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  1. You mean the 5 posts of anti-vax propaganda you rudely inserted into a thread commemorating the passing of a military leader and former Secretary of State? To parse it terms you applied to the UT fans at the Ole Miss game, "That was a trashy, despicable display". An entire thread is dedicated to COVID. You ought to confine your wild, unsubstantiated ideas on that topic, there.
  2. At least the obnoxious fans were merely drinking... Can't spell bUTt-chug without UT https://www.utdailybeacon.com/news/its-all-behind-them-butt-chugging-fraternity-returns-to-ut/article_e851f6cc-7afe-11e6-b555-1f99ac1e70f0.html
  3. Indeed; talk about entitlement attitude. No one owes anyone a transplant or an extra organ if folks are unwilling to accept and follow other medical directions.
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/former-secretary-state-colin-powell-dies-covid-complications-n1281746
  5. I like these folks yard art! This T-28 is over in Coal Field
  6. My dad flew combat missions with the EC-47 in Vietnam. It was unarmed, but a huge target because the NVA and Cong feared the AC-47, which by that time they were effectively knocking out of the sky. He often flew with AC-130s and said the firepower those unleashed was incredible. He had a huge problem with crew members/CIA intelligence operatives shooting M-16s wildly out of the plane drawing fire to it (his plane was shot up several times including a forced landing) so he had ALL weapons removed from his aircraft except the .38 S&Ws carried by him, the co-pilot and navigator. Keep in mind, his missions were to locate and follow NVA field commanders moving along the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos & Cambodia so that they could be neutralized. Ineffectively firing upon them was counter to the objective and dangerous to his plane and crew.
  7. My old man was career USAF. Back in the day, he would derive his flight plan to fly over the house and waggle his wings. As kids we loved this. I still react like Pavlov's dog to this day when I hear certain radial engines overhead.
  8. I use the "carrot and stick" approach with my neighbors and they still keep grabbing the carrot no matter how many times I hit them with the stick... Regardless, I am really grateful for them no matter how imperfect all of us are
  9. As long as the emperor has the shot, he/she will likely just be a bit chilly...
  10. I apologize if I said anything that was name-calling as that was not my intention. Thanks for alerting me to your feelings on the matter
  11. Divert much? You are now whining about other things that all of us pay, too. This is about addressing real costs incurred by anti-vaxxers It's pretty simple - if you want lower health costs, take the free vaccine. If you wish to avoid the vaccine, expect to pay more in medical care. After all, it is sick folks who refused to vaccinate that drive up the costs and clog up hospital services. Setting insurance prices based on risk assessment is accepted business practice and one that is consistent with capitalism.
  12. Folks should accept personal responsibility for their choices and not expect others to bear the costs for their decisions.
  13. The Post Office has been part of our culture since the inception of the US and has weathered many a storm. Let's hope it will remain resilient.
  14. I don't think Shat will be shagging space strange in this episode, however. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/04/entertainment/william-shatner-blue-origin-space-mission/index.html
  15. As a country boy in Georgia, I ate squirrel brains; as a fancy-pants in a French restaurant, I ate escargot. With both, garlic is the answer.
  16. In this camera view (Newfound Gap, GSMNP) there is a nice maple? on the left side of the parking lot that has turned some lovely colors: https://www.air-resource.net/grsmnfgap Sourwood are getting red in my yard, too.
  17. I had the pleasure of meeting Erk Russell and he was a really great guy that the entire school and community admired. He created a football program in 1981 and won two Div 1-AA National Championships in 1985 and 1986, which were playoff-series games (He also won another in 1989 in his last season) Ga Southern has won back-to-back National Championships 3 times while in FCS! Unfortunately they are now in the FBS
  18. Fall colors have already started in the hills. Here's a stylistic teaser to get everyone in the seasonal mood
  19. Yes but it's not "both sides" of an issue when some snowflakes are telling other snowflakes that warm temperatures don't cause meltdowns. Just because folks have opinions does not make them valid or equal to others.
  20. Yuck! White or Blue? I agree, these look like Fed plates! How about some Orange with Mountains & Rivers as a visual motif ...
  21. Yes, I'm doing my part to beat inflation. I've already saved $230 this month (with taxes, more like $250) I bought a guitar earlier this month and a week later the prices were $100 higher. I then focused on a new amp and after I bought one, the model went up by $130. Next, I will start stockpiling strings in various gauges - lol!
  22. It's got to be thin and sexy. My pants are a "no ugly gun" zone. .
  23. one of these? If so they are actually wasps that prey on other wasps! https://images.app.goo.gl/ruqAg1G67wdoRFwVA


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