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  1. I know that soldiers were expected to fire three shots from a percussion cap rifle, and I've no doubt that some can do it with a flintlock. But those that can are beyond "well-trained" I think. Certainly I cannot come close to that. Of course in the movie, "The Last of the Mohicans" the characters were able to reload while running uphill. I was pretty impressed by that!
  2. You probably need to be accurate with your first shot, as if you just wing a deer it will be long gone before a follow up shot. I'm just guessing, but I'd say 30-45 seconds for a reload and shot. You don't have to swab the barrel after every shot, but you do have to blow it out to be sure there are no embers in there. (My neighbor had to go to the ER when he dumped powder down a barrel with sparks still there.) Your powder is probably pre-measured, but seating a ball takes a few seconds, more if you're cutting a patch after seating. The ball is first started, then rammed home, in my case with different tools. Then you charge the pan, set the frizzen and cock the action. I'm sure it could be done pretty quickly with a LOT of practice, but it takes me quite a while.
  3. I've been casting for years, and find it to be quite rewarding and fun. All of my molds are from Lee, and I have good luck with them once I've cast a dozen or so throw-aways and the molds get hot. There are two manuals that are pretty useful to casters: The Lee reloading manual and the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Both have lot of good information, and the Lee manual includes some insight into alloy strength. A very, very good forum for cast bullets is: https://castboolits.gunloads.com/ Some of the guys you'll find there could probably write their own bullet-casting manuals. I've tried powder-coating some .308 bullets, and while it's kinda cool, I'm not sure it's very utilitarian. Gas checks help you push velocities, and paper patching can really make for some accurate rifle bullets, though I've not tried it.
  4. Not so much this year, Georgia excepted. It seems that there's an awful lot of offensive firepower out there winning games for teams with poor defenses. USC's defense has been spotty, UT's, and my favorite WA Huskies have hardly any defense at all, but do have the ability to score most any time they get the ball. Personally, I prefer a defensive contest. I'd rather see a 10-7 or 21-17 game than seeing 100 points on the scoreboard. But I realize that I'm a dinosaur in that respect.
  5. I'm a bit puzzled at the way the Pac12 decided who would be in the championship game, too. USC finished 11-1, with the best record in the conference. The Huskies finished 10-2, with Utah and Whoregon finishing 9-3. But Utah is going to the championship game. UW, Utah, and Whoregon were each 8-2 in conference play, and that was what was used to determine which team faces SC. All three teams remained tied through 3 tiebreakers, but the fourth considered strength of schedule, and Utah was a smidge better there. SO much of college football rankings and bowl selections are subjective.....
  6. Only if USC loses their conference championship game, in which they will be favored by at least a TD. I'm sometimes baffled by what the selection committee does, but I don't see Ohio St. in the CFP even if Michigan loses to Purdue next weekend. More likely that Ohio St. will go to the Rose Bowl, in my opinion.
  7. I have that problem with beer cans. Yesterday I picked up some kind of glass pipe, I think a bong, but maybe for something else.
  8. Darrell


    A Remington Nylon 66 purchased in 1969 when I was 13 at the local hardware store. I think I paid about $60, which was quite a stretch for me. I remember paying the man and walking out with the unserialised rifle and a couple boxes of ammo. (My dad was with me, I'm sure old man Demopolis wouldn't have sold it to me had I been alone.) And in those days a kid could walk down the street with a 22 and a couple of dead rabbits without causing any stir at all. I still have the rifle and still shoot it fairly often. It's been trouble-free all these years. Heck, I might pull it out and shoot it today!
  9. College football is like that... unless you're Georgia this year. Michigan should have lost, Ohio State didn't have a great game, TCU barely pulled it off..... But I'm sure we can all agree on one thing now: that the Washington Huskies are the most fun team to watch and we should all pull for them to win the Apple Cup next Saturday!!
  10. It sure is on my 45-70. I shoot some big-bore rifles, including a 50 BMG, but the 45-70 is THE thumper.
  11. I reckon all you Volunteer fans who are still holding out hopes of the CFB playoffs owe my Washington Huskies a big THANK YOU this morning! The Filthy Ducks are out of the way. (Whoops... somehow I thought Oregon was ranked ahead of TN. I just checked and see it's the opposite. ) Isn't it odd how a team (the Huskies) can be SO good on offense and so bad on defense? I got used to excellent Husky defenses, but for the past couple of years the D has been the big weakness. Anyway, I'm happy with their win. Vandy was pretty darned impressive, too.
  12. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi!
  13. Stop in to Tabor's Pawn Shop and talk to them. They do a pretty strong business there, and I've purchased a couple of used guns from them. I have no idea at all if they'd be interested, but if you're in Crossville it's not out of your way. Good luck.
  14. But don't you feel badly for Nick Saban? He's lost two games by a total of four points this season... two losses is almost an unforgivable sin in Tuscaloosa. I'm happy that my Washington Huskies are 7-2 (same as Bama, LOL) but I fear they're going to fall to the Filthy Ducks next Saturday in Eugene, OR.
  15. Sorry to be a spoil sport, but I predict some long faces here in TN after the game. Georgia is good on both sides of the ball, and they'll be at home.
  16. I've never heard of the 1 year requirement, and I believe I purchased a handgun from an FFL before I'd been a Tennessee resident for a year. I am certain that I obtained a Tennessee CCP before I'd lived here a full year. The federal requirement is that handguns may only be purchased by residents of the state. Once you're a legal resident of Tennessee, you can purchase a handgun. Rifles and shotguns may be purchased by non-state-residents. I also believe that requirement applies only to firearms dealers, however I would not consider selling a firearm to anyone that I knew or suspected is not a state resident, just as a CYA.
  17. The price of diesel is skyrocketing again, which drives the price of everything you buy at any store. I read that the reserves of diesel are dangerously low right now, too. Yesterday I passed a station posting a price of $5.30 a gallon. Scary stuff!
  18. H110 is available on the Hodgdon website, and in the 8# jug at Powder Valley.
  19. I'm pretty new to Tennessee, so not really a Vol's fan, but I'm very pleased that they beat Alabama. It's nice to see the home-town team beat Bama!
  20. What really irks me about this conversation is that the rules are, as GreyFox54 put it, "fuzzy". I think that the vast majority of gun owners want to stay 100% within the law, but if the law and rules aren't clear it becomes easy to inadvertently find oneself on the wrong side of the question. The feds know that 80% kits are available and popular, and they would be doing all of us a favor if they'd just clearly and simply state the rules. And maybe monkeys will fly out their butts, too.
  21. Check this for yourself, I'm no attorney, but as I understand it a SN is only required if an FFL buys or sells the gun. An individual is NOT allowed to build an 80% frame with the intent to sell it, but it's still legal to sell it, say if the original builder has had it for some length of time and no longer wants it. For an individual selling face to face in Tennessee, no background check is required, no paperwork is required, and therefore the gun need not be serialized. Most of the suppliers of 80% frames / lowers have information on their websites. Here's one website that addresses the issue: https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/can-i-sell-or-give-my-homemade-gun-another-person.htm#:~:text=There is no federal regulation,intent of the firearm's maker. Be aware, of course, that rules and laws change pretty rapidly, and there is a lot of push to totally ban homemade firearms. Do your due dilegence! The information on at least one 80% seller's website advises AGAINST ever selling a firearm you build yourself.
  22. For some reason I don't have a rifle chambered in .243. (Well, I do have an RPR in 6mm Creedmore, which I like a LOT.) I see that Rural King sells a Savage Axis combo, with a scope, for a touch under $400. For that price it might be worth buying one just to see what I think of the cartridge. What are your experiences with the Savage Axis rifles. The RK version doesn't have the accutrigger, but I think that's okay.


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