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  1. Before you go chopping up a 870 there are a few things to consider. Remington as we have known it no longer exsists. Parts are becomming increasingly difficult to find and more expensive. They are no longer the prolific sub-$200 pawnshop shotguns they used to be. Then there are variants of the 870. If this is a Wingmaster, is may be worth a good chunk. An express, less so. If it is an 870P it may actually be collectible esoecially if marked to a department. That said it's yours, do as you wish. Derf is correct above, the only consideration you have is that there were two barrel nut retaining methods used on 870's. Method A used a detent that interfaced with a ring of notches in the barrel nut. Gave you distinctive clicks as you tighten it down. Method B used a spring cap that locked into two indents on the magazine tube and had a ring on the end that "clicked" into a raised section deeper inside the nut. Since you have an extended tube, I would think you have method A. You just have to make sure the new barrel nut and spring cap you buy are the correct ones or your barrel nut won't lock in correctly.
  2. Adding a few had gun-for-partial trade options to the list: Gen 3 Austrian G17 S&W 10 38 spl Ruger SP101 38 or 357 Ruger Service or Security Six Gen 1 Springfield XD9, Tactical prefered S&W J frame in 38 or 357 Feel free to toss some others out there to think about.
  3. I never shoot this so I decided to move it along. It is a 1918 dated Amberg (Bavaria) Gewehr 98 Mauser. 8mm. No import markings, coveted 3 acceptance marks, Imperial Crown intact. Mostly numbers match, in that the barrel, reciever, stock, and bottom metal match. The floorplate and bolt group do not. It does pass headspacing. The bore is as expected, dark but with clear, deep rifling all the way to the crown. It is 100% intact with no sporterization. Here is some reference to the markings: https://gewehr98.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/imperial-cyphers-proofs-and-acceptance/ The only current retail references I have found are to Royal Tiger Imports who only has 2 left and they are in very rough condition. They are asking $1k which I think is utterly ridiculous. This one is in much better shape. Asking a firm $800 or trade. Trade items I am interested in are Kalashnikovs, 47 or 74, no US made ones. Romania prefered as these are my favorites. AKM, RPK, or PSL. Be aware though, I think the current retail on these is just a ridiculous as the current retail on 103 year old Mausers so the trade would be straight across for a like condition com-block AK. I am north/west of Nashville between Clarksville and Paris. Willing to travel some for the right deal. Please PM offers and lets discuss. Enjoy!
  4. MidSouth Shooters Supply has a good sale on Lee Challenger kits in the $150 range. They are very easy to work with. Pick the one you want, call them in the morning to place your order. Drive to Clarksville that same afternoon to pick it up and save on shipping. They are right off I24 so there is no driving through town. They do not have a retail front but they do have a phone order pickup desk. These are even in stock (thier website is very accurate when you sort in-stock items). https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0000690050/breech-lock-challenger-kit-(50th-anniversary-kit)
  5. Modifications depend what you want to do with it. My glocks are every day carry/service intended. The only mods they get are night sights, extended slide lock, rounded plunger, lighter plunger spring, and a Ghost Edge 3.5 connector. Some competition guys will lighten the slides, extended match barrels, mag wells, and opt for lighter trigger springs as well as trigger pads or straight triggers. These are fine for range and competition but are way too light for tactical intentions. Think what you want to do with your glock and set it up how you wish to match that.
  6. The rental range was going hot and heavy, the main line went hot every hour or so (except when they let folks wonder all over the range). The round count was amazing. Just the minigun alone, 30 second bursts. using the math, conservative rate of 3000 rds a minute, so 1500 rounds per burst, 4 bursts per session, 10 sessions per day, 2 days = 120,000 rds from the minigun alone. Even at .50 cents per that is more than my annual salary. Full auto is certainly a rich man's game.
  7. I don't that ammo wasn't selling. I saw plenty of cases of ammo in various flavors leaving to the parking lots on the goats and being packed on shoulders. The ammo vender next to the Century tent seemed to be doing well and thier pallets kept getting smaller and smaller over the two days. The ammo that Apex had also dwindled down quite a bit. Not too mention the cases headed out to the fireing lines but I suppose that was the point of the weekend. That said, I didn't buy one round of ammo as I thought it was way over priced and I wasn't really there for ammo. I was still a great weekend and glad I made it to the last one.
  8. Crap! I did not see your reply. Sorry to leave you hanging. Probably for the best though. Wife got real bad news at the doc's yesterday and was in no mood to put up with my gun stuff anyway. Please let others grab up what you have.
  9. I would take both of the 5.56. I have to come down to Nashville tomorrow. Any chance you could meet up some place? We usually come in and out through Bell Mead/Charlott Ave area.
  10. That is a 47, Magazine radius is too tight for 5.45x39.
  11. VERY NICE! Bit envious. I have been wanting a WASR 22 for some time.
  12. I am not sure I am tracking on this one. Are you saying there should be a "MIL/LEO/Gov't ONLY" caliber? Much like only the "MIL/LEO/Gov't" should have magazines over 10 rounds or "Military patterened firarms"?
  13. If the recipe is noted it is easy to know if one of the rounds is off, double or sqiub. X case + X bullet + X primer + X amount of powder should weigh XX grains. Measure COL and it should be easy to spot one out of spec. That being said, if I did buy such a thing, I propbably would pull them, inspect, and reaload myself with a favorite recipie.
  14. Ever try to stuff a A1 into it?
  15. The families of the victims of the "DC snipers" sued and won against Bushmaster. The company was sold to Freedom Group and closed post Sandyhook. Bushmaster was later reponed in Ilion, NY but with different staff. The previous staff repoened as Windham Arms. It is said the Windham Bushmaster guns are of higher quality than the Ilion, NY ones. The Windham ones are also from an era when there was only Colt, Bushmaster, DPMS, Olympic making civilian AR15s at true government service specs and not cheap before everyone and thier brother started knocking out AR15's. I have both, my Windham is noticably smoother and better finish details than my Ilion Bushmaster so there is that. If I needed another AR I would be headed your way right now. Good luck with your sale, shouldn't last long.
  16. 5.45x39 is more expensive and tougher to find than 7.62x39. It has better terminal ballistics than 5.56 and higher BC so it shoots further. Very mild recoil in AK74s. I have both and really enjoy shooting the 74 but I cannot say I prefere one over the other. Most 47 accesroies will fit a standard 74 with a few exceptions. Surplus magazines are more expensive but Magpull makes decent ones for a good price. Every gun shop looks at you funny when you ask about 5.45x39. "don't you mean 7.62x39?" is very common, as is front counter guy shouting to somone in the back "we have any 5.45x39?" with the answer most always being "you mean 7.62x39?" so get used to that. Once in a while you meet the "other guy who has a AK74" who smiles and knows right what you are talking about. That all said, I do ok at gunshows recently on 5.45 except for some fools who have it jacked way up in price. Best deals are online, about 40 cents per even today if you look. They operate just like a 47. different size parts is all. Some early Century guns used 5.56 barrels and tend to keyhole so watch for that. I can tell by some subtle changes it is a modernized AK when compared to my 47's. On reloading, Hornady makes dies. Brass is unobtainium though. So are bullets. Nobody has load data so I have dies I have never used. I did clear out the last place I knew with bullets (surplus pulls) and have a bunch of 222 rem brass to convert and do plan to work up a load. With ammo being the way it is I am hopefull the reload market will start supporting it soon. I hope that gives you some decent info.
  17. Why not just go with a 870? Plenty of them have screw-in chokes. The other option is a Mossberg 500 variant. Also has plenty of screw-in chokes. Both have vast aftermarket support in parts, accesories, stocks, and also a plethora of choke tubes to pick from. You can accesorize to go from ducks, to turkeys, to deer, to tactical all with the same reciever. It's just a matter of swapping out bits.
  18. I really do hope TN passes it. Not a snowball's chance on national though. We had it in my previous state and wiht the exception of one or two dumbasses, nothing "bad" ever happened. What TN will need is a supremacy clause with it. That way local entitites can't pass ordinaces that make you illegal just becuase you crossed some city limit.
  19. Used a couple of thier 7.62x39 barrels on AK's. No complaints at all.
  20. As others mentioned the scope is about 1/2-2/3 of that $350 if you flip it. You may actually turn a profit selling the rest for parts at the next gun show. As for Garand value for a shooter, I did drive down to Anniston and bought one of the refurb $650 Garands this last fall. Worth every single penny. New barrel, re-parkerized, new re-pro walnut stock set with CMP stamp. New-old stock sling, nice CMP case. Springfield with a Korea War era serial (having done a tour in Korea this kinda spoke to me). Looks like a brand new issue Garand. As I wanted something to shoot and take to the ocassional competition it was the perfect choice. Right at $1000 out the door with 2 cases of new manufacture M2 ball, some accesories and the documentation/fees, I cannot complain. So, if you are wanting a project, the $350 is fair, if you want a new-ish Garand to love on for many years, make the road trip down to Alabama. I am sure you convice others here to join in to split the gas costs.
  21. Funny how differnt states do things. I too was surprised by the TN system when I moved here as TN was supposed be "a freedom state". Simpe things like in Idaho where I moved from, if you had a concealed carry permit, you didn't need a NICS or background check. You filled out a 4473, handed them your permit, they wrote the permit info down and put "NA" for the background check. Gave them your cash and away you went. This is how it should be in a gun firendly, free state.
  22. So who is gonna call the gun manufacturers and tell them they are wrong?


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