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  1. This press came with a huge parts lot I bought. I fully disassembled it, cleaned it, polished rotating parts & lubed everything. It’s very tight & obviously saw little use over the years. I have loaded 1000 hulls with it & it operated flawlessly. You will have to fine tune the dies as I’m swapping the 20g currently installed for the 12g dies that it will come with. Other than that it will need nothing to be ready for use. I will include 1 shot die & 1 powder die. I have others you can choose from for $5/piece. I also have some hulls if you need them. I personally like it better
  2. Headstamp, Once fired, price? You’re not too far from me so probably don’t need shipping
  3. Look at archeological supplies. They have dirt sifters for every size imaginable. No doubt you could make one work. It’ll take 30 seconds once u get the mesh size you need.
  4. I’m going to sell some dies with the parts. $5 each
  5. Texan FW 12g-$175. Will come with 4 dies of my choosing. If they’re not the right size for your load you can use a burr bit to make them bigger or add some epoxy to decrease the capacity. I have disassembled it to clean everything, lubricated the moving parts & tested it. Appears to be fully operational & ready for use. Nothing is broken or missing as far as I can tell but I’ve never used or even seen one before so... I will only be selling 1 of the 2 following presses. Center press: Texan Model M 11A 12g- $400. Press is extremely tight, no damage or visible excessive wear. F
  6. I bought a lot of Texan parts & I do not need these. They appear to be nearly unused. Not sure what they’re worth but I would have gladly paid $150 for the 20 gauge parts I needed instead of spending $500 on the lot. So I figure $150 shipped sounds good. Let me know if you’re interested. Send a pm so I get an email don’t expect a response if you respond to the post.
  7. I’ve been doing a lot of reloading in preparation for when North Korea invades & the Ruskies start bombing. Idle hands do the devils work. In order from most to least important I’m looking for; 3000-209’s 3/4 - 1 1/8 wads. Lead preferred 100 pounds of #5,6,7,7.5 or 8 shot maybe buck. Lead preferred 2000-LRP’s. Magnums & standard. Wins & 250’s would be ideal 1000-LPP’s .45, .308, 7mm brass .308 deprimer/sizing die .45 dies No online money transfers. Someone got $6800 out of my account a few weeks ago before the bank locked
  8. Posts require prices. Is that an Amazon scope?
  9. Somebody needs to jump on this. Any caliber pre-scamdemic priced Ammo is a deal


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