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  1. This is Bob inKnoxville. There is a guy on a Garand forum site who wants to buy some cans. Can you PM me with some contact information and I will pass it along. thanks, Bob
  2. M-60 links. I gave away around 5k last April when I sold my last belt fed.
  3. Heard back from CMP. Five month waiting period. Not Christmas but maybe in my Easter basket.
  4. Around here you can find it at Home Depot and some auto parts stores. Luriplate is the grease many guys put in the boot of outboard motors as it’s waterproof. Some guys use Mobil 1 grease.
  5. Fire ants do that to me.
  6. I was at Ft. Stewart, Ga in a formation when a Colonel called out a Lieutenant who had flea collars on both boots and lips smeared with a white cream. One of the few times I saw an officer chewed out in front of troops in my 20 year career. We all ate dirt which was better than the chow. Bugs, hogs, snakes, alligators…all part of the job. Armored cav.
  7. I would suggest grease instead of oil. Lubriplate would be a good suggestion. The above info is good as all firearms need breaking in.
  8. I think the issue of supply and demand is a factor. Right now it is demand. Until the demand side is satisfied reloading components will remain hard to find. Loaded ammo is coming back. So hopefully, the reloading components will not be far behind. If one was not ready for this shortage so be it, a lesson learned. As far as profits are concerned, yeah they will make as much as they can. It’s the American way.
  9. I have read that primers and such are being used in production of loaded ammo. The ammo production companies can’t make fast enough to support demand. So we (reloaders) are on the short end of the stick. So if one didn’t stock up it is unfortunate, hopefully it will past
  10. I have a Thumler’s model 45 (1000 .30-06 cases) almost new, used once. Also have large ultrasonic cleaner, NIB. I double ordered on the cleaner and the Thumler’s is over kill since I have the smaller size. Problem is, I’m in Knoxville.
  11. I want to rebarrel in .30-06. The CMP has several in stock. I’m unsure of the diameter, I’ll have to check if they list any specs. Also, it may be the bolt and wear on the locking surfaces. As you know, the receiver locking faces can’t be seen without removing the barrel. Well maybe if one has a bore scope. Unfortunately my bore scope is 9mm. Thanks for the great info. I’ll pm you for more info.
  12. I’m a customer of CMP. I have yet to understand what it takes to send this rifle to them. I have emailed them with questions but have not had a response.
  13. I need a gunsmith around Knoxville to rebarrel a model of 1917 aka P17. Apparently it takes a dedicated wrench. Thanks for any and all help.
  14. Any left handed holsters?
  15. How about a S&W .460 mag in stainless? Might be available if price is right.
  16. Can you borrow another rifle from a buddy, or take him shooting with the problem ammo? The primer in your pics looks good. No over pressure signs. The case on the other hand looks scratched up. The damage to the rim is likely the extractor tearing the rim in an effort to do its job. I would agree with the above, however you said you had ‘rounds’ stuck in the barrel. Do you mean bullets or casings? That is important.
  17. Not being prepared for this mess is a real bummer. It’s a wake up call for a lot of reloaders. I don’t go to the range as often as I use to, but I still reload. It gives me something to do while I sit on my backside at home. I understand that I’ll never shoot what I have piled up, but once all the great nephews and such get the contents of my vaults (U.S. military weapons) they will have plenty of fodder to feed the firearms. Too be honest, I enjoy reloading more than shooting.
  18. My choice is my MP5K spray and pray. 30 rounds in under 2 seconds. Believe me, that will get their attention.
  19. I have a bunch of .45’s from US property marked 1911 to 1911A1’s to Springfields and Rocks race guns. I purchased a Tisas .45 and 9mm. Wow, what a set of guns. Cheap but shoot great. I think they out perform the Norinco. Tight as Dicks hatband. I purchased these to see just how bad a Turkish gun could be. Boy was I surprised. Well, I would carry either one into a gun fight which I hope never happens.
  20. I have at least 10+ boxes of Federal .32 Auto, 71 grain, fmj. Maybe more if I scrounge through my stuff. I’m in Knoxville. Also, over on the forum “Reloading equipment only! No components “. Someone has a three die set for .32 auto up for trade or sale.
  21. I would like to buy around 50 to 100 pieces of brass for the .30-40 Kraig. Thanks
  22. In my home, I’m a revolver fan. Out on the road where I’m alert, it’s a auto.
  23. If one has other persons sleeping in different rooms, then I would think very hard on what I would use in the case of the need to use firearms. Me…I would rather do some sheet rock and paint rather than burying one of my kids.


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