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  1. It would be gone if it was local to me, I can tell you that much.
  2. Hey Sleep profit... I'm interested in the rifle.
  3. I'll probably be coming to the Knoxville show tomorrow or Sunday, if you want to PM me a phone number I wouldn't mind coming to take a look at this.
  4. Is this a paid hunt alleycat72? If so, do you want to share the outfitter? The prospect of a non-resident going down for a couple days in TX and killing wild hogs on public land is laughably small. I've "hunted" high fence place before and they run the gamut but most aren't real challenging and it's expensive.
  5. If you can own antique guns, and you can in Tennessee as of 2019, why not just buy a nice lever action build before 1900 and use that? I mean the .30-30 came about in 1895, so that's what I would be looking for. Not sure if the OP was a troll or not, but that's the kind of charge a good lawyer might get reduced. Sorry for your troubles OP, I am 59 years old and I occasionally have things I did when I was 18 haunt me. One time Canada didn't want to let me in there because I had a charge from when I was 17 years old for doing a burnout in a guy's parking lot, they called it vandalism and Canada takes that very seriously.
  6. Any update on this OP?
  7. She does, Susan Rice that is. That blubbering fool Xiden is in no way coherent enough to see anything through other than his metamucil.
  8. I'm in the N/E Tri Cities area, the gun shows around here are stale! Is the Lebanon show worth the drive if for no other reason than to see some different guns and faces? Pretty good size show? Do they have any beef jerky and electro-pain stimulators?
  9. Well you didn't miss anything at the Gray show at the fairgrounds Fujimo. Hoping for a little better at Knoxville Expo next month. Even half of the regulars were missing.... And yes, I wish there were none of those junk tables at any gun show. I get it for the promoter, they're selling tables, but how about have everything non-firearms in their own row. I don't need candied almonds or fried pickles... that crap is for the carnival.
  10. More like eight this time in my case! Sold quickly, good job guys.
  11. If you're coming to N/E Tennessee for any reason I'll take that off your hands OP.
  12. *** UPDATE *** Received my 03 FFL in the mail today. Thank you DaveTN for that suggestion, I now know exactly what the holdup was - the BS domestic charge my ex-filed and the DA dropped but the disposition didn't show up. A couple of back and forth letters, phone calls, and e-mails with the lady from the ATF and we got it all squared away. Now... curious as to what will happen when I buy a modern firearm. Another denial from TICS? I am going to send TBI/TICS a copy of all my paperwork, not sure if that matter or if it will help, but in any event any denials should be quickly overturned I would think. Much thanks to everyone who had helped and supported through this mess!


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