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  1. Hope you are a Doctor free shortly. Right, load to rifle. Sounds like your rifle is throated out for the heavier bullets. Also, check that twist. A slow twist could be spoiling your best efforts. A notable of a bygone era said the 257 Roberts was the most useful caliber ever designed. Good luck and best wishes. Stay safe.
  2. I'd not decide it was for Cracker Barrel relic having not seen the entire rifle. I have a modern custom cap lock rifle made up with a rebored and rerifled original barrel. It's an accurate highly functional firearm. I suggest doing a little homework on efforts to get originals shooting again. You take a cleaning rod. Run rod into the muzzle until it bottom out. Mark the rod. Then remove the rod. Hold rod next to barrel aliening mark with muzzle. You can see the difference between the inside outside on the barrel. If it's inches it's a clue there may be a charge in the barrel. Do not try to shoot load out. Nobody has any idea what's in there. Check out ball pullers as an attachment to a steel cleaning rod. Make sure the rifle does not deteriorate and further.
  3. It would be great if you could let us know how your work on the Roberts came out. I did a no brainer on a Ruger #1B in 257 Roberts. I took some of my go-to loads for my varmint rifle to try the rifle out. The result was like you described. Horrible results on the best day. Finally, found the answer. Ruger had throated the rifle for 100 gr.+ bullets. The COL 0f 3" was easily done. That Ruger is not a dual purpose rifle. That means my favorite 75 and and 87gr bullets would not work. It is a MOA rifle with the right cartridges. When you are dealing with a built up Roberts you may find some interesting problems dealing with the way the gun was put together. For example, my old Mauser is made up as a varmint rifle with short throat and 1:12 twist. How would that work with a 120 grain spitzer bullet? My rifle was not made as a dual purpose rifle. Hope your rifle works out.
  4. I've used H4895 and several flavors of 4350 with 100 through 115 grain bullets. Something is not right. I go along with tightening screws. I'd also add changing out the scopes. Start simple. Also, test the twist along the way. My two Roberts that I actively shoot do very well using heavier bullets and 4350. In the simple stuff check the length of your throat.
  5. Yes, I don't remember seeing a box of 44 Specials shells on anybody's shelf lately. Since I reload this scarcity of factory rounds is not a problem. There's a revival of 44 Special going on as we speak. We may see more factory ammo at the Big Box. I there are more guns offered in this caliber than ever before. Many people are out there working up "Skeeter" loads with a 250 SWC going 1000fps. That's no toy. I'm not going to evangelize on reloading but it gives us some extremely good choices. Hope you find another 624 that comes with 300 rounds of ammo. I hope that for me too
  6. 357's: I have a nice condition Model 28-2. Gun came with factory target stocks. Change out the grips for the standards. This swap made for a much better handling handgun for me. Much of that clunky feel went away for me. In the day the N frame guns were the favorite of some pretty impressive shots. The handgun I shoot most is a 586-no dash 6". Next I one of my favorites is a 6"19-5. I do not care for two piece barrels and locks. Also, my guns have no fancy options. That extra stuff does not warn the cockles of my heart. My handguns are generally made for shooting. Yes, I got a couple of Smith safe queens. I do not care about a revolver as a carry gun. If I did it would be my 624 Smith.
  7. I think reloading is a alternative to being jerked around by local dealers and online profiteers. Not needing much ammo reloading is not practical? The non-reloaders does not comprehend buying reloading dies for a new round coming out of the gate. For me, I'd get dies for a new caliber if I shot twenty rounds a year. Depending on Midway for anything puts me at serious risk. I can get rifle reloading dies for less than the price of one box of factory ammo most places. How about a 130gr, Hornady bullet?
  8. In this famine I have swapped out magnum for standard small pistol primers. I had problems with one handgun and occasional misfires in another. Overall, for many hundreds of rounds the swap worked out. Personal Preference: I have all but stopped loading magnum rifle rounds due to scarcity of power and bullets. Personally, in the magnum rifle calibers loaded here I would never use standard large rifle primers instead of magnum, The only exception is using lead bullets. YMMV Added for you standard rounds I'd look at 4895, 4064 and 4350. Also for the large magnum it would by 4831 with possibly RL-19 and slower Alliant powders. For those rounds you are loading there dozens of good ways to go.
  9. I just finished loading fifty rounds of 44 Magnum. I have out the old 1970's vintage Super Blackhawk for a trip to the range early tomorrow morning. I may bring along my 44 Magnum Vaquero to verify zero etc, Both a very good guns. For factory rounds I got several hundred rifle and handgun rounds stashed away. I'd rather shoot my handloads. The bullets are cast here from older molds from an estate sales. Picking up these molds gives me a wide choice of bullets independent of whims of retailers and the like. On this trip zero and accuracy can be worked out with 125 rounds of 44 Magnum. I'll probably come back with a few rounds. I can make runs of 45ACP bullets to keep shooting friends going in our match if necessary. I got two rifle projects on hold until jacketed bullets are back on the market. I don't think politicians had as much to do with this famine as panic buying and money grubbing retailers. I don't plan to spend money with the offenders starting with Midway.
  10. Do both: I load handgun ammo with the same focus as the rifle cartridges. One way to look at is it takes the same amount of time to duplicate low end rounds as make quality reloads. These days we are loading using most anything we can. Due to scarce components rifle loading is on the back burner. People paying these jack-off prices for components are encouraging these rip off artist. i am remembering the big offenders. I do cast my own bullets. That does take extra time that needs to be added to the entire process. I do spend time working on the accuracy of my handloads. If not casting, I'd go a different direction. I'd go for good store bought cast bullets and the same make brass. It's just a different path.
  11. I'm of the mind that comparing reloading to buying low end cartridges is not valid. I've not met a reloader lately that has not been actively trying to make better ammo than he can buy. It's tough since factory cartridges have improved greatly over time. However, the last store bought rifle cartridges I priced were nearly $2.00 a round. I have absorbed the cost of my reloading gear years ago. I cast my own bullets for all handguns here. Those are my interest. I'd probably reload and cast bullets even if I could buy all ammo cheaper. People who cannot understand the benefits of reloading are OK. They are not there. I think comparisons of Berdan primed steel cased rounds with handloaded cartridges points to two different mindsets and shooting interest.
  12. CZ-52: This is ancient history and may not apply. Back in the day I had gotten an nice specimen from the main importer. This gun had a drop safety. If loaded and the hammer dropped the gun would discharge. There was a recall. The reason was given that those guns had been refurbished with problems resulting. These guns are interesting well made firearm. In those early days someday in the homeland had dropped the ball. I know not to trust any drop safety without a safe tryout.
  13. Google you 44 carbine. Try the Gunboards forum. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what the going price is on unbutchered Japanese military rifles. Leave the sandpaper and cold blue be. I would not turn the rifle over to any gunsmith. It's real plus to find a Japanese rifle where the screws are still staked in. Point being is to do some homework and no "redoing"
  14. I sold my G29 several years ago. This was not a good thing. My problem with Glock's for concealed carry is width. I'd get another G29 in a second but have not see a preowned gun lately. I found the G29 to be powerful and accurate.
  15. I had made 9,3x57 cases by using my Hornady dies with late model tapered expander ball. I went ahead and full length resized the 8x57 PPU brass, I did not want to inherit problems from whatever firearm the brass was fired originally. I found four sources of loading data. Three were from "Handloader" magazine and one from Norma. Let me know if I can help. Back in the dark ages I have made 9x57 cases using an Lyman "M" die. Nary a problem then or now. Annealing the 9.3 cases is on the agenda.
  16. A unique event: Years ago I was getting all my 35 Whelen brass together. The new RCBS tapered expander ball had been installed in the RCBS dies. There we some brass that had not been resized. I did have several of these cased fail. The fractures were at the base of the neck extended some into the shoulder. Imperial neck lube had been used. Case lube was Imperial wax. The cases were formed from 30-06 brass. Age unknown. I had fire formed 300 Weatherby from RP brass. I had this brass for more than thirty years. Brass was clean factory primed cases for reloading. No problems.
  17. The condition we are facing many change the discussion in the not too distant future. What I am seeing is the price of primers has doubled from reliable vendors. These price increases may adjust as the famine ends. I did notice recently ammo has started to show up. Looking past the flashy ads one will find seriously high priced cartridges. Point being looks like we are going to be jerked around on prices. I can find something else to do until this crazy stuff is over. Anybody that says reloading is not economical need price some factory 300 Weatherby or 45 Colt cartridges. Add 375 H&H onto the shopping list. I reload all three. I promise you it is economical. I like wise have molds for the handgun rounds. I am doing on and off experimenting with 30 caliber cast bullets. On and on.
  18. The FBI load that I had in mind was factory loaded with a 158gr. lead hollow point bullet. The numbers frequently cited or 800fps average in a 2" handgun. These rounds came from both Remington and Winchester. This level of performance was eclipsed by high capacity 9mm Luger handguns. I don't think any standard or +P 38 Special loads equal the old 38/44 loads. Those guns were made on the N frame for good reason. I got an Outdoorsman 38/44 back in the Skunk Works. That is a great handgun. FBI Load: The other school of thought is that this load is just another HV 38 Special load in pre +P days. I'd say that a 158 gr. bullet and 800 fps is no toy. My loads for 38 Special use the 150gr. 358477 with heavy charge of ShooterWorld powder The powder,Ultimate Pistol, is slightly faster than Accurate #5. I shoot these in loads in 19 and 586 Smith's. Benefits of this level of loads is accuracy and easy control of the handgun. Next, I have two hollow molds for the Lyman 358156 bullet. That's the HP version of the 155 grain lead SWC. I plan to run these loads to 1000fps in 6" guns. This project is in the works.
  19. I shoot a custom K-38 in our local codger match. Right now I'm shooting a load with cast 150 gr. SWC using ShootersWorld Ultimate powder. I can find the SW powder since Accurate #5 is not to be had these days, It's a general purpose load here for both 38 and 357 handguns. In a hurry I want a handy round that will go in any of my revolvers. At 800-900 fps it's not a toy. I shoot 38 Specials in my 357's. That carbon ring stuff may be wisdom from the net. I have never experienced such. None of my 38's or 357's are carry guns due to size or barrel length. As holster guns these revolvers cannot be beat.
  20. Right now have a STI 45 ACP Commander Clone. I find it somewhat better finished than my old RIA 9mm. I don't care about tricking out any potential carry gun. The thing works or it does not. Somebody may laugh at the gun. The laughter stops when they see your targets. I find my gun to be accurate and reliable after 300 or so rounds of lead bullet loads. To me, anybody can say what they want about the Filipino guns. Owners appear to be happy finding the guns very serviceable. My only change to the STI was replacing the rubber grips for wooden. OP was looking for suggestion for a low cost but not cheap handgun. When somebody is giving information about a gun always ask about their hands on experience.
  21. Back in the day Springfield parts were not uncommon. New 2 groove barrels were $2.00 . A friend was buying O3-A4 bolts to build up these rifle for his own use. Their was no plans to deceive. I still have have an O3-A3 build from a drill rifle. The stock is a $15.00 full pistol grip stock. That's then this is now. I had gotten a used 1922 stock in good condition mail order.
  22. The collectors value has been totally spoiled. On the other hand this rifle may have been an unfinished project gun. The ears have been removed and the trigger guard straightened. The dog leg bolt handle is gone. Timney adjustable trigger has been added. Those scope mounts look like vintage Redfield's. The receiver may have been contoured to match the Remington Model 30. That was done in the day. On the upside you have a 1917 barreled action with a bunch of gunsmithing work done. The last Bubba "sportsterizsd and redid" 1917 I saw was butchered beyond salvation for anything. From the photo's the metal on this gun looks looks descent but unfinished, I'm not sure some of that work is still done. The people who did that kind of work are gone. That work may have been done over fifty years ago. No doubt the desecration is offensive to the military collector. I'd bet from the from the photo's and information the rifle will shoot but only after check of the headspace etc. That would be also after finding out if it is still a 30-06. Unmodified, a P14 bolt fits the magnum head size. You run into these guns that are now 308 Norma Magnums.


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