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  1. I looked for surplus mags. . not a lot out there right now in stock that I could find other than Korean or Croation mags and I was not really too keen on those. I bought a dozen of the Magpul $13.99 non gen 3. I expect they should be alright.
  2. Does anyone have any personal experience with Magpul AK mags? I noticed a huge price difference in the "gen 3"ones with the metal locking tab. But internet scuttle doesn't seem to be to be too harsh on the earlier style with just polymer. They both just have polymer feedlips. My only experience with AK mags were the chinese flatbacks which were always good to go back when I had them and my Poly Tech. Thanks
  3. I have the XS big dot on my Shock Wave and I like it a lot. Just jumps on target and is more accurate than I thought it would be. Also, I don't think I would worry too much about the barrel thing. When you install you remove your threaded bead then install the threaded bead that comes with it with just a dot of blue loc-tite. Then you epoxy the XS big dot to the bead. Should you ever want to take it off I think the bead would come off pretty good with heat by turning the sight, but I could be wrong.
  4. Naw. . its just the angle of the dangle. . .lol
  5. It ain't great but probably as good as you are going to get anytime soon. . . https://www.targetsportsusa.com/red-army-standard-7-62-39mm-ammo-122-grain-fmj-steel-case-am3092-p-110331.aspx
  6. I'll hit some somewhere sooner or later. . I pretty much only buy and sell from individuals on TGO.
  7. I have the AK bug...but I'm not going to get one until I secure some ammo. This morning Target sports had 640 round spam cans of Red Army Standard polymer 7.62x39 for .40 cents per round shipped 55 available. I put 4 in cart but had no account there..in the three minutes it took to create the account and get the activation email it was all gone...wow
  8. No, I didn't have a 5/32" punch its coming today. Should get to do it this evening or tomorrow evening
  9. That is crazy. . when I bought my shockwave I bought a 250 round case of Federal LE low recoil flight control wad 00 buck and a 250 round case of federal Le low recoil rifled slugs slugs for right at $365 shipped in late 2018 at SG Ammo, granted that was before they started collecting sales tax as well. . but still thats crazy.
  10. I know all ammo is high but is no name 00 buck that high too..
  11. Found this in the safe...I bought it in Feb 2015 for one of my ARs and had it on there for about a year before deciding I wanted an ACOG. It was 202.00 shipped to my door, it works great, very bright in the upper settings has 2 NV settings, AR co witness height quick throw mount, up to 50000 hour battery life, nitrogen purged, with kill flash and a life time warranty on this model. It was their first offering with that 50000 hour emitter itt is built like a tank but I think it's just a little big for red dot...how bout $60 bucks..located in Lenoir City.
  12. I hear you...I have two AR's both are Palmetto State. One is built on a complete MOE lower that came with the SSA-E already installed ( I bought it a few years ago on a black friday sale for $249) and man I could sure tell the difference between that one and the other that is just their standard mil spec trigger. I picked this one up on sale for $179, I'm sure there are probably better values but I wanted both to have the same trigger.
  13. Anybody done one of these before? I am fairly new to ARs and would love to hear any advice before I tear into this. I believe there is an installation video on you tube I'm going check out. But, I thought I might ask if any of the intelligent folks here that may have experience for any tips or things to be wary of. Thanks for the time.


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