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  1. Made the mistake of fondling the new SD40...didn't need it, but got it anyway. I guess I needed to get rid of some of that .40 ammo I had laying around ;-) Turns out, so far, this thing was the best find I've had in a while. Ergos are spot on for me. This is one of the best feeling pistols I've had in my hand. Nice slim grip (slimmer than Glock and M&P), nice size (similar to G19 - somewhere between G19 and G17). Grip angle points naturally, and has the right amount of texture. To top it off, this is a great looking pistol too. Took it to the range and ran 200 rounds of Blazer Brass and Monarch through it. Zero problems, and it shoots softer than G23 and G22. It shoots to point of aim, and is accurate (although, I didn't do any real accuracy testing at longer ranges - maybe next time). While there are influences from both the M&P and Sigma, the trigger is a new design. The trigger is probably what most want to hear about. I'm not a "trigger snob". I've always favored Glock triggers for their short stroke and possitive reset. Glocks are easy to shoot fast, and tend to be forgiving to those that have less than excellent trigger control (myself included). The SD trigger is a longer stroke, more like a revolver stroke, but shorter and lighter than a double action revolver. Mine has an audible and tactile reset. It is a longer reset and not quite as possitive as a Glock trigger. I actually like it a lot. It is perfect for it's purpose, self defense. It's not a competition trigger. I had no trouble adjusting to it at all (I have owned and didn't like Sig's DAK, and HK's standard LEM). The slide is Melonite (same as M&P I think), and has front slide serrations. It comes standard with a tritium front night sight, and both are steel. Rear site is strait from the M&P (it's marked M&P). Has standard rail. So far I haven't found anything to dislike. It is certainly a great value for under $400; Made in the USA; S&W customer service, and comes with features that don't really need upgrading. It hasn't got a reliability track record yet, but given the fact that the M&P and later model Sigmas have very good reliability, I don't expect any problems. I'll keep shooting this one (maybe pick up a 9mm), and see if my opinion changes over the next few months.
  2. The S&W SD9 is very interesting. On sale at Academy for $399, or online for even cheaper. Very attractive and ergonomic pistol. It comes with front tritium night sight, high cap. 16 + 1; good intermediate size (smaller than G17, M&P, and tiny bit larger than G19); slim grip with good grip angle; standard rail (as opposed to proprietary rail on Sigma); new trigger design - very revolver like trigger pull, not too light, not too heavy, and longer pull than Glock or M&P. Liked it so much, I picked one up in .40 (SD40) to help get rid of some .40 ammo I had laying around ;-) Haven't taken it to the range yet, but will try to report back with likes/dislikes when I do.
  3. Is this a newer shop? Maybe I need to stop by and have a look around.
  4. Here is a web site that I found a couple of years ago. It helps when comparing numbers. I don't know how they get their numbers (it could be from the manufacturers data), but I would hope it is actual measurements...since you don't get consistent measures from the manufacturer. http://www.genitron.com/HandgunDB/DB-Search-Handguns.asp
  5. Speaking of the Safe House, watch this video that is linked from their site... !pretty enlightening...seems like I'm going to have to spend more than I want to, which only delays the purchase longer :-(
  6. Daniel Defense makes a top quality AR. Highly recommend.
  7. I'll have to go along with some other responses, and recommend the Marlin Model 60. It's been around for a while for a reason. They tend to be very accurate, and very reliable. Practicing trigger control in rapid succession, you will need a semi-auto. I don't have any experience with the 597, but my 60 runs circles around my 10/22. With the 60 you don't have any mags to lose, and have a plenty high capacity of 14 in the tubular magazine. I would say go to Academy, pick up the Marlin 60 for $137, and while you are there pick up the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire Classic 4x32 scope for $109 (nice crisp, clear glass for the money). The scope comes with rings, and lens caps. For around $250 you will have an accurate, reliable rifle-scope combo that should shoot under 1" @ 50yd groups with bulk .22 ammo! Find the ammo yours likes, and you might hang with the high priced bolt guns :-)
  8. I would 2nd Mr. Lemons. Daniel Defense makes one of the top ARs (even in the eyes of the Internet commandos ). For 1k you get a top line rifle, and you can spend the rest on an Aimpoint with Larue mount (Aimpoint Comp M3 w/ LaRue Tactical QD Mount (STANDARD MOUNT SHOWN)). That combination makes for an easy to shoot, accurate, and reliable rifle.
  9. My first guess: Compact version of SR9 Second guess: .40 S&W version of SR9 (SR40?)

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