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  1. Agape Tactical They have a broad range of training classes. Instructor has former SWAT experience and offers great instruction for various skill levels. I'll copy/paste my Google review.. I took the Tactical Handgun course with Agape Tactical as part of a group training session. None of our group were novices. Given the experience of the instructors, they picked up on that fact quickly, so they sped up the training to suit our skill levels. That said, they did not skimp on the safety and basics at the beginning of the session - they ensured that we all had a great level-set and knew how to be safe! I took a Saturday class and we trained all day (brought our lunch for a quick break). I had a great experience and I learned a lot, even though I grew up around firearms. I received so much value from the class and would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to learn more defense- and fighting-oriented handgun skills.
  2. Friend of mine is going to look at a vehicle in Jackson, TN this weekend. I've suggested that he get it inspected before purchase, but don't know where to send him in Jackson. Does anyone have any input on where he should (or should not!) take it to be inspected?
  3. Cool little package and a great deal!
  4. Curious to see one of these with a folding brace.
  5. Blue Force Vickers with QD ends (acquired separately, don't cheap on these. These secure and carry the weight of your entire rifle). Many modern stock options for AR's feature built-in QD point. Just add QD of your choice on handguard and you're set. I like mounting the front QD high left (10 o'clock position looking down barrel), and I can rest my thumb up against it. If you're in Nashville, I don't mind showing you my setup. I've got a single-point sling, too. It was sold to me as a 2-point.
  6. Wow, what a fun story to tell! Love it. Yeah, I wish I knew more, but the firearms are out of state (another free state, thankfully). At some point, I'll likely be able to investigate hands-on and will be able to research much more thoroughly at that time. Thank you both for the insights!
  7. I had a family member pass away recently. He had a collection of firearms which will be dispersed throughout several family members. Immediate surviving family would like to have a big "shooting party" event where we get together, remember the lost loved one, and shoot some guns. Some of these firearms were owned by prior generations, and as such are likely questionable to shoot safely. What would the "best practices" be on how to decide what guns are shooters and which should not be fired? If there are older guns, what should I expect on pricing to have a gunsmith give them a safety check? Would anything specific be advisable to do before handling/operating the firearms? Are there particular rules/advice that would help with cleaning/maintaining older firearms? Any particular products that are best suited for oiling/cleaning older firearms? I understand that details on all of the firearms would be handy, but I don't have access to the guns or photos at this time. I would like to know how some other members more experienced in this sort of thing would handle a similar situation. Thanks in advance for the help! Eager to hear from you folks.
  8. Maybe you could start abuild with one of these? https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/ar15-xl-stripped-upper-receiver-anodized-black
  9. Drop it to 1400 and I'm sure SOMEONE will have the money for it!
  10. That makes the most sense to me. "Handgun" seems like your traditional semi-auto pistols and revolvers. I would think that specifying "handgun" rather than "pistol" or "firearm" would keep people from having AR pistols, MP5K's, sawed off shotgun with a shoulder loop, etc. on their person. Seems to me that an overwhelming majority of average people who currently carry would likely continue to carry "handguns," even if another option were allowed.
  11. Interested in this. Do you have a cash price?
  12. It's not free, but you'll pay a cost down the road (effects on health, reduced resale value, frustration, etc.) if you find an organic growth issue in the future. In my opinion, it's better to be aware of any potential organic growth issues before buying the home, rather than finding out about it later. The cost of testing for it now is significantly less than the cost of remediating it later. Plus, the peace of mind alone might make it worth it. Buying a bad house is a REALLY bad headache. it's a huge investment and you want to get it right.


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