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  1. So, let's just suppose it's "us" going out there, and we're still thinking Crossville/Cookville/in-between/just east, etc..., where does a fella drive to catch the best gun shows in the area, are there any gun clubs that do any sort of matches, IDPA, plates, even...Bullseye? Are most on wells/septic, city/septic or city/sewer? How do wells tend to run out there, probably varies a good bit? Houses we've looked in that have basements sure seem dry, I mean really dry, gosh, what a pure joy to have a reloading room/bench/safe room down there, and the really stout "coffee table" on my back dec
  2. Spent 20 years working on them, at NSSF/NLON, NWS Charleston (Site 4), back to NSSF/NLON, Charleston Naval Base (we were last major platform out the door, 95-96 or so), Guam, LaMaddalena, Italy, finishing out at an Aegis facility as a 3MC?? I only road them a couple times at sea, usually on the surface, where it's pretty crappy, to do some antenna work and stuff... They were good folk, odd, for sure, but good folk... Seen some cool stuff, ate some GOOD chow (IMA guys, if they're at all smart, show up at around 10:15 to do an arrival inspection for broke stuff), Their ships forc
  3. Apparently, it's become for "Lovers of the Causes of the Left...", citizen disarmament, critical race theory and third trimester abortion... Jackalope, that's what I'm trying to do, find a place not in town/city limits, so's I can shoot in my own back yard, that's a tough nut to crack right now. I was taken with both Crossville & Cookville, but I did see the more "woke" population in Cookville, for sure. Hey thanks for all that replied, I can use everything folks have posted. I do hope it's a "we" thing, but I was born alone, and mayhaps die the same (I think it boils do
  4. So since WELL before Covid, and BLM, and AntiFa, and liberal big city flight, I (we, for now), have been planning to move back to the Sevier County area, or maybe a county next to it, but since Covid struck, we're screwed, doesn't matter that we "wanted" to move back to (my) home first, we simply can not afford to compete with overpaid liberal SOBs that can buy off Zillow, actual sight unseen, and be rich enough to fix any oversights once they get there and take possession. Besides that, Sevierville is sooo overpopulated with "tourons" , there's no way I'd move back here now, holy, cow, what a
  5. There's lots of folks with good, simple Green Dot & cast recipes for 45 (both), 44, .38, 9mm +p, heck, what's not to like? At least it's worth a....................... .........................................................shot...
  6. I came into several containers of smokeless powder from a friend who picked them up at an estate sale, several were open, but two, a 15# drum of Green Dot, and an 8# of same, both sealed, exterior clean, undamaged or stained. The other open powders, looking at the, they were clean, not clumpy and smelled fine (no ammonia smell). They are cardboard drums, so that's older, but I am going to open the smaller one and do a small batch of test loads in select pistol rounds (45 Acp, 9mm, .38 Spl) and see how it does. If it's good, I've just got a lot of fixin's for pistol ammo for a looong time...
  7. Yep, still down hard. Makes you wonder what was said...
  8. I guess I just assumed it was at half staff to mourn the death of a once great, freedom loving, prosperous nation. We half staff so much anymore, let's just leave it a half permanently, it means nothing anymore...
  9. Yep, the Shockwave has a shorter pump handle tube, like 6.75", I think. Listen, in my neck of the woods, Tractor Supply is doing a closeout on a forend light with their store brand; Treeline, made for Mossbergs and Remington 870s. The Mossberg one says it will work with the shorter action if you use their spacer (sold separately, but not actually available!?!?), so in reality, this will NOT work on a Shockwave. It does work nicely on my 590 and my buddies 870, so at 900 Lumens, and a $27 closeout price, I bought all they had. Maybe you might check Tractor Supply if you have one near you?
  10. I wish I could take strong issue with your sentiment, but alas, I cannot. I hope for a better year, and I wish as much to each of you and your families, but I expect that 2021 will be either somewhat worse then 2020, or MUCH, MUCH worse then 2020, but I can say this, the tick of a second hand, going across midnight to the morning of 2021 changed nothing and time marches on. Things are not getting better, don't fool yourselves into thinking otherwise.
  11. I congratulate you, at five bones & the governor, for an Interarms, that's a good deal. I have had several, but am down to a '74 vintage Model PP in .22LR, in the older style, smaller plastic box. I have had and shot many, including cutting my teeth on Pop's WWII bring back 7.65 PPK (gone, as we were stationed overseas, in West Germany no less, when they passed the 68 GCA and convinced pop that it was trapped over there forever). When I worked in a gun shop in Connecticut, back in the mid 80's, I remember getting one of the first American made Walther PPK in Stainless, and it would fe
  12. Some deserving dog's heart, somewhere, leapt with joy as you typed that...
  13. Good lookin' dog, sorry to hear of her passing. I have a mess of great dogs, buried all over the place, Maryland (when it wasn't as screwed up a place to live), my boyhood dog, I just saw her in Sevierville, at the foot of the tree at the end of our old drive way, one in Italy, in Mediterranean rock, two here in Virginia, and yes, two more on our book case now. Oh, and one puppy in South Carolina. I'm down to one, though he's as hyper as two. Worst dog I've ever had actually, but even still, a great pal, and a fierce friend. He's young, he'll figure it out...
  14. Yeah, if you can, that would be cool, I told Chucktshoes, I felt like Beria in one of Stalin's touched up pictures...


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