form 1 it and put a Q fix stock on it in a few months, gotta conserve the cash a little.....I know UTG makes some cheap scope rings, gonna purchase several sets of those to try until I get the height where I want it, then spring for a better mount at the preferred height. Thanks
  11. Thanks, will research the form 5, yup, his friend is an idiot. I think he just saw suppressors and said wow, but really has no idea that he is on the wrong side of the law....
  12. I thought about form one, but the better outdoor ranges around me are about 20 miles away in Mississippi. It really annoys me that I will need to send a letter to the ATF so that I can legally cross the line, such a pain in the ass. I will mostly just be using this locally at the indoor range and will be running surpassed with a Sandman S. I just don't know what height my LPVO should be to begin with, I suppose start low and move up if needed. I love the Christensen arms bolt pistol, but it was a bit pricey for me right now, the savage I can get with scope and all needed additions for less than the Christensen arms alone, they are however super nice....This is trying to be a budget build, have enough high end ARs like Geissele, Daniel Defense and Wilson Combat...
  13. I have a good friend who's father recently passed. He found three suppressors in some of the gun stuff. Another acquaintance of his told him he would take them and get them sold for him.....I'm thinking that's a super big NO NO...My advice to my friend is to get them back and put them back into the house until we get more information on how to sell and transfer them. They were individually owned and not in a trust. He thinks he has the tax stamps and papers with them. He is the executor of the estate. Any advice on where to go from here. His acquaintance is not FFL licensed, so I think if he sold those to anyone, they could easily trace them back to my friend and there could be major issues....Anyone have opinions or advice, I welcome it...
  14. I just purchased a savage 110 PCS bolt action pistol in 300 B/O. I will be using a SB Tactical FS1913a brace and will be running it suppressed. I am new to the LPVO options, I believe I have decided on the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 LPVO. Now the hard part is trying to figure out the proper mounting height. Some say as low as possible which with the taper of the front of the pistol, the low mounts should work....I'm thinking the Vortex Pro Rings for mounting....Others say that the LPVO should be a bit higher to make it easier to acquire the sight picture. Most of the use will be indoor range, but occasionally I will be traveling to the outdoor range where I will try my hand at 1-200 yards, most likely nothing much farther than that for these old eyes. Anyone here have much experience with the LPVO on pistol type guns, I just am not finding much definitive info. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks


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