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  1. I'm glad to hear this wasn't a tragic zipper incident!
  2. My Ruger LC9s is quite accurate and has had flawless performance - it stays with me most of the time. My LCP II gets some airtime and it has never had a single issue, either.
  3. You forgot to add that now that most of us have been sterilized the "Summer of Free Love" has commenced.
  4. There ARE way to many people on the planet and sterilized ladies just seem so clean...
  5. M1 Memories: I had two carbines before I had a drivers license! One was a no-name surplus that I suspect was made for the ARVN. It was pretty jam-tastic and poorly made. I'll never forgot my Dad's reaction when I, a 13-year old, came home with an M1. (Mowing grass has it's perks). The other was a Plainfield that was really nice. Wish I still had that one, but I Sold it (at a profit) to help fund my first car (which was worth less than the stereo I put in it) My brother still has the Universal with which his ex-wife shot him, through - and - through in the shoulder/chest at point blank range. It only ate hardball ammo, which was probably a good thing in his case.
  6. I do feel very sorry for the dogs whose lives are once again in turmoil. That is very unfair to them. While it is sad that folks adopt without thinking it through, the up side is that some are returning the pups rather than neglecting them, or worse. My avatar is an owner-surrender; my other pup was found wandering the streets in Tuscaloosa.
  7. I think it is economies of scale. Producing butt-loads of 9 mm is much cheaper to do per round than tooling up for smaller lots of .38 spl. Me personally, I don't shoot that much .38 although I have the means. Mostly I burn through 9 mm when doing centerfire. And this is probably no different than most folks.
  8. Nope; I keep a reserve of ammo and spare mags for each of my prime weapons that remain untouched. As an aside, folks laughed at me when I bought a bunch of 9mm and .223 Hornady Zombie rounds, but when I got them, they were less than the traditional V-Max. The green tip doesn't bother me at all.
  9. Yep. First step is to teach everyone not to point guns at others. I've been lucky enough to have avoided all the protests and strife, but a bunch of folks have probably been packing all along.
  10. I haven't seen the video, so I can't comment there, but this guy is pointing the gun at people. It's one thing to display weapons, it's another matter to point a gun at folks. I was raised to never point a firearm at anything unless you were going to shoot it. It's actually a good thing BLM is packing because sooner or later liberal/progressive folk will realize the 2nd Amendment is there to serve everyone.
  11. Yes! First, they have to catch me. And if they do, then I'll have the element of surprise, not them
  12. So, had my second dose Tuesday (Moderna). Of course had the sore arm. Pretty flu-like on Wednesday (tired, sore, achey) a bit better on Thursday, and fine on Saturday when I went hiking again. BUT, the darnedest thing: I have a weird, soapy- nickel taste in my mouth especially when I drink coffee...
  13. I am not a trained gun-comedian, but here are a few punchlines: Did the SHTF? Was that a constitutional carry colostomy bag? Wait until the Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol and Feces gets wind of this. Who let Kid Rock in?
  14. It may also help reduce their legal liabilities if they can limit gun sales to "members" rather than just providing a fast way for anyone one the web to acquire private-sales arms.
  15. That's true, but then it won't be a surprise. Also I wonder if she is too midwestern to spend that much on a knife, too!
  16. They are fancy that's for sure. But, some of the inlays look neat and is material she likes. (And we're talking the bottom rung here, some of those knives are off the charts) Yes, I teased her with the website to see a reaction. Both shock (price) and awe (wow factor) for her. Of course, I have to be crafty and feign an interest in many things to keep her off guard. I know she wants a folder with 2.5" or so blade. But I may stay completely practical and get her a multi-tool, instead, which would be useful, but not nearly as cool.
  17. You are correct; this wouldn't be for me. I like something cheap and disposable, although I've never lost one, so I end up with bunch of cheap knives - lol! She often uses a knife at work for light-duty things. She has an automatic that she likes and carries all the time but is reticent in pulling out in professional situations. I was viewing this as celebratory bling for someone who has done great and deserves a treat. Heck, I get her jewelry, why not some fancy knife? I was following the trail of neat Damascus and that is where it took me. Never heard of William Henry before. I'll look at you other website, too. Thanks
  18. I have the coolest bride! Not only is she a wonderful and brilliant person, and my best friend and hiking partner, but she keeps moving up the ladder with promotions/raises and accolades (just got a great pay raise). She also loves knives (and has more guns than I do!) and I hope to give her a very special present to commemorate her successes! I know these are very high-end, but I am looking at some of these (their more "affordable" items - lol) https://www.williamhenry.com/knives.html I have a particular fondness for Damascus and some of these seem very well oriented for my sweetie. Does anyone have experience or impression of Wm Henry?
  19. When did the protesters start flying helicopters
  20. I don't know if vids will post, but this was interesting. The crew was doing training at the bald I was hiking on. The rotor wash was fun and surprisingly, both dogs really seemed OK with this!
  21. Here is the prop to a P-51 Mustang, I believe


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