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  1. I had no ill effects from the first shot of the Moderna vaccine, but the second made me pretty uncomfortable; chills, aching joints, etc. That lasted only about 18 hours though. Hope your wife is over it soon.
  2. I once gave serious consideration to making my own black powder. But most of the instructions you read tell you to dig a hole, line it with blocks, and put your ball mill in there so that if it just happens to blow up all the force will go straight up in the air. I guess I'll let the pros grind the powder and I'll just shoot it. I saw a YouTube video of some kid using an electric coffee grinder to grind the various components!!! So far as I know he's still alive with all his fingers and both eyes, but I'm getting toward the end of my years on earth and don't want to shorten that number unnecessarily.
  3. My biggest problem is that the rifle is so long that I can hardly hold it on-target. My coon-skin cap is off to the old timers who could hold steady with one of those. I need sticks or a tree or something to keep my aim on. And I'm not a lightweight.
  4. I love my traditional muzzle-loader for deer. I've not killed anything but paper with a modern rifle in a long, long time. Archery or BP for me. I have a flintlock Ky rifle that I've shot quite a bit, but never used for hunting. I really should give that a try....
  5. When people hear that I moved here from Washington, one of the first questions I get is along the lines of, "Doesn't it rain a lot there?" Listen folks, WA has NOTHING on TN when it comes to rain! It probably rains more days there, but one can go outside and work in it most of the time. I can go outside and shower when it rains here.
  6. OK, but I had a similar experience with civilian doctors. I went to a pulmonary specialist when I was experiencing shortness of breath and on the second visit he tried to give me a second inhaler. I finally insisted on different testing and when i got home had a call telling me to get to the ER because of extensive pulmonary emboli. My point is that your experience wasn't so much the VA as the doctor, just as mine wasn't private health care but that particular doctor. My experience with the VA has been great, I'm sorry yours wasn't.
  7. I've had nothing but good, positive experiences with the VA. One thing I find is that their doctors are generally younger, fresh out of school and getting clinical experience before moving on to a more lucrative career. There may be some negatives in that, but the big benefit is that they've been more recently exposed to the newest information. I never hesitate to use VA medical services.
  8. This kind of thing just makes me nuts. (See AuEagle's post above.) We have PHD's on both sides of the issue giving us opposing information, and all of it seems reasonable to me. One group of smart people telling me that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan. Another group of smart people telling me that it's unlikely. One group of smart people telling me a paper mask is going to help alleviate spread of the virus (which I find implausible), another group telling me paper masks are going to save us all. We have Dr. Fauci telling us that masks aren't going to do anything, and few months later suggesting we wear two. We have candidates Joe Biden and Kamela Harris telling us they don't trust the "Trump" vaccine, but President Biden and Vice President Harris tell us that taking the vaccine is mandatory. Our "scientific experts" and the political class really should get their act together and stop confusing the issue with contradictory proclamations every fourth day!
  9. Every society sets some age or rite of passage to become an adult. In a family or a small tribe it's pretty easy to determine such things on an individual basis, assuming the people making the determination are up to the task. In a society of 300 million we have to have some "blanket" polices to make those calls.
  10. I graduated at 17 and surely wasn't ready for the world. But I WAS ready for the Marine Corps and the four years I spent there did a pretty good job of knocking some sense into me and giving me a skill set that served me very well for the rest of my life. I know the military isn't for everyone, but for me it was a perfect transition from boy to man.
  11. I was a young Jarhead going to "A" school in Millington in 75 and was happily surprised I could legally spend all my money at the titty bars in Memphis. I think the 18 yo drinking law was good for the bar owners, but probably not for anyone else. At least I got that out of my system early.
  12. I saw a reader board this morning at a local gun / pawn shop saying "Small Rifle Primers In Stock", so of course I had to stop and check it out. $125 / thousand. They still had as many when I left as when I walked in. I was thinking a retailer would probably be a little closer to what I consider "reasonable". Think again.
  13. I don't pay for it, but I did get an account. I thought the NYT allowed a small number of views without an account, though.
  14. Having taken the jabs, I sure hope you're wrong on this one! Maybe the anticoagulant I have to take will offset the anti-Chinese-Flu shot?
  15. I'm with you, Bob, with the caveat that voting and draft age should both probably be 21 as well. I know there are plenty of folks who are thoughtful and mature at 18, and plenty who are not at 21, but when I think back to my own behavior at 18-20 it gives me pause. And I was one of those carrying an M16 in the Corps (at least at the rifle range). I was too irresponsible to be driving at 16, too, though through some miracle neither I nor anyone else paid a price for it. I think Mr. Frog is right, so long as 18 is legally an adult, then 18 y/o's should have all adult rights. But I'm not convinced many 18 y/o's really are "adult". And in a lot of jurisdictions there has been debate about whether to give 16 y/o's the vote.....
  16. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/15/opinion/gun-control-safety-laws.html The opinion piece itself is pretty predictable from Gail Collins, and at least she acknowledges that "gun safety" is a euphemism for "gun control". But take a look at the comments! I could only get through a couple dozen before I had to stop or burst a vessel. We're up against it in places like New York City, folks.
  17. Wow! Great opportunity! I love my R1200RT.
  18. I still enjoy the sport. Professional xball players are incredible athletes, and I'm always impressed at the skill and dedication required to play professional sports. But what turned me off to watching are the commercials. Change of possession? Commercials. Time out? Commercials. End of the period? Commercials. Of course that all goes back to how much the athletes are paid; that money has to be generated somehow. But the continuity of the game has been destroyed.
  19. None of that approaches the train wreck of my beloved Washington Huskies. They were 40 point favorites in their opener and lost to MONTANA!!!!! ARGH!
  20. I think there's a local car show in Crossville once a month or so, so that's a good suggestion and I'll try it.
  21. It's my wife's car, and she's a LOT meaner than me! So beware. I'm actually pretty good at painting motorbikes and have done a couple of trucks and a car with good results. I won't even THINK of trying her car!


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