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  1. I live in Nashville now but grew up in Sierra Vista. Sundays are hard to get used to. Allergies are murder here, go get RX for something. Don't make the common (mostly by Yankee's as they are called here) of thinking because someone talks like the guy in king of the hill they are stupid. I have meet some people who like to milk the southern accent. Job market is solid but it is an at will state. One thing to keep in mind is TN is a mostly conservitive state, except in Nashville. Think Scottsdale.
  2. If a person gets a permit and doesn't carry it still helps by showing our government that people want to be able to carry.
  3. Do you have any detailed pictures of your work? I need/want some work done in single color.
  4. My friend and I have been having this out for YEARS. It has always come down to the FAL,M1A , and G3 (PTR). We ruled out the AR style because there is still some variation in parts compatibility and limited availability of parts(as of 2002). The sight radius being on the same fixtures helps in accuracy, point G3, M1A. Parts in the US comes down to M1a and FAL (thank you DSA). Combat proven has to go to the G3 and FAL (don't be haters, they have been fielded more then the M14). All of the options for mounting optic sucks. The list we made goes on and on. with no clear cut winner. It came down to some advice a Marine friend of mine gave when asked " Get a good one of any of them and if you hit what your aiming for it will go down." After all of that my buddy has one of each and I am buying a 6.8 SPC.
  5. How has no one owned up to having a copy of bowling for columbine? I feel dirty even saying it.
  6. They can scream Improvement all they want, I want to see ballistic specs. I also what to hear first hand that you are going to be able to drop on the first round.
  7. I cant help but wonder how many times he tried to tell his chain of command (white house) something to the same effect before he said what he did to rolling stone. Our current administration cant even keep Insurgents from coming in to the south west. I am going to start refereeing to the Mexican drug cartels as insurgents now that they have sent forces across the border on to US soil.
  8. I love all of mine. I have had about 5 (2 stolen, one lost)of these and have 2, one which is my daily carry knife.
  9. So I took me AR to Rehorn and kelly at 1104 Lebanon rd (Phone 255-3864). They charged me $30.00 to blast my upper. lower, free float handrail, barrel, and flash suppressor. Did a good job of it and only waited about 15 minuets for it to be done. They didn't have 120 grit so they used the 180 grit they had, it was still a good prep job. I didn't get any pictures of the parts in the white but here is one after getting sprayed with tactical dark earth. Imageshack - darkearth002blur.jpg
  10. I am looking at this as a good trade off between a battle rifle and an assault rifle. I can buy the upper for a faction of the cost of a new .308 rifle and ballistics are similar. The manual of arms on an AR is second nature after being in the Infantry. I reload, so while ammo is an issue it has less weight then if I was buying bulk. Thanks for all of the input.
  11. I have been thinking of getting a 6.8 SPC upper for my AR. I was always a bit disappointed with the 5.56 knock down. I wanted a .308 like an FAL or G3 but cost is preventing that. I can get a new upper for about $450.00. Has anyone out there used one and is the extra hassle worth the time? I reload so ammo isn’t a huge issue.
  12. What did that metal prep shop quote you? I need my AR blasted.
  13. You don't need the data plan, but you have to root the phone. I have a G1 rooted running cyanogen mod (CyanogenMod | Android Community Rom based on Donut tree.)
  14. I found this shot clock that has added some free fun at the range. I made a "shot timer" for Android Phones and you can help! - The Something Awful Forums

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