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  1. I have not had a G29 in many years. I still have my G20.3. I found that there is a sacrifice going with the small gun. In chronographing the 10mm loads the was a cost to pay with the G29. I sold my G29 some years back. That was not a wise move. The G29, to me, is is unique compact handgun. I shot 40 caliber rounds in my G20. It works but I go with a G23.4. If I wanted a full size 40 S&W the hunt would be on for a police turn in. Those guns I saw and passed on were brand new condition. This reports of being thrown to the ground or crippled for life shooting a 10mm Glock is something of an exaggeration. For me, the 10mm is just another cartridge to reload. I like the big Glock's. The G20 and G21 are among my favorites. I got a 357 OEM barrel for my G23.4. The 357 SIG is also an interesting cartridge. Feeling here are If one wants 357 Magnum performance go buy a 357 Magnum. I feel the 357 SIG is a good round but the 357 Magnum revolvers rule here on the hill. There is no confusion about 357 SIG and 357 Magnum here.
  2. Opinion: I have not had a heritage but do own a Wrangler. I was so-so on the Wrangler until one come my way in a trade. I found the fit and finish to be good. After getting acquainted with the gun accuracy is very good . This is not about the gun. I just do not like the looks of a Heritage. I could care less about a magnum cylinder. I have a track record with Ruger. Should there be something wrong with the Wangler it would be fixed. I Just don't know about the other handgun.
  3. Look, all this stuff about 45 ACP going down the tubes does not stand the reality test. Look at today's choices in good 45 ACP caliber guns. I'd not make a decision on what is going out of style by what cartridges are on shelves anywhere. I am a reloader. My concern is the primer shortage. I could give a care less about the Big Box and steel cased ammo from the third world. Would I trade my Glock, HK or Colt in 45 ACP for any 9mm? Not is this lifetime. Well, maybe a Swiss SIG 210. This hype about 9mm has all the ring of repeated dogma from the gun rags. Wonder what will be the caliber rage in five years? If I'm still on the green side of the grass then there will be multiple 45ACP caliber guns back in the Skunk Works. My lone 9mm is a SCCY.
  4. Do it right and there's no need for an aftermarket barrel...unless you want one. I screwed up and sold my G29 2.5 but kept the G20. I had shot heavy recoil handguns so the 10mm was nothing new. My favorite bullet weight is 165gr. Not to the exclusion to anything else. The G20 responds well to the handloading. I'm too poor from the fancy store bought stuff. I can mix up some pretty potent homemade rounds. Right on shooting 40S&W in the 10mm.
  5. I'm sharing experience but not answering OP question. I felt the data was sparse. One needed to on a hunting trip to find information. The situation looks to be getting better. I've used three rifle powders and two pistol powders from SW. I headed out shortly to shoot some 270 loaded with SW 4350. The Precision Rifle is similar to Varget. Heavy Pistol is similar to Accurate #9. Had it not been for SW powder I would have been SOL in several areas of my reloading. Most likely I'll continue to use the powder after the bogus famine is over. The SW equivalent of 5744 is about $10.00 less expensive than Accurate's. Be aware the price gougers are on the move here. Sorry, no Blackout experience.
  6. I have had RIA 9mm that was a good, decent firearm. My current gun in that class is a 45 ACP ATI Commander clone. That gun is reliable and accurate. I understand these low end gun are no longer imported. This gun is tight and is better finished than my RIA gun Both are very good guns.
  7. I checked out GT's G22 that had been traded in. Some of those second hand guns would pass for new. Snappy? give me a break. You want a light powerful handgun that does not recoil? I admitted you gotta practice. That's kinda universal. I miss my G29 2.5. I'll get another. I got a OEM 357 SIG barrel for my G23.4. The more the better.
  8. There something in the mix that is not right. That gun may need to get back to Kimber. One of the go to powders is 4350. You may have a problem outside the rifle. That would be scope and/or mounts. Shooting hundred grain bullets in a 99 with 1:14 twist can be a horror story. I did not read about this in a gun rag. I go along on checking the twist. Somebody may have ordered a special with 1:12 twist. Also, do pay attention to COL related to throat. Unless somebody buggered your rifle up there is no earthy reason that rifle should not perform very well. I've got three 257 Roberts rifles here. Each is an MOA firearm. To start with I'd suggest starting with a 100 gr bullet. My go too bullet is a 100gr. Sierra flat base with 4350.. Keep it simple. Keep jumping around with these bullets will put you down a rabbit hole. Added: When you are working up a load try to change one thing at a time. Otherwise, If you get what you want what component really made the difference. Jumping around from bullet to bullet mixed is crazy making as you change powders. Also. take a look at Reloader 17 and Varget. Also, consider changing the scope out. Torque mounts and rings and action screws. Added: Just added a Winchester Featherweight in 257 Robert's. That makes #4. Get interested in this nitch stuff and it will come out of the woodwork. Should have that one running shortly,. Hope OP's rifle get straightened.
  9. Check the Dillon website: I have set up two tool heads for the 550 in 308 and 223, These tool heads allow measuring each charge with the 550 Dillon The parts fit into the die body for the powder measure. There is a powder funnel that allows you charge your case by hand. I have two 550's going right now. Both were used. These guys are telling you the truth about the 550's. Don't let those skinny chicks on the cover of the catalog run you off. Stay focused on the loading gear. Dillon also had good technical support. Their no BS warranty is also a winner. Bottom line is money spend on a Dillon will work out in your favor in the long run.
  10. I headed for "Cast Boolits" quick when I started loading 308 with cast bullets. One go to load was 16gr. of 2400. I repeatedly got 1.25" ten shoot groups at 100 yards using 185gr. from an antique Lyman mold. These were 100 yard matches. The rifle is an old unmodified Savage 110 FP 308 caliber rifle. That load is probably not what you are looking for. I would suggest looking at Cast Boolits. There's a world of information there. Also Veral Smith's " Jacketed Performance with Cast Bullets"
  11. Some us could help but your photos did not show enough detail. It would help in your quest to have details of lock and trigger region. Also, it would help to give caliber and if possible something about the rifling. You need more details.
  12. I'm not sure about the threats of using reloads or military caliber handguns is that big. My solution was to load Remington 45 ACP Gold Sabre bullets in RP cases with right primers and claim ignorance. For real, I go with the internet myth.
  13. I'd bet alcohol in the evening hours may have lubricated this deal. A NOS condition rifle does not have mud in the screw holes in the but plate. This will make a colossal case of buyers remorse.
  14. Cracks? How about wrist being weakened due being oil soaked.
  15. When you file the front sight be careful how much take off. Shoot then file.
  16. I was at Friendship in the early 90' and saw a A&H inline with a Weatherby look. Guns appeared to be very well made. If I recall correctly one of the guys I shot with had a traditional style rifle by this company. He explained the rifle came from some sort of closeout. That gun was nice. The company came across as one that never really got off the ground. I do not recall an "AC" but all this was only thirty years ago.
  17. I wonder if Federal and others involved had a specific part of the market in mind. I suspect this gun will be a hit with people with small hands without the physical strength to handle many guns. Also, these people have limited experience with firearms. There is, in this age of miracle bullets, enough for personal protection. Federal and others could most likely give a care less what we think. Us folks are not the ones they are after for customers on this one. I still miss my G29.3.
  18. If I get a notion to do some reloading the weather does not factor in. The range has a roof over the pad. I'm compulsive as hell about reloading and shooting.
  19. Other people than Dixie Gun Works handle the guns. From what I can tell there is a heavy demand for the rifles. Meaning out of stock many places. I'd suggest checking out Buffalo Arms for information. Also, check Cimarron Firearms Company. The that company is marked on my rifle. There is a piece on YouTube on building these rifles. I have not shot my 45-90 with BP lately. I have used Accurate 5744 and the Lyman 457124. That's a 385 gr. bullet the give good accuracy in my rifle. Added: Stick with the name brand rifles. There are some imported Sharps that are less than satisfactory.
  20. Screw that too old crap. I'm seventy-nine and shoot weekly. I got twenty-five rounds of 45-90 loaded up and am ready to go. We are this way once. Get one of the Pedersoli's and have at it.
  21. I have to go along with the long round. I had that happen with a rechambered 40X Remington. The bullets was seated out. Bullet wedged into lands. Presto, stuck bullet. I also suggest loading by the rifle for COL. Going by the manual for charges us right. Load for COL may leave you with a stuck bullet. On the other hand being seated too deep makes, functionally a long throat. I have been shooting high powered rifles for many years. I have never see a carbon ring-period. I don't look at the net much.
  22. I have shot a Pedersoli "Billy Dixon" Sharps in 45-90. in local matches. The Pedersoli Sharps is building a reputation for first class performance. Mine came second hand and was is in excellent condition. Some of the Pedersoli's have no bells and whistles. I shoot with guys who have these guns and are very satisfied. We are not long range people people but ordinary shooters. I'd suggest doing some homework on what works. It's possible to spend a bunch of money upfront that is unnecessary. Buffalo Arms 's catalog and website is a good reference. My other Sharps is a C.Sharps Long range hunting and target rifle in 45-110. Mostly, I shoot the Pedersoli. My experience with Trap Door's has been good. My last Trapdoor had a groove diameter of .462, Go figure. I'd suggest doing some shopping before spending money with Dixie Gun Works. Also, if considering a Sharps for hunting pay attention to weight and length of the guns.
  23. I got a representative samples of K, L and N frame Smith's. Each shoots very well as a 38 Special. Been doing that for years waiting for the dreaded "carbon ring." Right, this is not a good time to get started reloading. Wait six months. I'd suggest shopping for second hand gear in the meantime.. Skeeter also had 38 Special loads. It will be a cold day in hell when cost of factory centerfire rounds keeps me from shooting any reloadable caliber. The cost of factory rounds would never keep me from owning and shooting a firearm in any reloadable caliber.


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