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  1. Well, it was "build your owns" but now the gooberment is messing that up.
  2. I sure haven't seen one in a long time. That market has mostly dried up. Not even really seeing milsurps in any quantity at gunshows any longer. The days of barrels full of mosins, stack of sks's, wall of improted AK's, mausers, springfields are long gone I am afraid. The prices on them these days kinda killed it. All you are left with is guys parting out thier collections at double what a new production, better performing gun goes for. Those of us who really appriciate the smell, look and feel of old wood and cosmoline but not of deep pockets are a thing of the past.
  3. Unless it's a check someone sent or some ultra rare gun part I ordered. It can end up at the neighbors house or down in the holler, who knows some days.
  4. Actually they won't. Not indending to disgourge you though. The reason the book above stops at 2000 and the other is 2000 specific is after 2000 Jeep used Chrysler/Mitsubishi engines. Prior they were AMC engines. 2000 was the transition year and depending could have both pre and post transition parts in it. It's quite a pain. My TJ is a 2000 and it sucks, LOL. AMC engine mated to a Chrysler tansmission. I replaced the engine and trans a couple years ago. Was quite the hassle getting parts. Had to use a mix of 99 and 01 parts from the parts store to get it done. I have owned it since 2005 and has been paid off so long I just keep chugging it along. Call me crazy/sentimental, or just mental. HAHAHA.
  5. Love the Yooper site. Saved on my phone for quick access while out poking around. I also keep this one too. The best guide I have found for looking at surpluss 7.62x39 headstamps: http://www.dave-cushman.net/shot/762x39_cartridge.html Us old guys aren't always smart, we just know where to find sh*t, LOL As for up above, I never understood why people have to take one of the most robust and reliable semi-auto rifle designs ever mass produced and mess with it. The only unreliable SKS's I have ever encountered were ones with aftermarket "upgrades" in them. Did grab a really nice Chinese Public Security (secret police) SKS still in the cosmoline at a tiny little garage FFL guy in KY last year, $350 OTD. Some day I will locate my grail Romanian SKS though...
  6. DO-TN

    Budget 1911

    Short drive for you. We have a little pawn shop on Hwy 79 here in Dover. I was in there yesterday and they had a RIA 1911 in the case for $350ish. This was right at closing so should still be there on Monday when they open up. https://www.facebook.com/EZMONEYPAWNANDGUN/
  7. What are the specs of the mosin? Did you by chance save the original stock and bottom metal?
  8. I think iether option is great. I like gen 3's myself over gen 4's but that is merely personal preference. Don't stress over night sights. In my experience the tritium will be faded beyond use on all surplus trade-ins (10 year life). Glock factory tritium sights are cheap, less than $100 for various options and instock many places. This is the bennefit of the proliferation of Glock pistols. Aftermarket support in parts, accesories, magazines, supplies, Glock trained armorers are plentiful. I keep a gen 3 17 on the nightstand. I have owned it for many years. Only thing I have ever done is replace the tritium when mine faded and ghost 3.5 trigger bar with rounded plunger. I clean it when needed and it has never once failed me. Ammo being what is for everyone, reloading is definately your solution. Oh, I wanted to add, both pictured are Austrian guns. This is important as Austrian made Glocks have a more resiliant finish than the US made Glocks, This is due to the Tenifer process in the US is not allowed due to EPA reasons but they can still do the original formula in Europe. If you browse pawn shops for used Glocks, you will notice all the ones with the finish worn off (not removed) are US made Glocks. The Austrian ones, even going back to Gen 1, are still likely to have most of the finish left. Make sure when you order that you are getting an Austrian one.
  9. Looking for some project parts and bits. Mainly looking for original AK 47/74 bits and pieces, parts kits, subassemblies and whatnot. Not so much atermarket parts and accesories though. Please let me know in PM what you have laying around you aren't doing anything with and is just taking up space you would like to clear out.
  10. What did you do with the birdcage it came with?
  11. They already purchased the equipment. Not sure if it is state-side yet though. It will take some time. Couple years maybe to get it all up and running. I am reloading 7.62x39 in the meantime (never thought I would be doing this) but am hopeful they get this and 5.45x39 as well.
  12. Nice Polish! I have been working on a virgin G kit I picked up at Knob Creek this last year. I need to get off my butt and get it finished.
  13. Picked this one ip last weekend as a base for a custom re-work with Wilson Combat internals, some nice laminate grips, stainless bits, hi-viz style sights and much fitting/smoothing. Nothing fancy, just a RIA Tac Standard but have always wanted a monolithic 1911 and Springfield TRP Operators are just too darned much money.
  14. I am looking to buy your used 350 legend brass please.
  15. I keep this site on my phone handy to use a refernce for Chinese 7.62x39: http://www.dave-cushman.net/shot/762x39_cartridge.html
  16. You are speaking my language here. There was a factory version done in China that took AK mags. Worth usually a bit more than standard chinese SKS's and work rather well. Sounds like you are headed down the 7.62x39 rabbit hole here. Not a bad place to be except for the recent uptick in ammo prices.
  17. Just gonna toss this out there, especially with the recent costs of ammo. If your gonna shoot over a buck a round, why not go with .50 BMG? https://safetyharborfirearms.com/product/shtf-50-mag-fed-upper-conversion/
  18. Most AK's (excluding the purely US made with US parts that out there now) are made from foriegn parts kits and assembled into US made recievers with some 922r US parts added. Post up pics of all markings, especially the left side of the trunnion. Remove the hand guards and look for a stack of numbers or any other markings on the barrel. Show the numbers stamped into individal parts, especially if they match the trunnion (usually the last four numbers) picture of the breach and nuzzle end of the barrel to tell if chrome lined. Then a couple of pictures overall of the AK. This will help in determining origin.
  19. Since one hasn't been posted yet, here is mine. I was in good with the region's biggest Ruger dealer back in Idaho when these first came out. He kept the first one for himself, I got the second one to enter the state.
  20. Can't pick just one either. EDC is a LCP, night stand G17, load out P320, BBQ/outdoor range time SR1911, indoor range time G44, converting money to noise with no practical purpose Draco LOL. All depends what we are doing.


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