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  1. They’re going to find out that for the most part most of the positive tests are wrong and I honestly believe that when it’s all said and done most of us have been exposed with no results.
  2. Mine too but I hate dealing with those asshats at the dmv so I got my lifetime just so it’s one less thing to deal with.
  3. Just look around. I got mine free shipping by choosing another seller
  4. Tell me about it. I’d have gone crazy trying to keep that crap straight.
  5. Ok. That’s what I thought.
  6. Anyone ever hear about “national association for gun rights”. I just got a letter begging for money.
  7. Nope, I just know it must be labeled special.
  8. My son has a smith and Wesson bodyguard, no laser model, 3 made total. He’s never shot it but carried it in his pocket in a holster. Asking 300.00 FTF I’ll get pictures later. 380. withdrawn
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