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  1. In the process of escaping the North East myself. The liberal dump known as Mass.
  2. Had pretty good luck with Bayou and these guys- https://www.missouribullet.com/ .Used 160 gr mostly for Steel Challenge. Made some bowling pin hammers in 255 gr. Boy did they hit hard. Used to use Black Bullets a lot but I started getting undersized, either mixed in or the entire order. Gave up after that.
  3. I'm kinda partial to Bullseye, but knocked out some 180's using 4227. Nice and stout.
  4. Its out there. Although it looks like Hogue makes a majority of the grips these days. I'm kinda partial to the X frame overmoulded on all my N frames. You can still get Big Butts. I use these 2 places along with SpeedBeez https://tkcustom.com/ https://www.revolversupply.com/
  5. A used Henry in either .357 or .44
  6. Yea, I don't know what the issue is. The original pic is from a cellphone, maybe it translates different for a copy-and-paste. Or maybe its copying it from another website that causes it to go wonky. Copy of a copy of a copy.
  7. Picked this up as used out of the classifieds up here a few weeks ago. Wasn't used much , I can tell you that. Was waiting for about a year for one to pop up. 20" oct barrel, .357, case hardened. Short money too, considering the state of things. Had a Braztech/ Rossi 92 a few years back but sold it. Twist rate for that was waaaaaaay off. Couldn't hammer out a load for what I was doing.
  8. How long did it take to go back to normal in 2008? If Winchester's backlogged for at least a year, then I'll give it 2
  9. That C&R actually is a fantastic idea. I think I'll go that route prior to moving down just to avoid what I've been reading on this thread.
  10. Thanks. I'll see what I can get for info online for those 2 places. Have you tried the Dead Zero Training range? Any thoughts on that? That popped up in a search, looked waaaaaaaay different from whats up here. Handgun is fairly predominant around where I'm at. Not much over 200 yds. Maybe I'll get back into c.m.p. now that theres an Optics provision. Will have to build something for that. Got a Pod showing up on 12/21 and its off to long term storage. They'll ship that down flatbed. Looks like I'll still have to rent a truck at a later date to haul all my tools down. House sold, so that
  11. Afternoon. Currently in Mass, but will be moving down in July/Aug. I should say back down, was stationed at Ft Campbell back in the early 90's. Looking for any recommendations on clubs/ranges/websites around the Chattanooga area. Mostly for handgun competitions (Steel Challenge/ U.S.P.S.A/ I.D.P.A/ Outlaw shoot/ Pin Shoots/ etc), eventually getting back into rifle and would like to give P.R.S. a try. Practiscore really doesn't give me a lot of info.


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