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  1. Understand that you will not likely bring as much per gun, selling them all as a lot (unless you happen to find a guy that also loves everything you are selling!), so you will end up trading dollars for convenience (probably) Good luck with the sale, and you should also consider listing them here on TGO!
  2. Beautiful Model 15, wish I could swing it. Guess we can both thank FJB for that…
  3. Ehh, shoot, we were bored, so we went anyhow, it was… okay. Overpriced, but some interesting stuff, mostly that I could live without. I would have liked to have found a nice, clean set of Pachmayr grips for a Walther PP or a mag for same in .22 Lr. Or some AR conversion kit mags in .22 Lr. None of the above this time…
  4. Okay, so if we DO go, plan on filling some time elsewhere in Chattanooga then? I've been to two Knoxville shows, one big(ish) one pretty small. Maybe I will wait. Think it was even 200 tables?
  5. I might want to ride from Crossville to the Chattanooga gun show tomorrow, but before I do, is this show generally pretty good sized? Is it worth the ride or would next week’s Knoxville show be better? (Better as to number of gun related tables?)
  6. Darn! Open by appointment only on Mondays! To heck with visitors and guests, the wife and I will ride down there and check it out ourselves! We ended up doing the Inclined Railway and had a nice lunch down there nearby. They had already done the Duck ride somewheres else, so that was fine, too. Thanks for the help, ya'll!
  7. I'm a VA carpetbagger, from over on the eastern shore, where did you hail from? Welcome aboard!
  8. I know, my number ONE choice, but they are closed Mon-Wed...
  9. I saw that online, is it worth a crap? I’ll offer it up to them, we’ll see. So far in Chattanooga, I’ve got that inclined rail way, a short daytime river cruise and maybe that museum. I was all in for Townsend, but wife vetoed, so that’s that for this time. Our day to do stuff is on a Monday, the main day that everything is closed everywhere (and I don’t blame them, touristy crap workers need a day or two off, too!) And thanks for the ideas, y’all, I appreciate it!
  10. Well, they're Wisconsin yankees, so... And hell, ALL the family left on MY side are liberals, so this side is damn near conservative in comparison! I rag on them, but they're okay.
  11. I might look at that too! To be honest, this might be a rough visit, I think they might be….. democrats…
  12. You are right, it's been a looong time since I've been there myself. At the time (early 80's) a log home outfit out of Sevierville I worked for built the largest log lodge in that area of Tennessee. Wonder if it's still there or if I could even remember where it was?
  13. My SIL/BIL are coming to see us in Crossville through the week, week after next. He's got a couple of issues that preclude him walking much distance. I'm thinking Chattanooga or Nashville for a day trip and looking for non-hiking or trekking stuff to do, show them, entertain them, etc. Was thinking Chattanooga train ride, inclined train ride, riverboat tour, something like that. Any other things to do through the week? Crossville has an Oktoberfest if they had showed up on the weekend, but no... That's okay, WE'RE going whether they are still here or not. Beer and Schnitzel (and German Bluegrass??? )


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