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  1. Dear Lord why oh why must you be on the other side of the state. I have been looking for one of these.
  2. To be perfectly honest I don't think Biden gives two ####s about really stirring up gun control. Sure he talked about it while trying to get elected but after the election he hasn't said #### until his own base started up asking where he was at. Don't get me wrong I'm not singing Bidens praises by no means. But in todays gun market if he really wanted to make it hard on gun owners just ban the importation of guns and ammo. That can be done with executive order and has been done before. Just my two cents.
  3. These "Biden Executive Actions". . note not orders . .are nothing more than just lip service to pander to his constituents. The ATF is already knee deep into braces and non serialized incomplete lowers, but cant do anything without legislative change, the rest of his mumbo jumbo does not have any teeth to it at all. Don't get me wrong we need to be diligent but we cant let them further divide us. There are millions of us that own braces, We wouldn't even have to show up to fight, just not comply and all turn ourselves in at the same time and demand our 10 year sentences. Sure nob
  4. Yeah that is crazy. . Vepr's used to command somewhat more money that a garden variety AK, but not at that ratio. Thats 1.5 times new Polytech Legen pricing
  5. I finally got around to putting the little trigger in. It went pretty wellyesterday
  6. I thought about that and in hindsight it would have worked I was just afraid with my luck it would have been overtightened (it wasn't) $11 bucks was worth the piece of mind.
  7. I got mine in and put it on...super easy with an $11 tool from Amazon. I think we are going to get along just fine.
  8. It's been awhile since I had purchased from Midway...I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't collect Tn sales tax.
  9. I just ordered mine from Midway...thanks for that,
  10. That makes a little sense now. . I thought you had the 14" shockwave like I have. The 14 inch has the shorter 5 round tub tube sso the ones you returned should work correctly on mine. Since you have the longer barrel you have the longer tube and need the 590 version, TL Racker needs to clean that fitment guide up a little. Did you use an AR wrench this time?
  11. I about to order one with the tool for $18.50 to remove the nut the other day from GG&G, I mean in cart bout to enter the credit card number and I held off. I'm really curious too. GG&G makes a big fuss about the 500/590 and the Shockwave being different.


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