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  1. OK, re-do since server crash...We had the Henry County Gun Club Iron Sight Championships this last weekend out to Doc Tusa's farm. 100 to 500 yards with 600 yard tie breaker. Shot two classes, Vintage Bolt with an 03A3 and modern with an A2 AR. Had great fun. Came in 6th in bolt, 4th in modern. Rob Ski came and shot with us so while he took medals home it was cool to meet him and share some shooting tips. Great end of season fun. Can't wait for next year and a new season!




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  2. Having moved from the west a few years ago there are some things. 

    Lack of public land. There is no millions of acres of BLM or FS land you can wonder on for days. Most hunting is done on private land. If you don't buy some acerage, you might have a difficult time.

    It is crowded. The days of spending days in the wilderness and not ever seeing another person are long gone here.

    Deer hunting is stupid easy. At least where I live (north central) I can't go start my car in the morning without shoving deer out of the way. You may be used to planning your deer hunting trip all year, take 2 weeks off work. Go set up camp for opening day, spend all that time in the wilderness to get your one lucky shot to fill your one-deer-a-year mule tag. In TN, it's not like that. You can shoot like 4 a does a day and they are much smaller white tail deer so filling the freezer, if that is your goal, is as simple as walking out on the back porch and nailing one, hang it, butcher it and be done. Kinda takes the fun out in my experience.

    License, this is the neat thing. If you are on your property, no license or tag required. Simply check the season dates in your area and have at it. No need to buy anything other than ammo. Lesson here is buy as much land as you can.

    There are places like LBL and Fort Campbell in my area where you can get on public land but there are restrictions to short range, muzzle loader, archery and the like and there will be other people around. Sometimes, lots of people around.

    Tennessee is not as gun friendly as others would have you believe. You wonder into any metro area with a gun in your back window, expect to have a talk with the local police. Nothing like living in the west at all where that won't even get a second glance.

    Range time. Like hunting, there is no going off on some corner of public land and shooting. This will also be met by local police/Sheriff with a frown on thier face. I know this one first hand. Again, buy a large chunk of land off in the county away from any metro and choose one with good back stops.

    Distance shooting. There are no 300-500 yard deer shots here. The forrest is too thick. I have never shot a deer past 75 yards since I have been here. There will be no need for a scoped belted magnum.

    Your experience may vary, but this has been mine. That said, I do like it here much better than the high plains desert of the west but set your self up in your plans and property searching.

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  3. Talk of M1A/M14 rifles. Chalk this up to a lesson I know but ignored, buy it when you see it. Do not hesitate. Damn it. LOL

    Want an M1A for a while, saw a slightly used one in Murfreesboro this last week for $1400. Mulled it over, decided I best chat with the house boss before buying it. By the time I wore her down on Thursday evening and went on Friday to grab it, it was gone!


    Better to buy her flowers and grovel at her feet while pulling house slave duty all weekend than to let one get away.

    As for the Garand, there is a gas plug you can put in that will allow it to safely run commercial hunting ammo without worrying about bending the op rod. They make fine deer rifles if you are tough enough to tote it through the woods all day.

  4. Gotta spend next week in Murfreesboro for work. Staying Sunday evening through Friday morning at a hotel by the freeway but will have some time to kill during the days. Whats the word on gun shops. More into old, dusty shops rather than shiney new stuff. Military surplus stores, and historical locations. Already plan the battlefield for sure, but water falls in the area would be cool and other natural wonders. 

  5. Sheesh, My last Duty Station in the Army was Ft. Bliss assigned to Range Control in the late 90's. We had the area east of the Franklin Mountains to the Alamogordo hiway, from El Paso north to the White Sands MR perimiter. We did live fire of everything from small arms, ADA, MLRS and such. Since the Army considered it bad form to kill illegals during live fire, we had 2-man teams that would patrol the ranges. We had one M16 between us and one mag full of ammo and every round counted pre and post patrol. Also had case of bottled water, case of MRE's, and GI issue green wool blankets. We would easily pick them up and put them in the back of the Humvee cuz they were usually starving, thirsty, cold or hot, and abandoned by thier coyote. We would drop then off at Border Patrol back in El Paso. I acutally did enjoy that duty. Seems like now, would need a much bigger truck, and I sure would want a bigger team, more arms, and certaily more ammo.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, Snaveba said:

    I could see a ban on Sporting rifles extend to all magazine fed semi-automatic rifles. I mean, it makes sense if you are really trying to stop the dangerous use of that style rifle. We all know that, functionality wise, there is not much difference between an AR/AK and a ‘Mini14/30. 


    Much in the same way banning meth and pot stops meth and pot usage

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  7. We have had a few early hummers for about a week now. We live near LBL. 4 distinctly different ones. Wife put up 2 of her feeders. She will have 8 up real soon though.

  8. So MDA (Moms Demand Action) fund and organize several large protests and of course the "news" finds "concerned moms" to spread lies on the TV footage but why no counter protests?

    Watched Channel 5 put some gal on last night that said "I have to register my car every year but you can go buy guns any time you want with no back ground checks of fees" 

    Um, last time I bought one it sure needed a back ground check and $10 fee to the state so that was a bold face lie. Besdies the fact that her car is a priviliege and guns are a right. Sadly, many will believe her.

    If I lived closer to Nashville I would have been there. 

    We so need a well spoken, well presented group to counter this BS less Tenessee will fall to an anti-gun state.

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  9. Stopped by yesterday afternoon. $8 to get in.

    It would be worth going of you want to buy $1000 mosin 91/30's (ya, you read that right), $125 bricks of primers, $700 700 rd spam cans of Romanian X39 ammo, $1500 home build AR's, knives, jerky, and some odd ball lorcin/raven .25 ACP mags. Only thing I walked out with was a $25 repro Garand sling.

  10. Wow, Gov. Lee must have fallen off his rocker on this one.

    Here is a link to the EO he signed yesterday:


    All it did was tell entities with information that they need to ensure such information is made available to TBI for running background checks.

    Next up is his call for Red Flag Laws. 

    No good can come from these. No matter how they are broken down, there is just too much chance for abuse, not to mention "face your accuser" "innocent until PROVEN guilty" "Secure in your persons" "right to keep" and countless other Constitutional violations these kinds of laws would bring about.

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  11. I am going with the pick up a correct spring/buffer combo and trial that others have mentioned. Not sure about your area, but I know at least 3 shops here in the middle/north part of the state that has them in stock. 

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  12. Looking for a 20 inch AR in A2 form. Wife wants to dabble in iron sight service rifle so looking for one for her to give it go. Don't want to spend too much on one incase she doesn't like it but maybe one to build up into a DCM rifle over time. Please let me know if you have an older AR you might want to let go. Not picky on brand or if a during the ban or not.

  13. Wife thinks she wants to join in on iron sight service rifle. Looking for an A2 upper, A2 upper with barrel, 20 inch. Obviously do not want to spend a ton for something she may not like after trying but gotta start somewhere.


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