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  1. I can certainly vouch for this 3d printed case feeder! Perfect addition to the Hornady LnL AP without having to spend $400 for the noisy hornady that is prone to malfunction. Here is a video of it in operation. 3d printed case feeder https://imgur.com/gallery/abpJtYj LC
  2. How are you liking those? Are you experiencing any issues with them? I've been eying up the non bluetooth versions for awhile. I have over the ear electronic ear pro but sometimes have difficulty getting a good cheek weld on my rifles when using them so im looking for something a little different. LC
  3. I met with @Mseals22 last week and picked up the 3d printed case feeder for the Hornady LnL press. Stand-up guy and very helpful even afterwards, and the pieces looked great and functioned flawlessly. I've thrown some more ideas at him that I think will be pretty cool. Here's a video of the case feeder in action. 3d printed case feeder https://imgur.com/gallery/abpJtYj LC
  4. Lol you just built it and already want to sell it? It looks nice and I bet it will shoot but I'm not a fan of side chargers, being one of those danged ole southpaws. Charging handles with extended catches work much better for me. LC
  5. Definitely have one of these on my list, but unsure about caliber just yet. I keep flopping back and forth from .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. What grip is that? LC
  6. Nice looking leather work! I'm wondering what all designs you have available for a full size 1911 with no rail. Anything IWB that spreads the weight out? Most 1911 IWB I see has the snaps right on top of the gun, instead of spread away. What about a paddle holster? Are you doing any mag carriers yet? I'd love to eventually pick up a nice matching set of holster and mag carrier. Have you looked into doing any belts? Really nice looking holsters you've posted. I wish I had the time and patience to do stuff like this. LC
  7. I looked at the NSSF but it looks like you have to be a retailer or some kind of professional? I may look into GoA and SAF as well. I joined the USPSA yesterday. Looking forward to getting started! LC
  8. Lol yeah, I was signed up for email alerts at Midsouth for when it came available. I got an email, logged in no more than 10 minutes later, and it was already gone. Think I'll give Vhit N-140 a try. It seems to be in stock everywhere and has a similar burn rate to Varget. LC
  9. I would eventually like to compete. 3 gun interests me, but I do not currently have a shotgun. But my focus right now is f-class and possibly PRS if I can find somewhere around here that does it. I just need to join a local club so I can get out and practice and work on load development for my .308. Due to the scarcity of Varget, I've got to work up some loads with more commonly available powders. LC
  10. just curious, what benefits come with joining any of these organizations? Im looking at joining my local sportsmans club, and they require membership of one of the above, or NRA, to be a member. Are there any requirements to join any of these? For example, im leaning towards USPSA, but I'm primarily focused on rifle competitons right now so wouldnt be shooting any pistol matches for awhile. Do i have to compete to join and stay a member of USPSA? I was previously a member of the NRA, but it seems everything has turned so political with them and thats not what I'm interested in.
  11. I've got a buddy that uses an older style uniflow and swears by it. Very accurate and repeatable. I think just about any of the rotor design measures will have similar results. LC
  12. I love my Dillon Eliminator beam scale. Triple poise and accurate with all my check weights I've used. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/3018?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs-yImMXI6wIVCHiGCh2IMQtLEAQYAyABEgJBrfD_BwE As for a powder measure, I use a Hornady in their stand, either mounted to the bench or in my case mounted to an inline quick mount. My experience with this measure with ball powder is accuracy within .1 grains. Varget is the only stick/extruded powder ive put through it and its accurate to within .2 grains with that. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012
  13. That turned out quite nice! My area is quite messy as well. Gotta figure out a way to de-clutter things. LC
  14. Count my vote for a Savage. I'm a lefty so the Savage was a quick decision for me. Mine is a model 10FLP in .308. Out of the box it was an MOA rifle, then after I put some work into it, bedded the action, bell and carlson medalist stock, free floated the barrel all the way to the nut, etc its easily a sub moa rifle all day long. LC
  15. For dies it doesn't matter as long as you use the Forster lock rings. They're sold in sets separately at various places. I personally like Forsters benchrest dies for precision rifle. I use Hornady and Lee for all my pistol calibers. If the lock and load system interests you for the single stage, if your rock chucker has a removable bushing, Hornady makes a conversion kit to replace that bushing with their quick change female bushing. I did this on my Lee classic Cast single stage and love it. Die changes are super quick now and no more adjusting other than the micrometers on my s


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