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  1. Thanks for the come back, xtriggerman, that makes me feel a little better. We were getting ourselves so worked up over that detail, when we should just try it (and I'm going to, scheduled install on 20 Sept). Sounds like we're pretty close to each other in location and I continue to be overjoyed to be around so many like minded patriots. I work part time here in VA at a small gun counter in a hardware store, but as in many places, guns are (were) in short supply. Wife and I walked into a little gunshop in Crossville, the Armory or something like that, and I made mention that they were well stocked in AR type rifles. The young gentleman behind the counter replied; "We're getting ready for a war". Very matter of factly, as though they were umbrellas and thunderclouds are rolling in. In times recent past, I can recall pontificating much the same to customers here on the shore. I told my wife "This is where we are meant to be" and I believe she understood. When we come back out, I'll buy you a cold beverage and pick your brain for local area advice, if you would be so inclined.
  2. Anyone around Crossville have to use Frontier DSL for connectivity, and if so, how bad is it? The privacy of rural(er) life is not without it’s sacrifice. I have Verizon DSL over in VA, and I can watch two streaming TVs, surf on laptop and iPad without too much problem, wonder if this is similar or worse here? Not a lot of options where I am setting up now.
  3. I know, I swear, I don't know how we accumulated all this.... crap! But it's GOOD crap!
  4. So in preps to load up and head west to Crossville, I find that one of the biggest challenges is becoming to find a reputable moving company that is not at the breathtaking heights of cost. I am coming from a 2600 sq ft house, going to a 2598 sq ft house (downsizing...), traveling 668 miles. I'll be renting a U-Haul for my "unmentionables", but we've decided that we're all about a professional move for the rest of the "stuff". The first outfit quoted (wait for it).... Twenty Three THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I replied "We'll be in touch", another salesman moving coordinator led with; "How would you like your move to go, "just get my stuff there", "or a smooth, professional experience?", then continued with "What would it take to have you commit to our estimate today?" , to which I replied "Okay, we're done here, I'm not buying a damn used car from you." He emailed that I should CHANGE MY ATTITUDE!!!! Last night, I found Colonial Van Lines, went through a one hour + estimate with "Tom", and that seemed much better, until later on when I was reading their reviews on the Better Business Bureau (yeah, they suck, pretty much). Okay, enough whining on my part, has anybody had a decent experience with a moving company that they would care to recommend? This will take me from Virginia to Tennessee, and not break or steal all my junk, nor put us in the poor house (Sleepy Joe will take care of that soon enough, I'm sure) OMC
  5. Well, loan's on track (knock wood), near ready to list the one here in Virginia, heading out to close on 1 Sep, but early enough by a few more days to do a walkthrough. I suppose getting a contractor out there to answer the phone is as tough there as anywhere else these days. I need to put up a fence and have a little grading done, maybe rock the driveway... We're packing boxes and Lowes totes out here, "de-cluttering" for the realtor, place to store my "unmentionables" until we have proper storage in place out there. Do many folks have security systems out in Crossville? We're looking at Ring, I think. Darn, so much more to do... Moving around for the Navy taught us how, but didn't make us learn to love it.
  6. I'll see your HiPower and raise you a GP Competition..jpg I'm at a loss to explain a lack of pics of MY GP Comp, but here's a representation. I'll fix that "no pic of mine" thing soon, it's beautiful and seriously it shoots like a magic bullet wand... The most natural pointer I've ever shot.
  7. Frontier Firearms? In Kingston? Mental note made; "check them out..." It's not going to happen right away, but I plan on putting a simple range in, once all things wife and dog are taken care of. Man, I can't wait! The Navy has moved me around so many times, I've come to dread moving, and we've accumulated so much crap, but it's GOOD crap, darn it! Oh well, one more time...
  8. I remember seeing signs for that show while we were down there looking! My timing sucks sometimes... Yeah, most folks are very friendly and polite to strangers and I hope to not be a stranger there for very long! Just had a realtor gal come through our house here yesterday afternoon, my main task from her? De-clutter! Well, duh, sister, I knew that, I just don't WANT to. But I need to start "wanting to" right quick... Eye on the prize, Christopher, eye on the prize... Get it done!
  9. About 15 minutes out of Crossville, nice quiet area.
  10. I'm used to that here on the shore, so it won't be a big shock. I leave messages that say I will pay in cash money. No phone call back. Several have their voice mail shut down.
  11. Hahaha... Yeah, I suspect you're right, good thing we woke our butts up and figured we've hung around together for too long to quit now... Or, if you want to live in Tennessee, in other words, be prepared to pay for that right now. And you're right. And we did. It looks like we've found a house on 5 partially wooded, mostly level acres. Just like the house I'm sitting in right now, we both knew that this was the one when we had walked 1/2 way through. It's county zoned agricultural, not in a sub division, enough practical land features to be able to add a berm and most likely get a 100 yard range, 50 for sure, 25 as it sits right now. Since I probably will need a place to sleep between range sessions, the house is pretty nice too! Here in Virginia is the longest of any place I've lived, since I grew up an Army (civil service) brat, and went on to became a squid for 23+ years, I've moved a lot. No, A LOT. I am NOT looking forward to this move, but that crap ain't gonna pack itself, nor load itself, nor drive it's butt 12 hours and unload either, so it's us. I'm just glad it's us... And trust me on this, I'll not bring no "east coast liberal commie" ideas west with me...
  12. OMCHamlin

    Ruger LCP-Max

    I have one of the LCP customs, the one with the red aluminum trigger and (slightly) better sights. I like it because as a pocket gun, the trigger pull is long and heavy enough to act as a DA revolver type safety feature, but light enough to be usable. I managed to snag another one, sitting in my safe as a NIB "ready service spare". I'd snag an older, minty KelTec P32 in a second though, but have no desire for a "high cap" variant. Hard enough to get .32 to feed as it is and the whole point of a P32 is light and slim...
  13. Smart, cool, wonderful, good hiking partner, best friend, upwardly mobile in her profession, has MORE guns then you do.... Heck, why isn't SHE registered on this forum??? Seriously, I have a wife a lot like yours, except she was upwardly mobile enough to retire! (Which, now that we're retired, is why we're trying like heck to get our game together enough to retire to your great state from our once pretty darn good state (VA, gone to hell in a hand basket, but that's a story for another day...) My gal is a gun person and can out shoot me often enough to be mildly embarrassing (well, with a crowd around, I have to feign being embarrassed, but you know damn good and well inside, I'm near 'bout to blow up with pride for her!) As to knives, she has them, and likes them, but they are not as much a thing for her as, say, a nice Colt SAA or a Winchester 62 or the little old .410s she loves to collect. Last year, she finally decided she needed a pair of tall boots for the colder months (yay! girls look so hot in those!!!!) So I know she likes the older, simpler back lock style folders, like a Buck, so I ended up getting her a lightweight Buck 110, which is also much slimmer then a 110, found a nice looking all black pocket clip with a fairly long clip and attached it in place of the stock one and gave that to her. It's now her BOOT knife! She loves it, first time afterwards when she wore those, I asked her if she had "it", she said "of course I do, can't you see it?" She likes that one, and has a thing for miniature knives also, and keeps a Kershaw Agent in the console of her van. So lets get back to YOUR gal. She likes her auto, but is hesitant to pop it out in certain atmospheres within her profession. Okay, got it. How about one of those double action automatics? The ones where they have a hidden button or scale release and you can use it as a conventional folder, or an automatic by using the hidden release? That could literally solve that problem for her and give her the best of both worlds. Another suggestion; your profile says you live in East Tennessee, why not plan a trip to Smokey Mountain Knife Works for you, of course, but see if you can "drag her along" for the ride. As she's cruising through that huge KNIFE store with you, I bet she'll "oh & ah" over a few and give you a hint or two as to what trips her trigger. Good luck, find your "nice one", a nice one! Mine, a few (okay, more than a few) years ago at a local police pistol match. She always shot her Colt 1911, and by the time she got to the 25yd stage, she always seemed to have two or three RSOs behind her firing point, watching her build that cave in the 10/X ring...
  14. You're probably right, which is a drag. A few acres up a holler and a rancher with a pole barn was going to be our slice of Heaven. Wifey retired 1 Feb of last year, Had we known what was going to happen, we could have turned up the fire and got down there and bought and be all moved in by now, but a little delay, a few lockdowns and .... here we are... Things are cyclic sometimes, and maybe it will cool enough to make looking again worthwhile in a few years. Or not?
  15. Well, we still want to get out to that area and look again. We're thinking maybe next month, early in the month. Gal I've been working with out that way says let her know when we want to come out, but stuff has been flying off of the listings. We'll try it again, but I don't like bidding on an already overvalued house, and I won't unless it gives me darn near all of what I want in a house/land combo. I just crossed 59 1/2, so that cracks open access to some down payment cash and the market is strong out here on the shore in the "new benevolent democratic people's commonwealth of "best" Virginia". Folks from 'Jersey consider the shore an excellent place to retire I guess... If you didn't know better, you'd swear Chincoteague Island was a part of New Jersey, not Virginia.
  16. So, let's just suppose it's "us" going out there, and we're still thinking Crossville/Cookville/in-between/just east, etc..., where does a fella drive to catch the best gun shows in the area, are there any gun clubs that do any sort of matches, IDPA, plates, even...Bullseye? Are most on wells/septic, city/septic or city/sewer? How do wells tend to run out there, probably varies a good bit? Houses we've looked in that have basements sure seem dry, I mean really dry, gosh, what a pure joy to have a reloading room/bench/safe room down there, and the really stout "coffee table" on my back deck has these three little divots in a triangular pattern where some sort of rest must sit occasionally...
  17. Spent 20 years working on them, at NSSF/NLON, NWS Charleston (Site 4), back to NSSF/NLON, Charleston Naval Base (we were last major platform out the door, 95-96 or so), Guam, LaMaddalena, Italy, finishing out at an Aegis facility as a 3MC?? I only road them a couple times at sea, usually on the surface, where it's pretty crappy, to do some antenna work and stuff... They were good folk, odd, for sure, but good folk... Seen some cool stuff, ate some GOOD chow (IMA guys, if they're at all smart, show up at around 10:15 to do an arrival inspection for broke stuff), Their ships force support guy, they want to eat, but they want you to stick around, hence they feed you so they can tell their LPO that "IMA's here, working, working working!" LPOs love to go tell their DOs that the IMA is doing stuff (probably 'cause it's so damn RARE!!!)
  18. Apparently, it's become for "Lovers of the Causes of the Left...", citizen disarmament, critical race theory and third trimester abortion... Jackalope, that's what I'm trying to do, find a place not in town/city limits, so's I can shoot in my own back yard, that's a tough nut to crack right now. I was taken with both Crossville & Cookville, but I did see the more "woke" population in Cookville, for sure. Hey thanks for all that replied, I can use everything folks have posted. (Edit 8-3-21) I can say it's a "we" thing, I was born alone, but it looks like one of us will have to feed and change diapers on the other someday, till one of us croaks, which is cool. And we'll always have a scruffy, ill-mannered dog of some sort, because you can count on them, too!
  19. So since WELL before Covid, and BLM, and AntiFa, and liberal big city flight, I (we), have been planning to move back to the Sevier County area, or maybe a county next to it, but since Covid struck, we're screwed, doesn't matter that we "wanted" to move back to (my) home first, we simply can not afford to compete with overpaid liberal SOBs that can buy off Zillow, actual sight unseen, and be rich enough to fix any oversights once they get there and take possession. Besides that, Sevierville is sooo overpopulated with "tourons" , there's no way I'd move back here now, holy, cow, what a goat-rope! We've found a nice realtor in the Cookville/Crossville area, and after tooling around that neck of TN, I do think I could live there without difficulty. Plenty of stuff to do, medical infrastructure, shopping, etc... I'd really like feedback from dwellers of that area, about the shooting scene, gun shops, demographics (yes, I said that out loud), liberal scum population density (so far, looks very low!) Any thing you can add, I just want to find a place where I am surrounded by like minded thinkers (SCREW DIVERSITY, all diversity ever did was DIVIDE America and Americans, it's a load of bull!
  20. There's lots of folks with good, simple Green Dot & cast recipes for 45 (both), 44, .38, 9mm +p, heck, what's not to like? At least it's worth a....................... .........................................................shot...
  21. I came into several containers of smokeless powder from a friend who picked them up at an estate sale, several were open, but two, a 15# drum of Green Dot, and an 8# of same, both sealed, exterior clean, undamaged or stained. The other open powders, looking at the, they were clean, not clumpy and smelled fine (no ammonia smell). They are cardboard drums, so that's older, but I am going to open the smaller one and do a small batch of test loads in select pistol rounds (45 Acp, 9mm, .38 Spl) and see how it does. If it's good, I've just got a lot of fixin's for pistol ammo for a looong time... Would you try it, if you found it under those conditions?
  22. Yep, still down hard. Makes you wonder what was said...
  23. I guess I just assumed it was at half staff to mourn the death of a once great, freedom loving, prosperous nation. We half staff so much anymore, let's just leave it a half permanently, it means nothing anymore...
  24. Yep, the Shockwave has a shorter pump handle tube, like 6.75", I think. Listen, in my neck of the woods, Tractor Supply is doing a closeout on a forend light with their store brand; Treeline, made for Mossbergs and Remington 870s. The Mossberg one says it will work with the shorter action if you use their spacer (sold separately, but not actually available!?!?), so in reality, this will NOT work on a Shockwave. It does work nicely on my 590 and my buddies 870, so at 900 Lumens, and a $27 closeout price, I bought all they had. Maybe you might check Tractor Supply if you have one near you? Good luck. They're listed on eBay by other folks too, and that's where my extras will be in a week or so.
  25. I wish I could take strong issue with your sentiment, but alas, I cannot. I hope for a better year, and I wish as much to each of you and your families, but I expect that 2021 will be either somewhat worse then 2020, or MUCH, MUCH worse then 2020, but I can say this, the tick of a second hand, going across midnight to the morning of 2021 changed nothing and time marches on. Things are not getting better, don't fool yourselves into thinking otherwise.


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