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  1. I got an old axe from my father-in-law. Best I can tell, it's about 50 years old. Very rusty. Soaked in vinegar for a few days and then sanded and polished. Still haven't fixed the axe head to the handle. Learned some differences between cheap store-bought steel and a real axe head - real steel has a tempered edge and a lot of cheap axes don't have that hardened edge. Also, never use an axe with some sort of clear coat on the handle without gloves. It will eat you alive with blisters. Naked wood + oil = way better.
  2. I took a course with them back in 2019. I was impressed enough with their classes to write a review for them on Google. I took the easy route and pasted that review here I took the Tactical Handgun course with Agape Tactical as part of a group training session. None of our group were novices. Given the experience of the instructors, they picked up on that fact quickly, so they sped up the training to suit our skill levels. That said, they did not skimp on the safety and basics at the beginning of the session - they ensured that we all had a great level-set and knew how to be saf
  3. I recall seeing a few SKS models in here recently. I just checked back in some older Classifieds post and didn't see them, so I'm assuming they've been sold. I tried searching, but methinks "SKS" is too short of a search term. Haha
  4. Just to chime back in here. I recently purchased another from our local sporting + outdoors chain and they let me purchase with old address on my license because I had already made the correction electronically. I just needed my confirmation number from tn.gov and all was well. I could easily see this varying from store to store, though.
  5. I'm a member on some other forums that provide a weekly recap email showing some threads with a lot of recent activity. I'd be happy to receive that same sort of thing from TGO if it's available. Any ideas?
  6. Just as an FYI, the above information isn't shown on mobile. Even if you open your specific profile, "West TN" is what is shown.
  7. I saw the CAA MCK (micro conversion kit) for sale at the gun show this weekend. Does anyone have personal experience with them or with a similar product? For reference, pistol is M&P 2.0 5" More info available HERE Any info appreciated!
  8. Went to the show today. I expected high prices, but saw consistently high prices at a lot of booths. I found what I wanted, but price was a bit too rich for me. Wasn't too crowded, but it was pretty busy overall. Good experience overall. Would be really fun if the government wasn't trying to threaten our freedoms right now.
  9. Good advice, Dave. Thank you. I grabbed a bill and have a screenshot of my address change from when I made the change online. Hopefully that will be sufficient!
  10. I am attending the Lebanon gun show tomorrow. Our home address has changed, and I've updated the electronic record via tn.gov, but I don't have a new physical license yet Am I going to be able to purchase a firearm at the show?
  11. It's probably best if I plead the 5th here, right?


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