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  1. Speaking of PCC I haven't seen anybody else on TGO say they have bought one but I bought one of the PSA AK-V's last June. Much longer 10" barrel and of course it has the SB3 brace. I still have not tried it out yet but at the time I thought it would be a fun little gun to shoot on the cheap as at the time you could get brass 9mm for $170.00 per 1000.
  2. I was looking at the same thing too. . it does look a little different than a regular SB Brace and collapses a little shorter (I dont even know if that matters). I was reading on another forum and someone on it was saying that the reason it was singled out is in its description provided by Q to the ATF did not state its intended use as a brace. But hell who knows. To me its fundamentally like all other SB braces including the two that I own. I just hope in defending the Honey Badger SB Tactical doesn't drag all the others in by saying this one is no different from the ones you they are allowin
  3. All in all pretty good deal in todays market Aim has brass cased 9MM for $19.95 per 50. Link below: https://aimsurplus.com/medef-venom-9mm-115grn-fmj-ammunition-50rd-box/ Hope maybe it helps somebody out.
  4. turkeydad

    PSA Dagger

    I will concede beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I do like Palmetto States stuff I have 2 of their ARs and an AK-V. I guess I'm kinda out of the loop on the price points of polymer 9mm pistols. But the way that mag just sticks out the bottom and it's all so square everywhere.I just can't help looking at it and thinking if the 1977 Ford Granada was a pistol that is what it would look like. But I don't like Glocks either so there you go. I assume accessories and aftermarket parts for the glock also fit the Granada?
  5. turkeydad

    PSA Dagger

    Please forgive me for going all Ulysses Everett Mcgill on this subject but I don't get it Big Dan. What is the big draw? It looks like an ugly Glock clone with an ill fitting magazine. Is it the just the price point?
  6. I guess that's pretty good for the times. And to be honest I do get Magic Carpet Rides point. I almost always buy my ammo from sgammo. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but it seemed during the last crises their prices didn't spike as quickly as many others did online. But I certainly don't begrudge SG for being able to make some money when they can. I imagine from the manufacturer all the way down to the retailer there all getting a piece of price difference.
  7. I know. . I loaded up on .16 and .17 cent per round FMJ brass case 9mm and 27 to 30 cent per round brass case 556 during the good times. And it feels good.
  8. I'm getting that way. . . I'm actually sitting quite pretty on ammo myself, but for some reason I can't help myself from looking in on the train wreck
  9. From what I'm seeing from online sellers. . we have no friends.
  10. I have one with the SB brace on it in 14" it's a lot of fun
  11. Well I think some of the online stores are kinda hoping for a buying panic. I noticed PSA upped the price on some of their "whatever" plus 10 or 7 Pmag offerings.
  12. as far as ammo affecting the performance of a "quality" semi auto in 9mm I would be more inclined to be of the notion that more potent loaded ammo hides other issues...I had a glock 26 never felt good to me...and I would occasionally get limp wrist failures with target loads..couldnt make it do it with +P+ 9pble
  13. thanks so much guys...mucho helpful
  14. need a sling for my AR..16" mid length ...in magpul MOE furniture any good recommendations that won't break the bank...I've looked a little and to tell the truth its hard to tell what you need for connecting to the rifle...
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