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  1. Chinese Sks in good condition. Comes with 2 duck bill mags and around 200 rounds of ammo. Selling this and the o3a3 sporter in 30 06 for next year's elk fund. $600 SKS and $500 for 06. Located by Seymour, Maryville, South Knox. Looking for a Tikka /Sako in 7 mag.
  2. 30 06, semi sporterized, Leupold base and rings, Tasco 4-12x40 with aol. Picked this up awhile back. Was going to do some more work on it to make it into a backup elk rifle. Not sighted in, can remove scope. Got my eye on something else now. $500. Trade towards a barreled Tikka action in 06, 7mag, 300wsm. Can add $. Seymour, Maryville, Knoxville areas.
  3. Trying to do a belly crawl on an antelope and have a snake in your face is not fun. I can see you definatly have no experience with snakes close up in your face. Your opinion is nothing but air. Blasting away?
  4. Crawling around trying to ninja up on a antelope and have a snake start rattling 2 feet away makes this fat 67 year old not joining any track team anytime soon
  5. I have been thinking the same. Smallest shot i have is #6
  6. Looking for at least 5 rounds. I have checked the internet with no luck. Every year except last in Wyoming we run into a snake. This is a just in case of too close. Located by Knoxville. Will pay for shipping also. Thank you.
  7. Welcome and hide your money. Stay away from the classifieds, lol.
  8. S&W 5 shot 38. Anymore needed to get me out of that situation means I messed up big. I use to take chances but now the chances are alot less attractive. The H&K is too heavy
  9. Looks like the rest of my add disapeared? Looking to trade towards something in a lower power for an ar. 1-4 or something similiar. Or an older Leupold 3-9 to put on the 03A3? I still have a few $ from my SSI check
  10. I vote for the majority rules. If I get bumped back so be it. I can usually spot a scam. Still waiting to hear back from that rich widow woman though
  11. Not a smart thing to do. That is going to cost him.
  12. Keep it as your retirement fund.
  13. Looking good. That should keep you busy for awhile.
  14. Girlfriend and I shoot alot of 38 special. You got me worried so had to look at my stash. Looks like i will be ok unless China invades us.
  15. Just for information I am holding onto 4 boxes of 223 soft point that a member on here has spoken for. He is busy and only has one day off a week. He has to play catchup on that day. I was that person years ago so know the feeling. Do you think it's right if I charge him storage
  16. Thank you for the responses and advice. He finally got back to me. He totally forgot. He wanted to reschedule but I told him now or don't bother me. He arived an hour later. All good. Now for the other two people, I guess I will forget them. If their number ever pops up I will let them have an earfull. Thank you again. Felt good to vent abit.


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