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  1. Got some good leads here. I don’t mind the drive, it’ll just make a full day out of the trip to the range which is fine. And I’ll be less complacent about it. I’ve asked around at all the local gun stores & not one guy has known anyone that’s into relatively long range shooting. A couple hundred yards was the max which is pretty much what everyone around here can get on their properties. I’d love to get back out to 18-1900+ Yards. 1000 is still a pretty good click to get back into rhythm. It’s been a few years. Thanks for the replies.
  2. I just moved to 37137 and I’m looking for somewhere to do some long range shooting. If you’re into long range & need a second guy for spotting we can meet up (I’ll need a spotter for anything over 4-500 yards too). I used to go deep into the Sierra Nevada’s & set up a 4 gun course. 4 mags through the AR, 4 through the pistol, 4 reloads of the shotgun then lay down and try to bang 10 at 1,000. It was incredibly fun & super challenging. Laying down with the chest rig & thigh holster added a second dynamic on top of being short on breath. I’d love to get back into this. I’ve looked into a few of the ranges and the waiting list is deep, plus it’s not super conducive for precision load work up and practice. Public land is ideal or if you know anyone with a lot of land I’d be more than happy to pay for access. I have no criminal record, an hcp & state/federal clearance from when I worked in the prisons. Any suggestions?
  3. Damn it. First the 22 now this. Wasted money on dinner out when I should have been...
  4. I found another 10 pounds. So I have 20 pounds total.
  5. There’s also a guy on armslist who buys old guns. He’s been posting wanted adds as long as I’ve been using armslist & im sure he has a ton of parts. You could reach out to him.
  6. I’ve had good luck finding random, old shotgun parts on eBay. There are several guys who deal solely with parting out old guns & their prices have been more than fair for what I’ve needed. I imagine it’s quite difficult to make any real profit selling small parts for $5-10 a piece. I did a quick search & saw a barrel, fore grip & a complete stock.
  7. I found 10lbs of steel on my shelf that I don’t need. If you have lead, powder, primers, cases, etc that you’d be interested in trading for shoot me a pm. I load .45, x51/x39, all shot shells except 410, 7m rem mag, 5.56. I could use a solid ar stock and another adj sling. + or - cash.
  8. Updated Christmas Eve. 1,400 large pistol primers available. Will trade for other reloading or firearms accessories. Need 45acp dies & Lee 4 piece 308 dies. AR stock, quick release adj. sling, etc. Also looking for; 2520, 2495, varget, h1000, titewad Hornaday 162g 7mm rem mag match projectiles. Only match Milwaukee m18 & m12 batteries
  9. I finally have internet, Verizon went down last Sunday. Seems like the common denominator is: if it’s sealed it’s fine. Desiccant & dehumidifiers can’t hurt. I’ve spent a ton of time prepping brass & I’d like to keep as pristine as possible. I took a closer look at the devastation from the recent tornados & will be moving everything into the big safe in the back of the shop which is subterranean. Hopefully nothing big enough to yank 2000 pounds out of the shop hits here. When I volunteered in Nashville a few years ago it seemed like the bulk of destruction happened when a large amount of air was able to get under things or it was the impact from flying debris but I’m no tornado expert. ohell, I just might have a pistol, an ar & a few thousand rounds buried out in the back forty with some cash. There’s gotta be a lot of guys on here that make my cache look like child’s play. Doin 3 or 4 gun drills can kill 1,000 rounds in a few short hours. Adding long range into the standard 3 gun is incredibly challenging & fun. Im in the market for a dozen 50 cal cans with the snap latch on the end & rubber seals. Along with another 30 plastic cases.
  10. Gentlemen (hopefully ladies too), In the next few months my stock pile will be complete & ive been thinking a lot about storage. Not safety, humidity. 15k rounds in 8 different calibers for reference. I was thinking about water tight 50 cal Ammo cans. However it seems that having the rounds stacked on top of each other would expedite corrosion even with silica packets in each can. Cardboard boxes I would think would help absorb moisture but then trap it. Then I got to thinking about air movement & was wondering if moving air would be beneficial. My Ammo safes are in the back bedroom with the best circulation from the AC/heat. Currently I have a mix of mtm cases for the match Ammo, personal defense .45 & the hand loaded .308. Everything else in steel cans, factory boxes & the shells are in big cardboard boxes. I have a lot of silica packets on every shelf. What are you guys using for containers? Have any of you stored Ammo for 10-15+ years in an environment like here in middle TN. Is there an ideal humidity level for polished brass cases & jacketed bullets? The reusable dehumidifiers that you plug in to dry out don’t seem to last with all the moisture we have here. I had been shooting so much in years passed that nothing sat for more than 8-9 months but that was back when Ammo was available so I never really worried about a stock pile. My main concern is the hand loaded match Ammo & the .308. Thanks
  11. In stock as of this afternoon; 30,000-209’s/ lpp’s/ spp’s/ srp’s, (no LRP’s but on order) brass, wads, shot (8.5,9,5) lots of Lee & rcbs dies, a good selection of 1lb powder jugs, factory Ammo/shells, obviously a decent amount of weapons & accessories, etc. The best inventory I’ve seen for 2 years. Best part: pre-scamdemic prices!!! No bull####. $100 per 1000 primers, 1lb powder $27-35, complete die kits $40, wads $14, shot $50. You get the idea. I bought more than needed because the prices were respectful & that whole small business thing the government is trying to destroy. Check em out FYI: the brick & mortar is a separate business from their online sales so be sure to go to kings online web store if needing shipping LETS GO BRANDON!
  12. Kings firearms (Columbia Tn) has a lot of hard to find stuff. I was in store today & surprised they had so much inventory. The brick & mortar is a separate “business” so be sure to stay on the web store.


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