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  1. I thought they only had 14 days to figure it out?
  2. I'll look into that tnhawk, thank you. Now that I know exactly what's apparently bothering them, I'm not worried about getting denied without it being overturned really, I'd just like to get it cleared up. What was the cause of your initial denials? I was thinking the UPIN was for those with common names and such and that being the problem. My name isn't that common, and since I know that's not the issue here I'm not sure the UPIN would help, but it can't hurt right?
  3. I think I have been really forthcoming about indiscretions of my youth Raoul, and if you can show me where I said it surprises me that it "bites me in the ass" I'll thank you and correct it. I was surprised at the denial because I have legally purchased dozens of firearms through FFL's (in California) over the last three decades, so I think all of a sudden getting denied in a free state would surprise you too. But I am NOT a prohibited person and have never committed a crime that would prohibit me from owning a firearm, and in fact paid for my lesser violations with plenty of money and even a
  4. Not sure, but it seems to be more prevalent with TN I am learning. Frustrating because for all the good that in Tennessee, well, this isn't good. In my case I hate to blame them because it's due to stupid #### I did when I was young, but it would be nice to clear this up once and for all because I am not a prohibited person. Anyway, as was suggested to me on this forum, perhaps download the application for a C&R 003 FFL and pay the $30, you'll most likely get an answer within a couple weeks at to what is causing this and you can work on clearing it up. There are a few cases of this ha
  5. Sorry to hear of your troubles Don, that's really frustrating. I'll bet in your case perhaps a common name, it seems the only other thing that causes this is an arrest and for some reason the case is never disposed of properly in the records dept. Here's an update on mine... I applied for a C&R as suggested here (thank you Dave) and received a letter back from the ATF saying there were a couple issues from 1988 and 1989 that had "no disposition" on record. They listed the date of arrest, the jurisdiction and the charges. I contacted the San Bernardino County Courts in SoCal and g
  6. TriggerZ, that thing is the epitome of baddassery. I guess you've already thought that through, but I'd have a hard time letting that go.
  7. Not necessarily. It makes it well known to the feds that we are in an area that does NOT approve or want gun control. That makes us a hard target instead of an easy one. Look, I came from California, home of MILLIONS of illegal aliens living off the government tit. Totally flaunts fed law and the feds did nothing about it. The times the feds raided tuna factories and almond fields they got the cold shoulder and zero help from the local LEO agencies. The state filed lawsuits against the feds and tied it up in court. Also look at the pot thing. Totally illegal by fed law, but CA (and other
  8. Welcome from a (shudder) SoCal ex-pat and now Tennessee resident. Make it happen OP, whatever it takes... it's worth it.
  9. I'm looking for a Rem 700 in .22-250, no heavy barrels please, but the triangle VTR is ok. I prefer a FTF transaction in E. Tennessee to avoid the TICS BS I had to deal with last year. Looking to buy, but I have a Gen 3 Glock 17 in OD green (unfired) I'd probably be willing to put towards it if you need a G17. I'm a Rem 700 guy so that's my druthers, but if you have a high quality rifle or barreled action in the caliber I'll listen. Trying to put together a hike-able 'yote gun. I have a beautiful XR-100 in .22-250 but I think it weighs as much as my motorcycle. Thanks, Lance.
  10. Cool thanks, and in turn I'll let you in on a secret. If I was a single issue voter Trump wouldn't be my guy, he isn't any great friend of the 2A enthusiast.
  11. Fresh from California here, you sir are wrong. They will attempt to chisel, hammer, poke, scrape, and eventually demolish your gun rights ASAP.
  12. I was delayed once in CA for a couple days, no explanation but they cleared it pretty quickly. I hear that can happen for all kinds of reasons. Other than that I bought dozens of guns there, other than the ridiculous ten day waiting period it always went smoothly there.
  13. I get it guys, I just feel without them we'll see the erosion of the 2nd even quicker. I have no beefs with anyone that decides to go GOA or any other gun rights org, as long as we are doing something. I'm a GOA member along with a few other, I send them more than I do the NRA these days. We all know about Wayne's suits and travel expenses etc... He's pretty much like the TV preacher asking Jesus for a Lear Jet through your donations. But that doesn't mean the message is necessarily bad right? Let's not forget who it is trying to make him look even worse than he is, we have a true enemy o
  14. Were you denied or delayed papa61? Did you send in the appeal then?


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